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Master's in Management (MIM) in Canada: Universities, Eligibility, Cost, Process and more

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• Canada is among the top destinations to study Masters in Management.

• Canadian institutions offer wide range of courses and programs for students to pursue their dream career.

• Completing MIM in Canada can help students land into few of the best earning job profiles in Canada.

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Canada is famed for its business schools offering high-quality degrees in business and management. While MBA continues to be essential in Canada, the MIM degree has grown in popularity in recent years. Graduates from several fields of study can get broad business and management skills through the Master in Management (MIM) program. If students are searching for a low-cost, short-term, and well regarded business school, MIM in Canada is an excellent option.

Masters in Management in Canada is a two-year degree developed for individuals who wish to build a name for themselves in leadership positions. In this blog, we will walk students through the prerequisites, expenses, career prospects, best MIM universities in Canada, and anything else one need to know about MIM in Canada.

Masters in Management (MIM) vs MBA

Pursuing Masters in Management in Canada is an excellent choice for students aspiring to study in Canada. MIM is comparable to MBA; the main difference is that MIM provides more in-depth education to acquaint students with management issues. Another notable distinction between the two degrees is that individuals with limited job experience can apply for a Master in Management degree. An MBA, on the other hand, requires a student to have some relevant experience before being eligible.

Why Study MIM in Canada?

Canada offers a high standard of life, an excellent education system, affordable tuition fees, and the ability to work 20 hours per week during their term. It ranks No. 1 in the world for quality of life and student satisfaction. Here are a few reasons to opt to study in Canada for Management studies: -

Quality of lifeBoth Canadians and international students enjoy a great quality of life in Canada
Excellent Educational SystemOne of the primary reasons students choose to study in Canada is the high standard of education. 
AffordableForeign students profit from studying in Canada since the tuition fee is lower than in other countries. It is the key motivation for studying in Canada, as not all students can afford the high course fees.
Work While StudyingStudying in Canada offers 20-hour weekly work permits, allowing international students to work on campuses or intern in firms without needing an additional work permit.

Eligibility Criteria for Master's in Management (MIM) in Canada

The MIM requirements in Canada differ by university. Top colleges in Canada  have the following fundamental prerequisites for Masters in Management programs: 

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• Undergraduate degree
• GMAT or GRE score (university-dependent) 
• Language requirements 
• Passport and Visa

Language Requirements for Master's in Management (MIM) in Canada

All international learners seeking admission to Canadian universities must first complete English proficiency examinations. Minimum scores according to the tests are:

Language Proficiency ExamsScore Range
PTE65 - 70
CAEL60 - 70

Documents Required for Master's in Management (MIM) in Canada

Admission to MIM institutions in Canada needs a collection of papers. Some of the usual paperwork needs are listed below.

• A CV or resume  
• SOP or Statement of Purpose
• IELTS/TOEFL scorecards
• GMAT/GRE scorecards (recommended but not required).
• Experience certificate (if necessary)
• Reference Letters.

Application Process for Master's in Management (MIM) in Canada

A step by step guide to apply for MIM in Canada is discussed below:

• Connect with Canam's study abroad consultants or visit website.
• Register on the site and fill out profile information, including educational history, exam results (if applicable), and chosen programs. 
• Students may explore and shortlist colleges providing Masters in Management based on admissions, fee waivers, tuition prices, and more.
• Begin the application process for Canada by submitting any relevant documents, such as academic transcripts, CV, SOP, LOR, and any standardized test results such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE (if required).
• Keep track of all pending and ongoing applications.
• After reviewing the candidate's profile, the admission authorities will send an offer letter.
• The last step is to pay tuition costs.

Universities Offering Master's in Management (MIM) in Canada

Some prestigious schools and institutions in Canada offer top MIM programs. Each of them provides a diverse set of programs and specializations to help students learn and succeed in their management profession. The top MIM colleges in Canada are

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Here's the detailed guide for top universities to study MIM in Canada.

Name of UniversityMajor Courses OfferedApproximate Average Fees Range (CAD) 
Royal Roads University• Master of Arts in Tourism Management
• Master of Global Management
$17,000- $20,000
Trinity Western University• Master of Arts in Leadership and Master of Science in Information Technology Management (Dual Degree)
• Master of Arts in Leadership with Specialization in Health Care
$20,000- $28,500
Crandall University • Master in Management
• Master of Organizational Management
$16,000- $25,000
Lakehead University• Master Of Science In Management (Thesis-Based)$28,800- $29,000
University of Windsor• Master in Management with Specialization in Business Data Analytics
• Master in Management with Specialization in Human Resource Management

Cost of Master's in Management (MIM) in Canada

The entire cost of MIM in Canada varies depending on the university and lifestyle one selects. The costs can be further split into two categories: Tuition fees and living expenses. 

• There are many price systems for MIM courses at Canadian institutions. The charge is also determined by the course type and specialty an individual select. On average, MIM fees in Canada range from CAD 15,000 to CAD 70,000 each year, depending on the school and specialty chosen by the student.
• The cost of living in Canada is dependent on student's lifestyle and choices. The projected annual cost for overseas students is CAD 15,000 - CAD 20,000 per month. It includes all utilities such as accommodation, food, transportation, stationery, and recreational activities.

Job Opportunities After Master's in Management (MIM) in Canada

Many overseas students see Canada as a place of opportunity. Some of the best-paid careers in Canada for international students are location-specific. With a large number of specialties accessible, individuals can pursue a career in a variety of industry areas. 

Amazon, HSBC, Accenture, Oliver Wyman, Deloitte, and other companies are among the top employers of MIM graduates in Canada. Depending on the specialty, one can pursue a career as a business development manager, project manager, management consultant, etc. The following table shows the most prevalent job roles and their typical salaries:

Job TitleAverage Salary Monthly (CAD)
Business Coordinator50,000
Research Analyst55,000
Assistant Manager47,000
Strategy Manager70,000
Inventory Analyst50,000


MIM in Canada provides a wonderful opportunity to start a professional career in business and management at an early age. The skills and information students have gained will help them flourish and connect with job possibilities in Canada. So what are you waiting for? Prepare yourself for the journey. The skills and information will help students succeed and be exposed to work chances in Canada. Connect with the expert study abroad advisors for professional consultancy in Canam Consultants for further guidance.


MIM in Canada is an excellent alternative for those seeking a job in management or a similar field. Furthermore, Canadian institutions have a global reputation for providing excellent education and training.
Not all MIM universities in Canada require job experience to take MIM courses. Some institutions need a minimum of job experience, whereas others don't.

Both MIM and MBA provide unique sets of learnings, benefits, and prospects. As a result, making any comparison between the two courses is unfair.

The Masters in Management program in Canada lasts between 9 to 24 months and is offered at Canadian universities.
A GMAT or GRE score is not compulsory required for a Master in Management at Canadian institutions. However, you will need them to gain admission to the best colleges. The GMAT score varies from 550 to 600.

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