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How to Study in the UK free with a Scholarship?

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The United Kingdom offers a wide variety of choices for international students. However, the cost to study in the UK is too high. The UK government and the universities and colleges offer various scholarships to help aspiring students fulfill their dreams. Study in the UK for free with a scholarship is no more a dream. An ample number of scholarships are offered to help international students to pursue their dream courses in the best universities/colleges around the globe.

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The United Kingdom offers diverse educational opportunities for international students. Students who aspire to study in the UK discover enriching opportunities, communities and cultures. The United Kingdom offers a wide range of programs across various fields.

The biggest obstacle while dreaming to study in the UK, is the financial burden. Fulfilling the goal to study abroad can be challenging, but aspirations can come true with different scholarships. The UK government and the universities and colleges offer a wide range of scholarships to support Indian students. With scholarships, international students aspiring to study in the UK can accomplish their dreams and build successful careers.  Delve into the blog to learn more about various scholarships offered to study in the United Kingdom.

Cost-Effective Education in the United Kingdom

Pursuing higher education in the United Kingdom can be cost-effective with proper advanced planning. Universities and colleges provide financial support to international students through scholarships. Different scholarships are offered based on the eligibility criteria, the program chosen, and the other aspects set by the universities and colleges.

Intakes to Study in the United Kingdom for Free with a Scholarship

Three intakes are offered to study in the UK. All three intakes offer scholarships, however, the number of scholarships offered may vary.

-January Intake
-September Intake
-May Intake

Here is a detailed table to give specific information on all three intakes and the scholarships offered for the aspirants to study in the UK.
InformationSeptember IntakeJanuary IntakeMay Intake
Also Known AsFall/ Autumn IntakeWinter/Spring IntakeSummer Intake
Type of IntakePrimary IntakeSecondary IntakeOffered by a few universities
Programs OfferedAll the major programs for all the universities and colleges are offeredLess number of programs are offered as compared to the primary intakeLimited programs are offered by universities and colleges
Flow of ApplicationsThe competition is quite intense as the maximum number of students apply during this intake to avail the benefits of studying in the UK.The flow of applications is comparatively low as compared to the January Intake. Students who missed the primary intake apply during this cycle of admissions.
This intake witnesses very few applications. The competition is also quite low for this intake.
When Does the Session Begin?Session  commences from SeptemberSession begins from JanuarySession begins from May
Registration TimeDecember to JulySeptember to NovemberOctober to November
Admission TimeFebruary to MayJune to SeptemberJanuary to February
Scholarships Offered
The maximum number of scholarships are granted during this intake.A limited number of scholarships are granted during this intake.
The least number of scholarships as compared to the September and January intake are granted during this intake.

The Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Scholarships to Study in the UK

Scholarships pave an excellent path of spectacular opportunities to study in the UK. There are set standards of eligibility criteria to avail scholarships. Different scholarships have different requirements and are meant for different courses, fields of study, and countries. Many scholarships are reserved only for a few exceptional cases also.

The students need to understand the eligibility criteria before applying, so they do not miss out on even the smallest detail, which can foil their plans to study in the UK. Research and a thorough understanding are required to find the right scholarship.

Here is a list of general eligibility criteria to study in the UK for Free with a scholarship

Here is a list of general eligibility criteria to study in the UK for Free with a scholarship.JPG

1.Academic Excellence: Many scholarships for international students to study in the UK are awarded based on academic merit. These types of scholarships look for strong academic backgrounds, and students need to meet the eligibility criteria set by these scholarship providers.

2.Nationality: Generally, most scholarships are available for international students from different countries. However, in some exceptional cases, some scholarships are designated only for some particular nations.

3.Program Chosen: Different scholarships are dedicated to different programs in universities and colleges. Scholarships cater to different courses and need. Students should always check for the scholarships available for the program students plan to study in the UK.

4.Financial Need: Some specific scholarships are awarded to students based on their financial requirements or needs. Students seeking financial support to fulfil their dreams to study in the UK should always research these scholarships.

