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Masters in Public Relations in Canada: Courses, Universities, Jobs and Salaries

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The Media and Public Relations industry has flourished amazingly in this new age of digitalization, hence creating plenty of job opportunities for aspirants wanting to pursue a Public Relations course in Canada. Read this blog in detail to navigate through the complexities of the Public Relations world. 

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A career in the domain of Public Relations in Canada would require a person with a knack for advertising combined with a skill for effective brand communication. Professionals in this field work around crafting strategic communication to build a positive image of a company in front of the general public. 

A day in the life of a Public Relations Specialist would be all about writing speeches for clients, creating social media content, and composing press releases for businesses. So, if the idea of working in the branding industry excites, a Master’s degree in Public relations would be the best way to go. Read the blog to dive deeper into the world of Masters in Public Relations in Canada.

Why pursue Masters in Public Relations in Canada?

With media platforms sprouting everywhere across the world, the demand for a public relations degree has skyrocketed and can come in handy when looking for job prospects. 

Solid demand in this field is also supported by market data published by the Canadian government's official job bank, which reports the creation of 73,700 new job openings in advertising, marketing, and public relations between 2022 and 2031, and only 67,200 new job seekers are expected to fill them. The official numbers clearly confirm the strength in demand for students pursuing public relations courses in Canada. 

Courses for Master's in Public Relations in Canada    

Public relations can be thought of as a hybrid between journalism and business management. A professional in this field is not only required to improve the image of his client but is also responsible for helping the company come up with a sound marketing strategy.

The duration of a Public Relations Course in Canada varies greatly and depends upon the type of program being offered by different institutions. However, a post-graduate certificate/diploma, which goes on for almost a year, seems to be a clear choice for most aspirants. 

It is of the utmost significance that customers respond positively to the company’s image because it is directly related to the sales and profits of an organization. A risky strategy, as witnessed earlier on many occasions, can backfire and harm businesses and individuals greatly, sometimes all the way to the bottom.

Therefore, it is absolutely imperative for students to understand the course in detail as it might come in handy on occasion. Here are some of the courses that are undertaken by a student pursuing a Public Relations Course in Canada. Here are some popular courses offered in Canada:

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Universities for Masters in Public Relations in Canada

Below are the Universities that provide Masters in Public Relations in Canada:

Institution Program Name
York UniversityPost-Graduate Certificate In Public Relations
Sheridan College Graduate Certificate In Public Relations - Corporate Communications
Mohawk College Graduate Certificate In Cyber Security Analytics 
Loyalist CollegeGraduate Certificate In Advanced Filmmaking - Digital Content & Public Relations - Event Management (Bundle Program)

Job Profile and Salaries after Masters in Public Relations in Canada

Public relations managers create and implement initiatives to help organizations and clients improve or establish their public impression. 

A typical day for a managerial-level expert would include: 

1. Evaluating data to determine a company's ideal client base 
2. Creating PR materials to reach their target audience
3. Managing teams of public relations experts who produce press releases and other material for public consumption. 

Public relations specialists create an identity around themselves to reflect the desired image of clients or companies. When representing individuals rather than businesses, public relations managers may schedule interviews or compose speeches for their clients.

One of the factors that some people might find exciting is that this job comes with a legal angle, which makes it necessary for an expert working in Public Relations in Canada to always stay in touch with legal professionals and try to dictate public image. 

A job in Public Relations comes with better-than-average economic benefits. Here is a table highlighting the average salaries (appx) at different levels in the Public Relations industry in 2024, according to Glassdoor. 
DesignationAverage Yearly Pay
Promotions Manager$65000 
Fundraising Manager$68000
Marketing Manager$76000
Public Relations Manager$96368
Public Relations Specialist ( Entry Level)$52711
ScriptwriterVaries greatly 

Essential Skills for Masters in Public Relations in Canada 

Students should also consider working on some real-world skills along with their program to help them tackle the challenges of employment. Although, it is understandable that these skills are a bit tough to develop in the absence of stimulation. Students should think about getting some additional courses to learn more about these skills.

Efficient CommunicationAn ability to grasp both human nature and understand the mood of the general public is what makes a Public relations officer truly exceptional. Anticipating the reaction of the audience based on the political and business environment and controlling the narrative by leveraging contacts in media is an essential skill. 
ManagementSuccessful PR specialists are well-organized in everything from speech writing and social media content calendar creation to overall strategy and brand image development.  There could be multiple instances when many things are to be juggled simultaneously, and that requires the development of a system that enforces spectacular management. 
Tackling Crisis A key component of public relations is acquiring the mindset to tackle a crisis. When dealing with tricky situations, public relations officers must be able to handle the situation at hand and dictate the way ahead.
Speaking and WritingWriting is much more than mere dictation; it is an art which, if effectively used, can mould public perception. Similar things can be said about speaking skills; a good orator can pierce through human emotions and instil an agenda. 

How to progress in the career after Masters in Public Relations in Canada?

It's one thing to enter employment after completing the education, but the real challenge begins when students find themselves entangled in the classic corporate struggle. Here are some tips for smoother navigation. 

Internships/Work ExperienceEven before enrolling in the course or while pursuing it, students should consider getting real-life experience by working in fields like advertising, marketing, Public Relations agencies, etc. Employers expect candidates to have a gist of how the industry works.
NetworkingConnections within law boards, public service offices, and corporations can really turn things around in times of crisis. Most importantly, a student should understand the importance of networks and majorly try to build relationships in media houses to leverage the side influencing Public relations in marketing.
CertificationsA recognized national Professional Association for Public Relations Practitioners in Canada, known as CPRS, provides various levels of certifications through tests at different levels. New graduates should think about taking this certification to build credit. 


Data indicating a strong demand for Public Relations professionals in the future has solidified aspirants' confidence in the industry. A postgraduate degree in PR can open many avenues for work in several industries, including advertising and marketing. Earning work experience and certifications can further help with progressing in this very dynamic field of Public Relations. Canam is a world leader in immigration services, helping students realize their dream to study abroad. Connect with the experts at Canam to know which Public Relations course in Canada would suit you the best. 


Public Relations is an industry that depends upon the ability to manage relations. Technicalities involve an understanding of business fundamentals and advertising. These skills can even be learned at the postgraduate level; therefore, there is no academic prerequisite required for the course except for having earned a bachelor’s degree in any field. 
Unlike many fields where one might join directly as a manager, becoming a PR manager requires years of experience in the industry. One has to earn a degree before joining as an entry-level Public Relations specialist and build his/her way to becoming a Public Relations manager. 
While the average salary in Canada for this post is around $95000, there is really no cap on what a PR Manager can earn. Some powerful high profile clients can offer their PR managers extraordinary amounts of money to build and preserve their brand image. 
According to popular opinion, a post-graduate certificate which lasts for a year is better as compared to a 2 years Master’s program in PR. As PR is mostly an experience-based industry, the better one gets working in the real world, the better it is. However, anyone looking to work more on the theoretical aspect should probably look out for a master’s course. 
Public relation is a hybrid of journalism and business; it is mostly about conversation and strategy. One requires above-average language skills to receive admission into a good institution. An IELTS score of 6.5 overall, with no less than 6 in any module, is expected, with some institutions looking for even better IELTS scores. 

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