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Why study in Canada?

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Canada repeatedly ranks as one of the most livable countries in the world. Besides the quality of life, infrastructure, and healthcare, Canada has been a popular choice amongst students to pursue their careers. Education in Canada is internationally recognized and regarded as one of the top educators in the world.

Why Study in Canada.webpWhy study in Canada?

Canada repeatedly ranks as one of the most livable countries in the world. Besides the quality of life, infrastructure, and healthcare, Canada has been a popular choice amongst students to pursue their careers. Education in Canada is internationally recognized and regarded as one of the top educators in the world.

Benefits of Studying in Canada

There are n number of reasons why one should study in Canada. Irrespective of the climatic troop you choose to be in, you are sure to be welcomed by a warm community that will provide you with an experience that can shape your future. Here are a few reasons why one should choose Canada to study in:

Safe Community

Safety is one of the top most concerns when choosing a country to move in, even if it is for a brief period. Canada is one of the safest places to live and study in, with low crime rates and instances of racial discrimination. The Canadian government is always at the top of its game to ensure student safety and security. Additionally, Canada provides inexpensive medical insurance at almost every hospital to keep the students healthy.

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Rich Multiculturalism

A steady rise in immigrants and international students in Canada has allowed the country to become multi lingual and more accepting of different cultures. This makes English and French the official languages of Canada. Canadians are ideally welcoming and amiable. Being a multicultural country allows students to interact with people from all walks of life and different countries. The majority of the universities have international student advisors who assist and connect students with clubs helping them embrace the change and adjust to Canadian life.

Employment Opportunity

Canada is one of the few countries that allow students to take up part time jobs both off campus and on campus. While studying, the international students are not required to obtain a work permit if working on campus. There are umpteen job opportunities off campus, too, for the university students, such as child care, hotels, tutor, general labor, restaurants, etc. Post completing your graduation, an international student can work in Canada for up to 3 years, making Canada one of the easiest countries to study and live in temporarily as a graduate, as it allows you plenty of time to build your CV.

Beautiful Country and Environment

With various landscapes and terrains, Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Students in Canada can study whilst enjoying nature, navigate through large cities, explore the wilderness, and lie by the beaches. Most colleges in Canada are on the coastal lines of the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Additionally, Canada allows you to witness all four seasons beautifully: snowy winter, blossoming springs, warm summers, and dramatic autumn. 

A High Tech Modern Country

Canada is one of the leading countries in computer and information technology. Their reputation includes excellence in categories like transportation, engineering, telecommunications, animation, aerospace, advanced software, medical devices, urban transport, microelectronics, and biotechnology. Canada was one of the first countries to connect schools and libraries to the Internet in the world.

Campus Lifestyle

Every university has its own community activities, parties, and events to keep the students involved. Different cultural events aid in the mingling of multicultural people within the university. Apart from helping students make friends easily, these events are a great way to network, build a strong PR, and find job and housing opportunities. 

Education and Scholarship

Canadian Government and universities are both determined to provide benefits for international students and make the moving process easier for them. The high academic quality education helps the students be guided with the best before venturing out into the real world and starting careers. With various scholarships provided, Canada provides international students with the opportunity to gain valuable education at affordable prices. 


Canada is a very accessible country providing affordable education. Canada’s cost of living is relatively less as compared to other nations across the world and most public transportation is pretty affordable as well. The rent in Canada is 22.88% lower than in the US, making the cost of living 3.09% lower. While these statistics may be lower, the annual income for people in Canada is slightly higher than in the United States.

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A flexible, high-quality education system

Currently, Canada has 32 of its universities in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, with three of them in the top 50. This means that Canadian universities are one of the best in the world. Not only do Canadian Universities provide quality education but also flexibility and students are encouraged to take risks and explore their interests before choosing a major subject.

We have now established that Canada is one of the best education providers globally. The country comes with its own set of advantages and opportunities. For the reasons mentioned above, it is not surprising that many prefer to study in Canada!

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Canada ranks third globally for best quality of life. Students will be able to find high standard of living in Canada. International students in Canada will enjoy the same rights and freedoms that Canadians do. The students will enjoy respect for human rights, equality, diversity, a stable and peaceful society. 
The pedagogy of various courses in Canada is based on both theoretical and practical aspects. The country is known for its quality research, infrastructure and facilities. All these aspects make Canada the best place to study for international students.
Canadian universities have an international reputation and have a proven track record of excellence in various fields of study like aerospace, engineering, management, education and telecommunications. Studying in Canada is comparatively affordable especially when compared with countries like UK and USA. Though the tuition fee will vary depending upon the university and the program you apply for.
Canada is known to have one of the best education systems in the world. Every Canadian province and state has its own system of education for schools and colleges etc. It is compulsory to attend school from age 6 to 18 in every Canadian state.
There is a distinction between a college and a university in Canada. Going to a university means doing a four-year full time Bachelor’s program. Going to a college, on the other hand, means doing a vocational course.

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