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  • Role & Importance of an Overseas Education Consultant

Role & Importance of an Overseas Education Consultant

Nowadays, many students aspire to get an overseas education. Not only students but their parents are also very enthusiastic about sending their children abroad for higher studies for better future prospects. So, from whom students should take guidance and advice regarding universities and courses? Of course, an Overseas Education Consultant only!

An overseas education consultant plays a

  • Study Abroad: Study Fashion Guide

Study Abroad: Study Fashion Guide

Fashion Industry around the world is progressing rapidly today with better prospects. People all over the world have become fashion-conscious. They seek to enhance their fashion sense in every way possible. Therefore, clothing companies worldwide are hiring people in a variety of job roles like fashion designers, textile designers, retailers, buyers and merchandisers.

The prospects are

  • Study Abroad: Physiotherapy Guide

Study Abroad: Physiotherapy Guide

With mechanization and inactive lifestyles, people are facing common muscular-skeletal problems which include issues like neck pain, osteoarthritis knee, backache and stiff shoulders. Physiotherapists work in the mainstream like Doctors to cure these disorders. Physiotherapy is a health profession that is concerned with maximum mobility and quality of life by a

  • Study in Canada after 12th

Study in Canada after 12th

Facing a dilemma related to next logical extension of studies after 12th! Acquiring international education is the best foot forward as there is a country that offers a wide variety of courses in the world’s top colleges and institutes? Yes, here I am referring to none other than Canada as the most prospective international education destination.   Taking a call on

  • IELTS Band Requirements for Australia

IELTS Band Requirements for Australia

With having the third highest number of international students in the world, Australia is no less than any other study destinations. The reason for such a large amount of international student population is, it's being the home to seven of the top 100 universities in the world. Australia offers over 22,000 courses across its 1,100 institutions. Australia accounts for all the factors that are ve

  • Options for Accommodation in Canada

Options for Accommodation in Canada

Studying overseas could be one of the significant decisions taken by the student. It includes a lot of factors that had to be looked upon, one of them being the place for living or accommodation. Selecting accommodation in Canada could be tiresome as the country is huge enough and also the student had to look for a place that is near to his university or college. Once the stud

  • IELTS Band Requirements for USA

IELTS Band Requirements for USA

With more than 85,000 Indian students pursuing their dream courses in a country that has world’s finest Universities and education system, the USA is known as the best place to study for the quality of education provided is excellent. As English is the official language of the USA, it becomes easier for international students to adjust in such an advanced nation because th

  • A Perfect Study Abroad Guide for Parents

A Perfect Study Abroad Guide for Parents

Studying abroad is not a challenge for students but for their parents too, in fact it is tougher for them to send their children to an entirely new place. It is one of the bravest decisions that they have to make for their only assets. But then it is a great opportunity for the children as they will be exposed to an international experience that will widen up their horizons and thinking. 

  • Study Abroad After 12th

Study Abroad After 12th

Twelfth done! Now, what next? With 12th class results just being out, students are aggressively exploring their further academic prospects. While some have already decided around what next, there are some who are still confused. So, for all those who are looking for opportunities to move abroad for higher studies, here is an invitation from Canam Consultants Limited, the largest overseas edu

  • Top Cities to Study in Germany

Top Cities to Study in Germany

With its renowned Oktoberfest celebrations, rich culture, chief European location, vast political history, popular philosophers, affordable tuition fee and wide economy, no wonder why Germany has been growing undeviatingly as a popular study abroad destination. Being the most popular European study destination to study, Germany has some top cities which are most preferred by

  • Study tips for Students studying in Canada

Study tips for Students studying in Canada

It is essential for any international students studying in Canada to manage their academic and social life.  It is very important to maintain the equilibrium between your study and social life.  Having individual differences, everyone has a different approach to study and making schedules. Sometimes, some of the students need less time to study, and some are slow learners.  Being

  • Tips for Packing When Going to Study in Canada

Tips for Packing When Going to Study in Canada

First of all, it is fantastic that you have been successful in getting admission in Canada and got your study visa. Now, after all the hard work you have put in to get your Canada study visa and made it through a tough visa interview, it is time for you to pack up all the essentials and get ready to board your flight. Your packing comes under the pre-departure preparations and also holds a l

  • Job seeking tips for international students

Job seeking tips for international students

Studying overseas isn't a smooth affair; it brings plenty of new and demanding situations along, mainly dealing with your fees at the same time as studying. To reside in a new country could be exorbitant and stressful. So, finding an appropriate job to incur the residing expenditure is one of the solutions to it.

Here are a few guidelines that could assist you to discover a good job

  • Dealing with stress while studying Abroad

Dealing with stress while studying Abroad

Shifting to an entirely new country to study can be really stressful and challenging. All the challenges, problems, and difficult circumstances put us in stress, and for an international student, this could include academic pressure, peer pressure, meeting up the set standards and work responsibilities. Faced with any challenge, we put in additional efforts and mobilize all our resources and th