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Highest Paying Jobs in Canada for International Students

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Canada has several options with high earning potential. This blog examines the highest paid careers for international students in Canada, including information on compensation, job description, and salary ranges that a student may expect for a solid future. Canada has a broad job market. 

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Canada is a dynamic and hospitable country that not only has world-class educational institutions, but also a booming economy that offers interesting professional prospects and competitive incomes to foreign students. Of course, a wage scale is not the only factor to consider while evaluating possible employment. However, one must make sure to consider applying for high paying jobs in Canada.

The majority of work possibilities exist in the services sector, although there are also plenty in manufacturing, construction, and agriculture. We'll explore the best paying jobs in Canada and salary ranges one can get for their dream career.

Top job sectors in Canada 

Canada's work market is vibrant and diversified, with possibilities available in a wide range of industries and job opportunities for international students. Healthcare, technology, finance, and education are among the most popular career sectors in Canada. Here's a deeper look at each of these industries and the employment they provide.

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Highest Paying Jobs in Canada

With such welcoming opportunities to come, it becomes important for skilled foreign workers to know about their earning potential in the country be it a full time or part-time job opportunities in Canada. Here are a few significant and popular job profiles: -

Job RoleDescriptionAverage Salary
Data ScientistA data scientist is an analytics professional who is responsible for collecting, analyzing and interpreting data to help drive decision-making in an organization. The data scientist role combines elements of several traditional and technical jobs, including mathematician, scientist, statistician and computer programmer. It is one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada. $80,000- $120,000 approximately per year.
The Software DeveloperThey are responsible for building robust websites and creating secure software systems. Software developers use their programming skills to create new software and improve existing software applications. They design and write the code used to build everything from operating systems to mobile apps to video games. $70,000- $120,000 approximately per year.
Cyber Security SpecialistCyber Security Specialists are in charge of safeguarding an organization's whole information technology infrastructure. They look for flaws in software, hardware, networks, and data centres, then develop strategies and defensive systems to guard against attacks and threats. Cyber security professionals are in high demand, with a steady growth rate and a competitive wage. This profession will evolve as technology progresses and new security problems emerge. $80,000- $110,000 approximately per year
Petroleum EngineerPetroleum engineers utilize supercomputers not just to analyze exploration data and simulate reservoir behavior, but also to automate oilfield production and drilling activities. Petroleum engineers face a future full of difficulties and opportunities. They must create and implement innovative technologies to extract hydrocarbons from oil shale and offshore oil and gas sites. They must also develop new procedures for recovering oil that has been left in the ground following the use of standard production techniques.

A person who studies Petroleum Engineering in Canada opens a wide door for aspiring opportunities.
$80,000- $150,000 approximately per year
Financial ManagerFinancial managers play an important role in every company since they seek to expand the firm regardless of economic situation. A career in financial management may be rewarding and successful as its scope grows, creating a demand for competent and qualified workers. A financial manager is someone who oversees the financial health of an organization and helps ensure financial sustainability. They supervise many important functions, such as monitoring cash flow, managing expenses, producing accurate financial data, and strategizing for profit.$90,000- $140,000 per year
Nurse PractitionerNurse practitioners (NPs) are registered nurses with extra education and nursing experience, allowing them to self-diagnose and treat diseases, order and interpret exams, prescribe medicine, perform medical procedures. It is one of the highest paid jobs in Canada and provide person with lucrative benefit and identity.$80,000- $110,000 approximately per year
IT Project ManagerA financial manager is someone who oversees the financial health of an organization and helps ensure financial sustainability. They supervise many important functions such as monitoring cash flow, managing expenses, producing accurate financial data, and strategizing for profit. IT project managers may oversee initiatives to implement new software solutions, grow IT operations, or migrate cloud providers for a company.$80,000- $120,000 per year
PharmacistDispense medications at a pharmacy, hospital, or general practice. Provide advice on prescriptions, medicine doses, hazards, and how to use and keep medications. In a hospital, one may run screening programs as well as acquire, test, and dispense medications. Manage inventory, monitor, and teach employees in the same way as junior pharmacists do. A pharmacist can earn a handsome amount for a living.$90,000- $120,000 approximately per year
Aerospace EngineerThey are the people who invent and help manufacture the equipment that everyone else in the aviation industry flies and supports. A bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering is considered to be an entry-level requirement for Aerospace Engineers. Aerospace engineers create, develop, and test airplanes, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles. Furthermore, they construct and test prototypes to ensure that they perform as intended. $80,000- $130,000 approximately per year
Financial AdvisorsA financial adviser is an investing specialist who can help create and implement a personalized strategy to achieve financial objectives, such as college savings and retirement. Financial advisers frequently get additional training and licensing that permits them to work in this capacity. Financial advisor is also one of the efficient job profiles and in a huge demand in Canada. $80,000- $100,000 approximately per year


As the job market is evolving with the development of new technologies, staying updated with the changing trends is essential to increase employability. The work culture in Canada is surely more advanced than in many other countries and offer many well earning jobs to the potential applicants. To read more on the changing trends in international education, news, or more, visit the Canam website today and connect with our Canam experts.


After finishing their education, overseas students can work for up to three years. To qualify for PGWP Canada, students must have completed at least 8 months of coursework, with the period possibly expanding to 3 years for longer courses.
The average annual wage for overseas students in Canada is $62,425 (or $32.01 per hour). However, the exact amount an individual may make will depend on profession, experience, and education level.
The average hourly income for international students in Canada fluctuates between $13 and $20.42, depending on the province, city, and kind of work. International students can work up to 20 hours per week during academic sessions, and full-time during planned breaks.
In 2024, the most in-demand positions in Canada will be Cardiologist, Surgeon, Psychiatrist, Orthodontist, Software Engineer, Data Scientist, and Corporate Lawyer.
Ontario and British Columbia stand out, with cities such as Toronto and Vancouver providing a concentration of high-paying work opportunities in a variety of industries.

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