Advantages of Computer-Based IELTS Test

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Better results, a greater number of test dates, and the same examination as the manual exam, with the notable exception of using a computer rather than a pencil to type answers, make the internet-based IELTS exam superior than the paper-based exam. The IELTS exam's computer-based format solves the issue of bad handwriting and weary hands. Smaller groups are encouraged because they enable pupils to concentrate better during exams. Students can contact Canamprep, a renowned IELTS teaching centre in Chandigarh, to make an informed decision between a computerised or paper-based test.

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Everyone must have heard about the computer-based IELTS exams. With the coming up of computer-based tests, students are getting confused and have numerous questions in their minds like why a computer-based IELTS exam is a better choice? It is a myth that by giving paper-based, students will score higher bands. To put your confusion and doubts to rest, we bring you some of the compelling reasons as to why computer-based IELTS exam is better:

Faster Results:

One of the main significant advantages of a computer-based IELTS exam is that the test results come out earlier than that of the paper-based exam. As of now, it takes 13 days to get a result for the paper-based exam, whereas, for the computer-based exam, the results are ready within 5-7 days.

More Test Dates: 

With a computer-based IELTS exam, depending on your test center, the students can schedule their test dates in the coming year and beyond. Because of this, students have more test dates to choose from.

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It is the Same Test:

The computer-based test will be the same as the paper format IELTS exam. However, there is one slightest difference, i.e., you would be using a computer instead of a pencil to write your answers. The reading, writing, and listening modules will be done on a computer, but the speaking module will be conducted face to face with a certified IELTS speaking examiner.

No more lousy handwriting and sore hands: 

One of the biggest worries that students have on their minds is their handwriting. All thanks to the computer-based IELTS exam, the problem of bad handwriting does not exist. In addition to it, another worry that used to eat students was their hands getting sore or cramped after writing a lot in a short period. With the coming of computer format, students can type much faster than writing, and their hands will not get sore.

Smaller groups 

In the Computer-based test, smaller groups are preferred. As most of the students still prefer a paper-based test; therefore, the group of people undertaking test is smaller. Sometimes there are hardly 14 people for the test at the center. It let you focus properly on your exam.

You Have a Choice: 

Always keep in mind that you have a choice whether you want to go for a computer-based test or a paper-based test. Students have their worries like typing speed or looking at the computer for long or uncomfortable with the technology. It would be best if you make a wise decision.

If you are also confused, whether to give a computer-based or paper-based IELTS exam, then visit Canamprep, a top IELTS coaching institute in Chandigarh. Our experts will clear all your doubts.

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One of the main reasons students prefer taking the computer-based IELTS test is that the results are available faster than the pen and paper-based test. The result is expected to come within 3 to 5 days. This can be a useful feature if the candidate has a tight deadline for university or visa applications.
One primary advantage of taking the computer-based IELTS test is the ability to easily edit and revise answers in the writing section. Test takers can quickly cut, copy, paste, delete, or correct text, saving time and reducing stress.
Computer-based IELTS test is often more flexible in terms of test dates and time, making it easier for test takers to schedule the test around other commitments.

In the computer-based IELTS test, candidates use headphones for the Listening section, making it easier for them to focus on the audio and understand the accents.

The difficulty level of both the test types remains the same regardless of the format test takers choose. The choice of test depends on the skill set that the candidate is most comfortable in because while students with good typing speed prefer the computer-based test, paper-based is opted by candidates who prefer writing by hand.

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