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Master of Business Analytics in Canada: Universities, Admissions Process, Eligibility, Scholarship & Jobs

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Pursuing a Master of Business Analytics in Canada requires thorough research. This blog covers all the necessary details one may need to know about enrolling in a Master of Business Analytics program in Canada. Learn about why one should study this degree in Canada, the eligibility, universities, scholarships and much more.

Data and Business highly drive today's modern world. This makes a Master of Business Analytics one of the most sought-after and highly enterprising degrees, as it is the perfect intersection between data and business strategies. This program enables an individual to acquire the ability to extract and analyze meaningful data and deploy the approach required for the business's success. A professional with a Master of Business Analytics is responsible for optimizing operations, identifying upcoming market opportunities and making informed decisions.

In light of this, Canada is the perfect country for a student to pursue a Master of Business Analytics. With its high quality of education, renowned institutions, acclaimed faculty, top-notch infrastructure, exciting job opportunities and prospects for growth, Canada is a magnet for international students who travel from all over the world to pursue their higher studies. Having said that, a Master of Business Analytics in Canada prepares and equips students to excel in today’s data-centric world and always stay on top of the game. 

Why Pursue Master of Business Analytics in Canada?

Canada is a rich and diverse economy. The country is renowned worldwide for its prestigious universities that offer students a robust curriculum, co-curricular opportunities, state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure and the perfect opportunity to reinvent themselves. There are many reasons why one should pursue a Master of Business Analytics in Canada, a few of which have been described below-

Quality of EducationCanada boasts a strong education system that aims at a student's holistic development. Canada is home to some of the world's most prominent universities known worldwide for providing students with the highest quality of education. A unique feature of Canadian universities is integrating classroom and practical learning. Moreover, a master's from Canada is globally recognized, thus ensuring a student's employability worldwide.
Student FriendlyA distinctive attribute of Canada is the recognition it gives to students, especially international students. Policies in Canada are highly respectful to the overseas individuals studying and staying there. This is reflected in Canada's scholarships and opportunities to work full-time or part-time.
Standard of LivingA good quality of life is essential to studying abroad. This makes Canada all the more remarkable as it offers its students an excellent standard of living. What makes this possible is the robust ecosystem of healthcare and education it supports, its comprehensive cities, clean environment and so on. 
Opportunities for GrowthCanada is a tech and cyber hub as well as an entrepreneur's dream. With Canada's job market growing exponentially daily, so is the demand for working professionals, especially in data and business. As Canada leaps into the global market, the scope for new jobs for graduates is also rising. 

Universities Offering Master of Business Analytics in Canada

Canada boasts some of the most renowned institutions that offer a Master of Business Analytics program. Typically, a Master of Business Analytics in Canada is a 1 to 2 years long program that teaches students fundamentals of the basics of analyzing big data from vast datasheets, understanding the concepts of business and consequently drawing a connection between the two. Here is a list of universities in Canada that offer a Master of Business Analytics.

University Name CampusCourse Offered
New York Institute of Technology Vancouver CampusMaster of Business Administration - Business Analytics
University of the Fraser Valley Abbotsford CampusPost-Baccalaureate Diploma in Business Analytics
University of New Brunswick Fredericton CampusMaster of Business Administration, with Concentration in Management Analytics
Cape Breton University Sydney, Nova Scotia CampusPost-Baccalaureate Diploma in Business Analytics

Besides the master’s program in Business Analytics in Canada, many Canadian institutions also offer postgraduate diploma courses or graduate certificate courses in Business Analytics. The duration of these courses may range between 8 months to 24 months, depending. Following is a list of some postgraduate certificate courses in Business Analytics in Canada-

University NameCampusCourse Offered
Niagara College Niagara-on-the-Lake CampusGraduate Certificate in Business Analytics
Mohawk College  Fennell CampusGraduate Certificate in Analytics for Business Decision Making
Lambton College
• Ottawa Campus
• Mississauga Campus
Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics
Humber International Graduate School IGS Campus, TorontoGraduate Certificate in Business Insights and Analytics
Humber College Lakeshore CampusGraduate Certificate in Business Insights and Analytics
Conestoga College  Milton CampusGraduate Certificate in Business Analytics

Eligibility for Master of Business Analytics in Canada

To pursue a Master of Business Analytics in Canada is a dream for many international students. The Business Analytics courses in Canada are highly renowned. Therefore, the admission process for getting into them is competitive. One must fulfil specific general criteria to secure a seat in the course of their dreams.

