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Why Study in Ireland

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• Ireland is home to numerous reputed universities renowned for academic quality, diverse courses, and student growth.

• Scholarships in Ireland are an essential funding source for international students aspiring to study in Ireland. The Irish government, institutions, and organizations offer several scholarships.

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Ireland is the only English-speaking country in the Eurozone, which is home to the world's most reputed universities and colleges, famous for their welcoming nature. It offers highly ranked universities, quality education, and a broad range of courses to international students that encourage them to study in Ireland. Other than that, Ireland is the land of leading companies that offer an array of opportunities to international students. That is why it is considered one of the best options for international students to study abroad.

Below is the comprehensive guide that will guide international students throughout the seamless process of studying in Ireland and help them achieve their academic & professional goals.

Study in Ireland for Indian Students

In recent times, the number of international students has increased significantly in Ireland because of the affordable study courses and abundance of job opportunities there. But that’s not the only reason students choose Ireland as a study destination. Below are the reasons for studying in Ireland as an international student.

Renowned Education System Ireland has a world-class education system and hosts many highly-ranked Universities and colleges that are known for providing top-class education worldwide. These universities draw the attention of international students by providing advanced learning approaches, research opportunities, and immense career opportunities. 
Courses AvailabilityIreland offers more than 5,000 programs to international students. Therefore, students can choose from an array of fields, like Medicine, Business, Science, Technology, Literature, Psychology, History, and so on. 
Affordable educationIreland provides affordable education to the international students without compromising on quality. The cost of studying and living in Ireland is more affordable for international students than other study destinations. Apart from education, it provides affordable transportation for international students. 
Quality of Life One of the significant reasons for choosing Ireland is the quality of life it offers. Ireland has been ranked second-highest in the world in terms of quality of life, according to a study conducted by the United Nations.
Diverse CultureIreland has a diverse culture, which becomes an essential aspect of social life while studying in Ireland. Ireland has continuously been listed in the top 20 countries for quality of life, peace, and human development. 
Safe and Vibrant CitiesIreland's cities are major tourist and international student destinations. This country provides a safe environment for international students studying at their dream universities. 
Easy visa process The country warmly welcomes international students by giving them student and work visas that allows them to work while studying there. Even the application process for international students to study in Ireland is relatively simple. 

Universities in Ireland for International Students

Ireland is home to numerous reputed universities & colleges that are known worldwide for providing state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities to the international students. These institutes provide diverse degrees and courses in many fields, allowing students to follow their interests. 

Here are some of the reputed universities in Ireland:

Name of UniversitiesQS World Ranking 2024Description 
University College Cork292University College Cork (UCC) is one of the cheapest universities in Ireland that international students can attend. It is known for its high quality of education. 
Dublin City University (DCU)436DCU prioritizes students' physical fitness and well-being. The university hosts a variety of athletic events and physical activities.
Maynooth University 801Maynooth University is a socially conscious university that actively promotes local, regional, federal, social, cultural, and economic development. 
Technological University Dublin 851Technological University Dublin is Ireland’s first technological university, formed after the merger of three renowned institutes of technology in the late 18th century.

Note: For more information about universities in Ireland, consult study abroad Consultants

Best Courses to Study in Ireland

Ireland offers more than 5000 programs to the international students in various fields like finance, life science, engineering, pharmaceuticals, technology, and healthcare etc. Once, students are done with their study programs, they get ample of job opportunities in Ireland. The following are Ireland's most popular courses.

Courses in IrelandJob Prospect 
Business Analytics/Data Science• Business Analyst
• Data Analyst
• Data Analytics
• Big Data Architect
• Big Data Solutions Lead Engineer
Cyber Security • Cyber Security Analyst
• Cyber Security Engineer
• Information security analyst
• Chief Information Security officer
Artificial intelligence• Computer Vision Engineer
• Cloud Engineer
• Network Analytics
• Robotics
Healthcare Courses• Administrative assistant
• Pharmacist 
• Physician 
• Surgeon
Hospitality and Tourism courses• Community Management 
• Finance Analyst
• Operations Manager
• Supply Chain Manager

To know more about the best courses in Ireland, connect with international education consultants.

Eligibility to Study in Ireland

Below are the Eligibility criteria associated with studying in Ireland:

• Students must have passed intermediate schooling from a recognized institution.
• Students must prove their English language proficiency through language tests like IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE.
• Students can be asked to take other standardized exams like the GMAT, HPAT, GAMSAT, or any university entrance exams (if asked).
• International students must be 18 years old when applying for the course.
• International students must obtain a student visa to study in Ireland, which requires them to meet specific requirements and provide supporting documentation.
• Students must also submit an impactful statement of purpose (SOP) and letter of recommendation outlining their academic achievements and professional experience.

