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Best Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in UK

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A major consideration in studying abroad is the expenses involved. What is a better option than student loans? There are scholarships and grants on offer to ease your burden and unlike finance you don’t have to repay these. 

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Studying abroad is a dream for students worldwide as it opens various career opportunities. But it is an expensive activity involving several costs such as tuition, accommodation, travelling, and many more. This is the reason why many Indian students search for how to get scholarships to study in UK. 

This blog sheds light on the topic of how can an Indian student get a scholarship to study in UK. Read this blog to know reasons to study in UK, why students need scholarships, eligibility criteria to apply for scholarships and best scholarships for Indian students to study in UK.

Reasons to Study in UK

UK is undoubtedly one of the most popular study destinations worldwide because of its multicultural environment, post-study work opportunities and best scholarships for Indian students to study. Following are the various reasons to understand why Indian students study in UK

Best Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in UK.webp

Quality EducationThe Quality Assurance Agency inspects the higher education in UK universities and ensures a high standard of learning. The international students will get the opportunity to learn from experts in their fields.
Cultural DiversityThe UK has a multicultural diversity which attracts students worldwide. The country's blend of cultures offers a unique opportunity to delve into the multicultural environment.
Working While LearningUK provides the opportunity to international students to work during their studies. They can work part-time for 20 hours per week during the term and full-time during holidays.
Top UniversitiesThe UK is home to some of the world’s leading universities, such as Middlesex University, University of Aberdeen, University of Bedfordshire, University of Bolton and University of Hertfordshire which provide a wide range of programs to Indians as well as international students. 
ScholarshipsUK universities and the government provide various scholarships for Indian students to study in UK after 12th. These scholarships allow students to pursue academic courses without worrying about financial backing. To learn about the scholarships, keep reading this blog.

Why do students need a scholarship to study in the UK?

Studying in a foreign country is a dream for many as it opens various career prospects for them. However, studying abroad is an expensive affair, and everyone might not be able to bear the expenses on their own. Here come some financial aid options that help students ease their financial burden.

Scholarships are one of the options students can avail of while studying in the UK. In the UK, both the government and universities provide scholarships for Indian students to study in the UK after the 12th. Many times, students search for online “how to study in the UK for free with a scholarship." This is because only scholarships can help them to study in UK at a very affordable cost. 

How much funding is available through scholarships to study in the UK?

The scholarship amount will vary from university to university. The scholarships can be either partially or fully paid as per the university, eligibility criteria and programs. Usually many scholarships pay for tuition fee of students while others pay for living expenses too. Further, some programs can provide scholarships covering 100 per cent of the tuition fees of students, approximately 10000 GBP. 

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Scholarships to Study in the UK

Scholarships provided by universities have some eligibility criteria that must be fulfilled. When applying for scholarships, students must see if they meet the requirements. Hence, if students can prove themselves to be the best among all candidates, they can get the scholarship. 

An important criterion to grab scholarships is a great academic score, but some other factors can also make a difference, such as subject, destination, background, athletic prowess, and level of study. For some scholarships, students may also be required to be good in extracurricular activities such as sports. 

Every university has its own eligibility criteria for scholarships. To apply for any scholarship, students must fulfil all the required conditions. To apply for any scholarship successfully, students must take the assistance of a study abroad consultant like Canam Consultants.

UK Scholarships for Indian Students 2024

Various UK universities provide scholarships for Indian students to study in the UK after the 12th. Following are the UK scholarships for Indian students. These scholarships cater for the different needs of individuals. 

Name of UniversityName of the Scholarship
Keele UniversityKeele Postgraduate Scholarship 
University of AberdeenAberdeen Global Scholarship
University of BedfordshireInternational Undergraduate Merit Award
University of BoltonAcademic Excellence Scholarship

Keele Postgraduate ScholarshipThe scholarship is provided by Keele University to all students who are going to pursue their postgraduate programs at Keele University. The eligible students will automatically be considered for the scholarship, and they don’t need to submit any application. The beneficiaries will get the award through a tuition fee discount and not in any other form. The scholarship is available for students starting their studies from 2024, September 2024 or January 2025. The award cannot be used for any other year of entry.
Aberdeen Global ScholarshipThe University of Aberdeen offers the Aberdeen Global Scholarship to international students starting their studies in January 2024, September 2024, or January 2025. The scholarship provides a £3,000 tuition fee discount open to eligible self-funded taught Masters students. The scholarship is available to students pursuing full-time on-campus programs. Students are required to accept an unconditional offer to avail of this scholarship. It is one of the best scholarships for Indian students to study in UK.
International Undergraduate Merit AwardThe international undergraduate merit award by the University of Bedfordshire is provided to high-calibre students who cannot get any other scholarship provided by the University of Bedfordshire. The International Undergraduate Merit Award waives off worth £1000 of international tuition fees for each year of study. 
Academic Excellence ScholarshipThe academic excellence scholarship by the University of Bolton is provided to full-time self-funded students starting their master courses. It is another best scholarship for Indian students to study in UK which is worth of approximately £1,000 and is awarded to students with exceptional academic results. The eligible students will be considered automatically for the scholarship. 


Thousands of students want to study in UK after 12th. But finance is a big problem for many students, therefore, they search online for best scholarships for Indian students to study in UK. This blog delves in-depth and covers topics such as why to study in the UK, why scholarships are even required, eligibility criteria for scholarships and scholarships for Indian students to study in the UK after 12th. After reading this blog, students must have got to know about scholarships that can be availed when planning to study in UK. Students can connect with Canam experts to know about the right scholarships for them while studying in UK.


Though average scores are required to get admission to UK universities, but to be eligible to get a scholarship in UK a student needs to score 60-80% in their program.

You can get scholarships for post graduate programs from UK government that will cover cost of living while you study in UK and course fee. International students who are from EU aren’t eligible for these scholarships. International students including those from Malta and Cyprus are eligible to apply for Commonwealth scholarships. 
You must be a citizen of a commonwealth nation to be eligible for commonwealth scholarships. Moreover, you must have a upper second class honours degree to be eligible to apply for the scholarship. 
The CGPA requirements needed to apply for scholarships in UK depend on the university and scholarship you are applying for. majority of the universities require a minimum aggregate of at least 70% for applying to a scholarship. The CGPA required is 3.5+ out of a scale of 4 or 9 out of a scale of 10. A grade A is also required consistently for a 3 to 4-years period of their degree. 
The amount of scholarship being offered by a particular university depends on the student profile. This amount can vary from 1000 to 6000 pounds, whereas, doctoral programs in the UK are fully funded.

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