Here is a description of them-

• Most universities require that the student completes a 4-year bachelor’s degree, preferably in disciplines like Statistics, Calculus, Mathematics and so on. This requirement may differ for a postgraduate certificate program. 
• Some universities also require students to have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0-point scale. 
• Additionally, IELTS/PTE/TOEFL result is an essential requirement of the application along with GRE/GMAT scores in some cases. 

Documents Required for MS in Business Analytics in Canada

At the time of admission, an applicant must submit the correct documents promptly. This ensures a smooth admission process without any unwanted hindrances. Some of the crucial documents include- 

• Official Transcripts/ Mark sheets
• English Proficiency Test Results
• GRE/GMAT Scores
• Letters of Recommendation
• Statement of Purpose  
• CV/Resume
• Personal Essays

Scholarships to Study MS in Business Analytics in Canada

Canada is an extremely student-friendly country with a diverse population. This fact makes Canada highly considerate towards students’ needs and grievances. A significant element of studying abroad is managing finances, which may cause an enormous burden on many individuals. Respecting this concern, universities in Canada offer multiple financial bursaries, aids and scholarships so that one’s experience of studying in Canada becomes enjoyable.

Scholarship NameFunded ByDetails
International Excellence Entrance ScholarshipUniversity of the Fraser ValleyA student who enroll in any program in UFV, becomes eligible for this scholarship. 
Indigenous Student AwardsMohawk CollegeThis scholarship is offered specifically to indigenous students.
Lambton College Entrance Scholarship Lambton CollegeAwarded to international students with exceptional academic records.
Conestoga College Entrance ScholarshipConestoga CollegeOffered at the time of intake to students with high academic standings. 
International Students AwardsNiagara CollegeThis scholarship requires no application and is awarded at the time of admission based on a student’s academic and co-curricular performance. 

Job Options after Master of Business Analytics in Canada

Pursuing a Master of Business Analytics in Canada opens doors to several opportunities for international students. The field of business analytics has immense scope in today's times, as it has witnessed significant growth in the past few years. A Master of Business Analytics in Canada is a promising degree and offers students a smooth transition from studying to their professional lives. Some of the standard job titles that a Business Analyst professional can opt for are as follows-

• Data Scientist
• Quantitative Analyst
• Supply Chain Analyst
• Market Research Analyst
• Business Intelligence Manager
• Predictive Modeler
• Business Analyst
• Operations Analyst


A Master of Business Analytics in Canada is an exciting degree program best suited for students interested in understanding and using data in business operations. Many acclaimed institutions in Canada teach the degree over the duration of 1 to 2 years. To secure admission to this program, one must carefully review the eligibility criteria and keep all documents handy. The course is designed to equip students with an in-depth understanding of the nitty-gritty of data and business to ensure a successful professional life. Students with a Master of Business Analytics in Canada can bag lucrative jobs and also take aid of scholarships. For more real-time updates, contact Canam Consultants today!


Many coveted institutions in Canada offer a Master of Business Analytics. A few of them are-

• University of the Fraser Valley
• Cape Breton University
• University of New Brunswick 
• New York Institute of Technology
Most Master of Business Analytics programs in Canada last over 1 to 2 years. However, the duration may vary based on the university. 
Many universities require students to take the GRE or GMAT exam as an essential eligibility criterion for admission. Conversely, many universities consider a student’s past academic and co-curricular records and work experience, if any. 
Yes, many Canadian colleges and universities offer scholarships to international students. The amount of scholarship varies from university to university. 
Some people confuse these two degrees to be the same as there is a slight overlap. However, they are different. Data Science is a much broader field as compared to Business analytics. 

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