Describe a Live Sports Match That You Have Watched - IELTS CUE Card

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IELTS CUE cards in IELTS Speaking Part 2 are the most crucial elements of an IELTS test. In this Blog, we will understand the "IELTS CUE card - Describe a Live Sports Match That You Have Watched" along with its two IELTS model answers and five follow-up questions in IELTS speaking part 3. 

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The IELTS Speaking module is considered the most important among all four modules in an IELTS test as it assesses the speaking ability of a test taker. This module consists of three sections where students have to give their introduction in Part 1, receive an IELTS CUE card in Part 2, and participate in a group discussion in Part 3. In the IELTS Speaking Part 2: CUE card section, test takers are given a specific topic with one minute of preparation time (what they will say), and then they have to speak for around two minutes.

To do better in "IELTS Speaking Part 2: Describe a live sports match that you have watched. The test takers need to work on their grammar and vocabulary skills. While speaking about this IELTS CUE card, test takers must earn four points and answer after keeping these points in mind.

Below are the four pointers that test takers need to keep in mind while answering the IELTS Speaking Part 2: CUE card:

1. What was it?
2. When did you watch it?
3. What was it like?
4. And how did you feel about it?

Below are the model answers and five follow-up questions associated with "Describe a Live Sports Match That You Have Watched."

IELTS Model Answer 1: Describe a live sports match that you have watched.

Look at the IELTS Model Answer 1 associated with that topic below:


As a sports lover and a cricket enthusiast, I love watching cricket matches. I have watched most of the cricket matches in my life from home on TV, but once, I travelled to Birmingham to watch a live cricket match.

What was it?

It was a one-day international match between India and England that was reduced to 20 overs due to rain. It was also an ICC Champions Trophy Final that was held in Birmingham, England. It was an absolute thriller where India dragged a low-scoring game away from England and lifted the ICC Champions Trophy after 11 years.

When did you watch it?

It was played on Sunday, June 23, 2013.

What was it like?

The atmosphere that I saw inside the stadium was cheerful and amazing. It was filled and overcrowded with people. As it was the tournament's final match, people from multiple nations attended the match. Other than that, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me as the stadium chanted "Vande Mataram" to encourage Indian players. When the last bowl was bowled and India won, the stadium went insane.

And how did you feel about it?

I felt proud of my country's team. As a big MS Dhoni fan, I felt so good that he captained and led the team from the front, dragging the lost match away from the home team, England. Moreover, that match holds great importance, as the Indian team won that trophy by beating England at home.


I can never forget the experience of that match, as it will always remain imprinted in my life's best memories.

IELTS Model Answer 2: Describe a live sports match that you have watched

Look at the IELTS Model Answer 2 associated with that topic below:


• Sports hold an important place in everyone's lives, as everyone participates in at least one sport in their lives.
• Other than playing, watching a live sports match is extremely entertaining.
• If I talk about myself, I love playing sports more than watching.
• I love playing football as it's my favourite sport, and Cristiano Ronaldo is my all-time favourite player.
• Over a long period, I have seen his performance in various live soccer matches.

What was it?

• It was a football match between our college and St. Xavier College.
• My college's football team chose me, and I was excited to play that game.
• However, I had an accident just before the game started.
• I haven't sustained serious injuries, but my foot swelled up just after the accident.
• When I spoke to my coach, he advised me not to participate in the football match.
• After that, I stayed in the stadium and cheered for my college's football team.

When did you watch it?

I watched it a year ago while pursuing my diploma's final year.

What was it like?

• The game featured the two best teams in our city; that's why the stadium was filled with spectators.
• When the first half's play ended, I visited my team's locker room to advise them, as our college team was trailing behind by one goal.
• But by the end of the match, our team cleared that trail and took the lead, and as a result, we won the game.
• After we won the game, my team's captain said that my guidance had helped them take the lead and win the game by 3-2.

How did you feel about it?

• Honestly, it disappointed me that I hadn't played that match.
• But as the game progressed, I started appreciating it.
• Other than that, I also learned that even if I am not playing the game, I can still learn a lot about it just by observing it.


At last, we celebrated our victory, and I gained a lot of knowledge and learned many things just by monitoring that football game.

Describe a live sports match that you have watched. Follow-up questions: IELTS Speaking Part 3

IELTS Speaking Part 3 consists of the discussion round, which lasts 4-5 minutes, where test takers discuss questions associated with a specific topic and a CUE card question. Below are the five follow-up questions related to IELTS Speaking Part 3: "Describe a live sports match you have watched."

1. How do you prefer watching a sports match? Live or on television?

Being a sports lover, I love watching and following sports events. But, having less time available, I watch it on TV. Generally, watching matches on TV has many benefits, but watching them in the stadium has next-level excitement.

2. Why do people love watching live sports?

People love watching live sports because of the stadium's atmosphere and excitement. Nowadays, due to the advancement of technology, these sports events seem better than before on TV but still need live games' intensity and atmosphere. We feel that we are playing the game when we are in the stadium.

3. What sports do Indians watch the most?

In India, no sport can replace cricket, as cricket has the largest market share when it comes to sports. However, Indians have also started to watch many sports like basketball, tennis, hockey, etc.

4. Does competition benefit students?

Yes, competition benefits students as it helps them recognize many great qualities that they possess. It teaches them to strategize, execute plans, and work toward their goal with dedication, discipline, and determination.

5. Can sports be a good career option for students?

Yes, as the sports industry has grown enormously, it is a feasible career option for students. But, to have a promising career in sports, one must get suitable mentoring and maintain mental and physical fitness.


Doing well on this CUE card requires a little preparation and the right guidance that you can get from Canamprep, which is known as the Best IELTS Coaching Institute in India and has a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced trainers that can help test takers understand the concepts deeply and achieve their desired IELTS scores.


I love watching soccer and cricket the most. Soccer, because it's a fast-paced sport and requires teamwork, and cricket because it requires technical skills and execution.
The FIFA World Cup, held in 2022, is the most watched sporting event ever, as it had a viewership of approximately 5 billion people, equivalent to more than half of the world's population.
Yes, I love to watch sports on TV, as it helps me watch the matches from the comfort of my house. Other than that, due to technological advancements, matches are portrayed with better video quality and through different camera angles.
Yes, live sports are live because they are transmitted live with a few seconds of delay by the broadcaster.
Hockey is the national sport of India.

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