Courses in Canada for International Students

Courses in Canada for International students

Canada is one of the well-known countries when it comes to studying abroad – both undergraduate and graduate studies. With relaxed post-study work (PGWPP) and immigration schemes, the country attracts several international students from around the world.

Schemes like Express Entry also make Canada an attractive destination. However, a degree and the experience of studying in Canada always make it easier to get jobs there. Higher education in Canada has always been considered one of the best options to upgrade oneself professionally.

In this blog, we will look at some of the top Courses to Study in Canada for International Students.

MBA in Canada

MBA has always been the number 1 choice when it comes to studying abroad. With many world-class universities and colleges, an MBA in Canada can open many doors of opportunities. The majority of MBA aspirants look for international work experience, and particularly a decent job.

Not that often do the job categories of post- MBA get listed on the skill shortage occupation lists in foreign countries. But things are changing now. Management Consulting, Investment Finance, banking jobs are now under the skill shortage category in Canada.

MBA graduates specialized in Analytics or Big data are also in extreme demand due to the growing digitalization, big data boom, and automation.

An MBA degree gives you broader and better career opportunities and exposure to a diversified business network, new skills and knowledge, and a holistic overview of the business world. Approximately 40% of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies hold an MBA degree. MBA degree has been one of the most popular degrees for around the last five decades.

Business & Finance in Canada

Finance always plays an essential role in a nation’s economy. With a degree in Finance, you will have a phenomenal understanding of the functions and applications of financial markets.

Economics is another subject with great career growth. You will learn about forecasting the economy (GDP) and contributing to monetary policies. Finance and Economics allow you to develop innumerable transferable skills apart from skills in the core domain.

The most popular job functions are:

  • Asset Management
  • Broking
  • Investment Management
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Accounting

Supply Chain Management – Global program will brush up the students in the fields of logistics, supply chain, and operations, and procurement. Through immense practical learning activities, students improve their knowledge of supply chain concepts applicable to a variety of sectors. Also, it prepares the candidates to support the management of job functions by analyzing the connections between strategic objectives, supply chain designs, and stakeholder expectations, functions, processes, and roles.

Physical & Earth Sciences and Renewable Energy

Earth Sciences and related fields are also in high demand in Canada. Hence, the students looking forward to studying in Canada can go for this course if they are looking for work experience as well. The same applies for jobs in the renewable energy sector in Canada.

Energy is crucial for economic growth and has a huge role to play in the environment. As fossil fuels are depleting and climate change is on the rise, renewable energy careers are growing at a fast pace. The energy industry is considered highly capital intensive and currently playing a key role in job generation in Canada.

Some of the top subjects to study are:

  • Physics & Astronomy
  • Medical Physics & Nanotechnology
  • Geoscience & Oceanography
  • Geology
  • Oil & Petroleum Engineering
  • Mining
  • Geo-informatics
  • Renewable Energy

Biosciences, Medicine & Healthcare

As long as there is life on earth, the importance of biological sciences, biotechnology, medicine and pharmacy will always be there.

The field of life and biological sciences is wide, exciting, and interdisciplinary. The field demands a lot of patience. You will be dealing with the most complex and exciting machine in the universe (human body); you need to be highly qualified and trained. 

The most in-demand job categories in Canada are:

  • Biological Sciences
  • Nursing
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmacy
  • Medicine (Specialist Physicians) and Dentistry

Psychology & Human Resources

Employers are always interested in recruiting talented and skilled workers. However, the hiring and remuneration of these professionals is always a challenge for companies globally. So, companies put extra effort into skill upgrading and training their existing employees. Hence, counselling psychologists, career advisers, industrial psychologists and HR professionals are in huge demand worldwide. Industrial (and organizational) psychology mainly focuses on individuals and their relationships at the workplace, which includes employee safety, employee training, job analysis, job performance measurement, and employee hiring systems.

There are various other courses that are very popular in Canada and offer great career opportunities globally.

We hope this blog helped you in shortlisting the course of your interest. And, if you are still confused about which course to go for, then get in touch with team Canam; our experts will check your profile and give you options of the courses that suit you the best to study in Canada.

If you found the course in the blog that you want to pursue as a higher education but do not know where to start from, just reach out to us and we will help you out.