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10 Reasons to Study in UK

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The UK is home to many world-class universities and colleges that are even 800 years old. It is interesting to note that there are many courses and programs available at more than 125 UK universities. Quality education being imparted at universities in the UK along with the standards of teaching, UK provides some of the best incentives that attract International students to its lands.

Here are the 10 reasons why you should study in UK:

Quality of Education

The education system in the UK is considered the best as it provides hands-on experience rather than just focussing on theoretical text-book knowledge. The programs and courses are built in such a way that help build logical thinking and creative analytical ability. Universities in the UK are considered one of the best in the world and 4 of the top 10 universities are in the UK.

Conducive Environment for Learning

The UK is the second most popular country for studying abroad. One can find people from almost every country in the UK. Because of the diversity that is seen in the universities and colleges, one gets to expand their learning experience by interacting with others from different cultures helping in an overall growth.

Courses of shorter duration

One of the biggest advantages of studying in the UK is that one gets to save time, effort and money as the duration of courses is quite shorter without having to compromise on the quality of education. One can do masters in 1 year and under graduation in 3 years, which otherwise take an extra year in other countries.

Wide range of courses

No matter what the age, there are many programs and courses that one can choose from when it comes to studying in the UK. Depending on the interest, one can choose the course or program that helps one build on the capability or the skillset one is aiming for. Be it a graduate or a postgraduate level course, there are a wide range of courses available for the prospects.

Part-time work

During the time of study, students can work upto 20 hours a week to do away with the financial cost in the UK. During the semester break, one can even work full-time. There are many valuable insights that one gets to learn about when one does some job. Experience gained while working can help big time in getting the job one aspires for, after the study.

Diverse culture

The UK is the country that has a lot of history with a diverse culture and there is so much to explore and learn from it. With many beautiful countries surrounding the UK, one can easily book a flight and go about exploring the places around. It is quite interesting to note that the UK hosts the world's best and well known music festivals, and one can easily be a part of it.

Travel and explore

One can easily book a train or plane ticket to any country in Europe and be a part of one of the most celebrated cultures in the world. Countries that attract the most visitors can easily be reached out to, such as France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Improve communication skills

One of the advantages of studying in the UK is its speaking skills. The level of English that is spoken in the UK is world-class and by interacting and making friends with the people around, one can get to learn their accent. The courses and programs in the UK are delivered in English, making one easily improve their communication skills.

Medical benefits

The students who get to study in the UK can have access to medical treatment for free through the National Health Service (NHS). A small amount has to be paid initially to avail this benefit, which is called International Health surcharge (IHS).

Get job easily

The UK is the land of opportunities and if one has the required skills, it is easy to get the right job. After having the UK education, one gets easily noticed by employers, all over the world. The academic standards and excellence provided at UK universities and colleges can help one stand out and make an impact in the world around.

With all such facilities and perks in place, the UK is an ideal location to get the best education abroad. We, at Canam, help students assist in guiding them related to UK Study Visa Guidelines and making their study abroad journey as easy and seamless as possible by helping them apply for the UK Application Process the right way. Our experts know every possible way to get students to their dream college.

Reach out and lets get started by helping you decide whats best for you.

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