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Study in UK After 12th

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Do you wish to study in a supportive academic environment where your professors are approachable or your classrooms reflect multiculturalism? Or do you want to enter a workforce with qualifications that are respected and accepted around the globe? If yes, then you need to start your education journey after 12th in the UK. The United Kingdom is home to some of the world's top research facilities and academic institutions. There are more than 458,520 international students from all around the world.

The number of international students is increasing at a higher rate with each passing year. The quality standards of the UK programs are among the highest and are assured by the government agencies and assessment mechanisms. Also, the universities in UK have attracted many international students who became global leaders such as Dr. Manmohan Singh, Bill Clinton, Imran Khan, Mahatma Gandhi, and more.

Why Study in UK after 12th?

The United Kingdom has always been a preferable and a dream study abroad destination for international students.

1. Educational excellence

The UK is home to some of the oldest universities in the world that carry a heritage of quality education. There is a high chance that the university you choose to study in UK after 12th has Nobel Prize or Man Bookers Prize winners as their faculty or alumni.

2. Duration of the course

The UK offers courses of shorter duration. It allows students to obtain their degrees in a small period. A typical Bachelor of Arts would take three years, and an additional Masters of Arts degree would take another two years. But in the UK, after completing three years of bachelor's degree, the master's degree will be done in a year only.

3. Fewer lecture hours

Universities in the UK focus more on practical knowledge than on theoretical knowledge. They encourage students to inculcate the practice of self-learning. Students spend a lot of time experimenting and researching in labs, solving case studies, internships, and participate in extra-curricular activities.

4. Diversity

As mentioned earlier, the UK is home to more than 450,000 international students coming from all around the globe. The nation has become a melting pot of various traditions, cultures, cuisines, and beliefs. Imagine, students can now enjoy and learn about different cultures, beliefs, traditions along with studying for the course.

5. Employment

The top employers in the world highly regard graduates from British universities. They know the value and quality of education. By studying in a multicultural environment make international students more adjusting and flexible to work in a diverse workplace.

Best courses to study in UK

With a plethora of course options available to study in the UK, it is tough to choose the right course. If you are confused and do not know your field of interest, then visiting one of the best and the oldest consultants such as Canam Unisearch will be the best thing for you.

Here is a stream-wise list of popular courses that you can opt tostudy in UK after 12th:-

a)Commerce Stream

  • Business
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Law
  • Accountancy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation
  • International Business

b)Humanities Stream

  • Anthropology and Archaeology
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • English Literature
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Mass Communication
  • Hospitality and Tourism

c) Science (Non-Medical) Stream

  • Automotive Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Chemistry

d) Science (Medical) Stream

  • Energy Management
  • Biology
  • Medicine
  • Biotechnology
  • Molecular Sciences
  • Animal Sciences
  • Horticulture
  • Earth Sciences

Funding options for international students

Pursuing a bachelor's degree in the UK may turn out to be heavy for international students. That is why the governments, universities, or other external sources extend their helping hand to the deserving international students. Following are different funding options available for international students:-

Scholarships for Indian students in UK

There are many scholarships options available for Indian and other international students. International students who have an excellent academic record, high performance in standardized exams, and show extra-curricular achievements are eligible for scholarships and financial assistance. Students need to submit all the required documents by a particular deadline. The following documents are required:-

  • Certified academic transcripts
  • An updated CV or resume
  • A cover letter
  • TOEFL or IELTS scores
  • Letters of Reference (LOR)


Students can also borrow money to study in UK after the 12th from various loan lenders such as government/ private banks or other institutions. Students can repay the loan amount once the course is complete. Students have to repay the loan only after they have started earning. Also, the important point is that the interest rates levied by these banks or other financial institutions are lower than the typical loan.

Application requirement in the United Kingdom

The application process of applying to a bachelor's program depends on the course and academic institution.

Documents required applying to a post-graduate program:-

  • An online application form.
    • Academic cover letter.
    • Personal statement or statement of purpose.
    • Three academic recommendation letters.
    • Certified copies of your transcripts of previous education.
    • If you belong to a country where English is not your first language, then you need to give proof of your English language proficiency by taking either IELTS or TOEFL exam. For best IELTS, TOEFL or PTE coaching, we recommend industry leaders such as Canamprepfor best preparations.

Visa requirement to study in UK:-

  • Letter of acceptance of a course from a college or universities.
  • English language proficiency test scores.
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover your tuition fees and cost of living during the bachelor's program.

Health Insurance

It is imperative to have a health insurance cover while you are studying in the UK. It gives access to NHS services to international students in the same equation as the UK citizen.

If you aspire to study in UK after 12th but confused about which course to opt for, then visit one of the oldest and best industry leaders, Canam. Our experts will guide you through the entire process.

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