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Things to Do and Student lifestyle in Canada

  • Things to Do and Student lifestyle in Canada

Canada has picked up fame on the map as one of the top education goals for students across the globe; however, it isn't about its education, quality life, fantastic mountain perspectives, and its famous sport "hockey." Yet, it additionally has a flourishing music scene and varied cooking to charm your taste buds. Canada is the 2nd largest nation not just for its natural life spotting and experience; there are a differed nightlife and beautiful food scene. Regardless of whether you need to dance in the night or be astonished at a Broadway show, you won't get baffled when you are in any part of Canada!

Apart from this, Canada has made it to the world ranking list of the best cities for international students. The top four cities of Canada that are listed for the student-friendly towns are:


Canada is also the birthplace of renowned musicians and DJs such as girl's favorite Justin Beiber, Drake, Bryan Adams, Avril Lavigne, Shawn Mendes, and many others. Moreover, the club scene is brimming with new talent, especially in the cities of Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, and Ottawa. From the periphery to Montreal's Jazz Festival, Canada likewise has a ton of extraordinary celebrations and events, such as Vancouver's Aurora Winter Festival, Toronto Tango Marathon, and many more.
Given are the best things to do in the top 4 student-friendly cities of North America.


Montreal has been Canada's top city for a while now for its quality education and its highest-ranking educational institutions that include the top-ranked McGill University with its ranking of 24th across the world. The town is famous for its comedy shows, festivals, and abundant cultural activities.
To a great extent, Canada is an English-speaking nation with a cosmopolitan nature. It has an effective public transit system with a productive bus service system that works in 200 bus routes, the metro, and local train service, which are all helpful and economical for students.

Student life

Most notably, with its six major universities and 12 colleges, Montreal gives the best student life. Students can learn French as well as English from the best universities across the world. Aspiring students can learn French as a free language course with the help of specific courses offered by several universities.
The cost of studies is reasonable as compared with other North American cities, and regardless of whether the education costs have expanded for French students learning at the undergrad level, the city has been designated as Best Student City by the QS Top Universities ranking. Students accept that Montreal is an amicable and moderate city. What stands apart to them about this city is its way of life, food, ethnicity, and culture.

Food and places to visit

Montreal is one of Canada's oldest cities and is also one of the most liked cities in the world, specifically by students. Its historical centers, dance club, landmarks, parks, shopping regions give chances to explore and entertainment.
Given are the places to visit while in Montreal:

• Mont-Royal
• Old Montreal
• Notre-Dame Basilica
• Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
• Montreal Biodome
• Old Port of Montreal
• Olympic Stadium

Good eateries for students:

• Saint-Houblon
• Ganadara
• La Carreta
• Village Grec
• Bombay Mahal
• Romados

PRO-TIP:  In case you are in Montreal and want to try something new, then you shouldn't leave without trying the cities favorite dish, "POUTINE." 


Vancouver is among the most costly urban areas of Canada. Nonetheless, it positions 17th among the student-friendly urban regions in the world. The city is known for its enchanted everyday excellence and lovely environment. The town has two colleges placed by QS, with the University of British Columbia positioned the highest at 50th and The Simon Fraser University located in the center of Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area. Both the colleges are in a lovely setting, upgrading the enjoyment of studying there.

Student life

The city gives plenty of business opportunities for students. The employments are fascinating. The pay bundles are great. The workplace is additionally healthy and supportive. As per students, Vancouver is a socially vibrant city that offers world-class education, and the cost of living is high, and there are many openings for work.
More than 10,000 international students from as many as 80 different nationalities choose Vancouver to study because the third-largest city in Canada serves you with a wide range of programs. The beautiful town is a high tech orbit in Canada and offers education in the subject areas such as digital media, technology, and engineering.

Food and places to visit

With its mountain backdrop and urban beaches, Vancouver has the rightly earned reputation of being one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is a lovely city, with accessible filming location, surrounded by mountains and famous for theatre and music scenes, Vancouver is a city full of love, life and laughter.
Following are the places to explore while staying in Vancouver, such as:

• Stanley Park
• Capilano Suspension Bridge
• Granville Island
• Vancouver Aquarium
• Queen Elizabeth Park
• English Bay
• VanDusen Botanical Garden
• Canada Place

Best places to eat in Vancouver

Taste your way through the best cafés in Vancouver, from delicious dumplings to crisp fish in the following places:

• Botanist
• Hawksworth
• Miku
• St. Lawrence
• The Acorn
• Tojo's
• Chambar

Advice to students

When thinking about Vancouver, like any other city, it does have crime. So, be aware of your surroundings when you are on the streets, and the weather in Vancouver is unpredictable, an umbrella is a must thing to be carried while going places. To move into the city, use public transports. The compass cards need to be purchased separately, but the cards are still cheaper than cash or credit. Numerous shops and cafés in Vancouver are vendors of SPC, which represents the Student Price Card. With this card, students can get discounts on their purchases.