Documents Required to Study in Ireland

Below are the documents that are required from international students to study in ireland:

• Scanned copy of the passport
• Relevant academic transcripts
• English language proficiency test score 
• Aptitude test scores, if required
• Financial documents
• Letter of recommendation
• CV/resume
• Duly signed certificates like Medical clearance, Health security, and character certificate

Ireland Student Visa Process

To get an Ireland student visa (D – visa), international students must satisfy the embassy’s requirement to study at their dream universities. Below is a brief guide to apply for an Ireland student visa.
• Fill out an online application form.
• Students should cross-check the filled information. 
• Students must upload documents as (mentioned above).
• Pay Visa fees (Application fees: Single - 60 EUR, Multi entry - 100 EUR, Transit - 25 EUR)
• Book your Biometrics
• After approval, buy an air ticket to start your study abroad journey.

Connect with Canam Consultants to experience a seamless visa application process. 

Cost of Studying in Ireland for International Students 

The cost of studying in Ireland includes tuition fees and other expenses. The tuition fees can vary depending on the university and course level. The table below presents tuition fees according to the level of courses in Ireland.

Tuition CostAverage approx. Expenses (in EUR)
Undergraduate CoursesEUR 20,000- 25,000
Postgraduate  CoursesEUR 30,050- 35,000/ year 
MBA programEUR 31,000 to 35,000
Masters in Science EUR 7,000 – 9,000
MBBSEUR 38,106 – 40,659

Other ExpensesAverage approx. (in EUR)
Study Material and Stationery EUR 100- EUR 200

Cost of living in Ireland for international students 

International students studying in Ireland should save money for daily necessities and emergencies. Aside from tuition and insurance costs, it is critical to plan for additional living expenses, which generally run between $20,500 and $24,500 annually. The cost of living might rise due to a luxury lifestyle and city. The average approximate living costs for each city in Ireland are listed below:

Best Cities in IrelandAverage Approx. Cost of Living
Galway10,395 EUR/year
Cork12,000 EUR/ year
Dublin12,000 EUR/ year
Maynooth11,000 EUR/year
Limerick11,000 EUR/year

Note: These are rough estimates that are influenced by one’s lifestyle and place of living. 

Scholarships in Ireland for International Students

Scholarships are essential funding source for international students aspiring to study in Ireland. These scholarships help international students overcome financial difficulties and pursue higher education in Ireland. Below are the top scholarships to  study in Ireland. 

• NUI Galway International Student Scholarships
• The Walsh Fellowship
• University College Cork Scholarship
• University College Dublin International Scholarships
• Government of Ireland Scholarships
• Education Future International Scholarships  

Job Opportunities in Ireland 

Ireland is home to leading MNCs that provide great career opportunities with employee benefits to the international students after they complete their studies. Below are some of the job opportunities in Ireland:

Job Opportunities in different sectors Average approx. Salary (in EUR)
EngineeringEUR 40,000-41,000
Business & FinanceEUR 38,800-39,560
Computer and ITEUR 29,000-31,000
HealthcareEUR 25050- 26702

Note: These are rough estimates that can be changed. 


Ireland has been a popular study-abroad place among international students for various reasons. The Irish education system offers a wide range of courses for international students. Post-study employment opportunities and pathways to permanent residency are also appealing, offsetting the cost of studying in Ireland for international students. The welcoming nature of Ireland’s cities attracts international students globally. Are you planning to study in Ireland? Connect with Canam Consultants to embark on an academic journey in Ireland. 


Yes, several scholarships are available for international students to study various courses in Irish Universities and Colleges. These are awarded solely at the discretion of individual educational institute and as per the eligibility criteria of the scholarship. You will need to contact the individual institute to check eligibility for their scholarships.        
IELTS is not required to study in Ireland. Some universities accept applications without an IELTS score. The educational institution may ask students to take alternate exams. 
The students who have access to European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) can seek public health insurance services. For students from non-EU countries you need to pay for your medical insurance.
The simplest option for Indian people to obtain permanent residence in Ireland is to remain in the country for at least 5 years. However, if one has a key skill employment permit, they can apply for Ireland PR after two years. 
Below are some of the best courses in Ireland:

• Business Analytics.
• Investment Banking and Finance.
• Big Data / Data Science.
• Pharmaceutical Sciences, and so on. 
The following are Demand Jobs in Ireland.

• Forecasting & Analytics Manager
• Manager, Demand Planning
• Store Demand Planner
• IT Sales Development Representative, among others. 

Students can work part-time (up to 20 hours per week) during study time or full-time (up to 40 hours per week) during holidays.

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