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How Much Does it Cost to Study in the UK?

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To study in U K can be an expensive affair. Therefore, you have to come up with an effective plan to manage your cost of living expenses, tuition fees, and more. Before departing from India, you need to consider expenses such as tuition fees, accommodation, health coverage, travel, and food, while making a plan to study in UK. Let us talk about them in detail.

1. Tuition fee

The tuition depends on qualification and on the academic institution; you are planning to join. Each academic institution has its fee structures. Besides, the tuition fee also depends on the area (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland) you plan to study. You will be surprised to know that subjects such as medical, business, and engineering are expensive, whereas humanities, education, and arts subjects are cheaper.

Study level Fee bar
1 Undergraduate bachelor degree   10,000- 27,000
2 Postgraduate master's degree 5,800-  34,000
3 Doctoral degree 18,000- 37,000

2. Accommodation costs

Most of the academic institutions in the UK offer on-campus residence to international students. Some institutes also provide catered shared houses to their students. Living on-campus is an affordable option. If you are unable to find such accommodation, then you have to look for rooms or apartments for rent. It is recommended to keep some things in mind when looking for a place,

  • Facilities,
  • Deposits,
  • Inventory,
  • Costs,
  • Council Tax,
  • Tenancy Agreement,
  • And lastly, house rules.

Also, keep in mind that the cost of the apartment will vary from city to city, and you will have to pay additionally for electricity, internet, water usage, garbage collection, and more. Besides this, you also have to pay for community services such as police, fire brigades, and more.

3. Student Visa Cost

If you are planning to study in UK, then securing a valid study visa is the first step you should take. The fee for the visa for international students is nominal, and it comes with privileges such as a work permit for 20 hours a week. Now with the Graduate Immigration Route being implemented, students after the completion of their study in UK can work for 2 years.

4. Cost of living in the UK

When living in a foreign country as a student, it is essential to keep track of your expenditures so that you do not overspend. You always have to maintain your savings for groceries, emergencies, social activities, and more.

As an international student, you will be making calls to your home country a lot. Therefore, keeping a section of the budget for phone bills and data is a great idea. Also, purchasing textbooks can be expensive; therefore, going for second-hand books and getting a library membership is a great way to save some pounds.

5. Transportation

Many academic institutions in the UK provide shuttle services to the students. In case your educational institution does not offer any shuttle service, then you have to rely on public transport such as metros and buses. You can get a monthly pass for buses and regional trains while you study in UK. You can also get a students discount. In case you are traveling long-distance, you can use long-distance buses, rails, or airways.

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