Ottawa is one of the better cities to live in Canada. Though it is quite a small city as compared to other major cities in Canada, it has a lot of student population. It has three universities – the University of Ottawa, Saint Paul University, and Carleton University, and there is also one major college – Algonquin College.
Although it cannot be counted amongst the hippest cities in Canada, if you have the right social circle, you can enjoy your time while studying there. It is imperative to come with an open mind if you are an international student shifting to Ottawa. Some people might find Ottawa dull and boring due to its extreme weather conditions. However, from the experiences of many international students who have studied there, it seems to be a warm and welcoming place where they have made friends for life.

Student life

The student life in Ottawa is better as compared to other Canadian cities due to it having three Universities and several colleges. The University of Ottawa is a host to numerous exchange students as a result of which there are many activities, events, and trips for students to enjoy and participate in. Because of the various social activities, it is effortless for people to socialize and make friends within the university.
The study workload is quite a bit according to many students, so be mentally prepared to work hard and study to keep up with your academics. Also, there are a large number of clubs and recreational activities for students to participate in, which will enable them to pursue something they are passionate about or something entirely new to them.

Food and places to visit

Food in Ottawa caters to all tastes and choices. It has cuisines from all over the world, and one can find a variety of things to eat. Ottawa has a selection of halal, vegan, organic stores that cater to all tastes and lifestyles of the student population.

Eating places for students:

• The Grand
• Cacao 70
• Oh so good
• Laurier Social
• El Warehouse

Following are the places to visit while in Ottawa:

• Rideau Center
• National Gallery of Canada
• Gatineau Park
• Omega Park
• Camp Fortune
• Mont Tremblant

Advice for students

If you are coming to Ottawa for studies, then be fully prepared for winters. Also, one must keep in mind that nightlife in Ottawa is a bit restricted as it is a government city. One must visit Ottawa with an open mind and an open wallet. If you have budgetary constraints, then you might run into some problems as Ottawa is one of the more expensive cities in Canada.

It is also better to be more outgoing and gregarious to make new friends as the nightlife can get a bit monotonous and boring in comparison with other big cities in Canada.


It is one of the most diverse and vibrant cities in the world, and it is ranked amongst the most livable cities in the world. It offers several natural and cultural attractions, and there are new events and activities to enjoy every weekend, which puts on display Canada's cultural diversity.
Toronto provides several opportunities for students to pursue their passion and interests.
While studying at the University of Toronto, students will get to connect with individuals having similar interests, and you get to join communities with a variety of sports teams, clubs, and organizations. Toronto University focuses on the overall development of an individual rather than just academic progress.
Another huge advantage of studying in Toronto is that it has an affordable and well-connected transportation system.

Student life

The weather in Toronto is a bit extreme and might take some time getting used to for international students. But during the autumn season, Toronto transforms into a truly gorgeous city with colorful fall leaves serving as an attraction in itself. During the winter months, the entire Toronto is decorated with snow and Christmas lights, and you can also indulge in skiing and ice skating at the City Hall. International students can choose to escape the cold and have a hot cup of coffee at Tim Horton's, which is present at almost every block in Toronto.

Students can either opt to stay on- campus or off-campus depending on their requirements.If you decide to take up residency on-campus, then you will be required to apply at the earliest through the university website. On-campus residency can vary from shared dormitory rooms to shared apartments or townhouses.

If you are thinking of taking up residency off-campus, then the university will offer you plenty of information regarding the same.

Food and places to see

Toronto is very well known for its culinary culture, and students will surely have a blast exploring the various food offerings of the city. It is home to an assortment of world-famous cuisines such as Asian, Caribbean, and Middle Eastern, as well as a wide variety of North American cuisines.
Another thing to be considered while living in Toronto is that the expenditure on food ultimately depends on an individual. The average cost of food per person in the region of $40-$100 per week.

Here are some of the student-friendly eating places:
• Kinton Ramen
• Lou Dogs Ryerson Pub
• Pizza Gigi
• Akram Shoppe
• Kenzo's Ramen
• Ken's Snack Service
• Pho Pasteur

Places to visit for students in Toronto

• Royal Ontario Museum
• Art Gallery of Toronto
• Hockey Hall of Fame
• Revue Theater
• Fox theater
• Massey Hall
• Aviva Center
• Monarch Park Stadium

Advice for international students staying in Toronto

If you are an international student in Toronto, then it is highly probable that other students from your nationality will be studying in the same institution. Most often, they will try to assist you in case you face any issues or if you need help regarding anything.

Also, international students should stay on campus as it is challenging to traverse and navigate in a new country without any assistance. Having residency within the university helps students to solely focus on their academics, make new friends, and assimilate with the Canadian.

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