5.Age Limit: Many scholarships are offered based on the age limit. These scholarships can be availed by students falling within a specific age limit.
6.Holistic Approach: Many scholarships are awarded based on extracurricular activities. The guidelines of such scholarships focus on how a student can participate in different fields and imbibe different skills.

List of Scholarships Students can Opt for Study in the UK

British Chevening Scholarships for International Students:

This is one of the top-ranked scholarships to study one year post-graduate program in the UK. This scholarship is funded by the Foreign and Common Wealth Office, and covers 12000 courses and 150 universities to study in the UK. This scholarship is granted to over 1500 students from around 182 countries.


  • It is offered by different universities/colleges in the UK
  • It is offered for full-time masters in any subject to study in the UK
  • It is fully funded


  • Students should be citizens of Chevening Countries
  • The students must return to their homeland for at least two years after the scholarship has ended
  • Applicants should have two years of work experience
  • Students should be accepted by a university in the UK
  • English Language Proficiency Proof is mandatory for students whose mother tongue is not English

Rhodes Scholarship

This scholarship is amongst the oldest scholarships granted to Indian students for postgraduate courses to study in the UK. This scholarship is awarded to international students who yearn to pursue post-graduation at the University of Oxford.


  • The scholarship is fully funded, covers the fee, and provides a stipend to assist with other expenses
  • Five scholarships are offered under the Rhodes Scholarship Program.
  • The duration of the course can be one-two years
  • 100 scholarships are awarded to students who have come to study in the UK for the first time


  • Students should belong to Rhodes-eligible countries such as India, Australia, Germany, Singapore, etc
  • Students must complete at least 4–10 years of education in their home country
  • Students between the age group of 19 -25 can apply for the scholarship
  • It is mandatory for the students to complete their UG degree with first class

Commonwealth Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to international students who belong to the Commonwealth countries such as India, Malaysia, Bangladesh etc. The Common Wealth Scholarship Commission in the UK provides scholarships to eligible students.


  • The scholarship is awarded to students who desire to pursue Masters or PhD to study in the UK
  • It is a merit-based scholarship and is granted to 200 students every year
  • The scholarship covers tuition fee, airfare, and personal and maintenance expenses


  • Students must be a citizen of a Commonwealth country
  • Age of the applicants should be below 40 years
  • Students should have registered themselves for Masters in any other university
  • Bachelors in the concerned subject is mandatory for pursuing Masters
  • Students should have either completed their Masters or are in their final year for pursuing a PhD
  • A minimum score of 60% in Social Science and 65% in Science are required

GREAT Scholarship

This program is a joint initiative of the UK government's GREAT British Campaign and the British Council. It offers 99 postgraduate scholarships in 36 UK universities for various subjects. The scholarship provides a minimum of £10,000, equivalent to one year's postgraduate tuition fee.


  • Students who are residents or are currently residing in India, China, Indonesia, Turkey, Malaysia or Thailand can apply.
  • It is mandatory for students to complete their UG degree in their home country.
  • Academic excellence is required.
  • English proficiency requirements
  • The chosen postgraduate program should commence in September.

Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarships

These scholarships have been introduced at St. John's College, one of the largest colleges in Cambridge. The main aim of these scholarships is to help exceptional Indian students pursue doctoral degrees in various subjects.


  • Students from the Aerospace Engineering and Energy Studies field are preferred.
  • The scholarship is fully funded and covers academic fee, airfare, and monthly stipends to cover various expenses.


  • Students should be Indian nationals with a valid Indian Passport
  • Masters /Post Graduation from an Indian university.
  • Students must be under 35 years of age as of January 31.
  • Students cannot be recipients of any other scholarship in the UK.

Scotland’s Satire Scholarships

These scholarships are provided by the Scottish Government in partnership with Scottish universities and colleges. Postgraduate/Masters programs in Science, Healthcare, Renewable & Clean Energy, and Creative Industries are covered under this scholarship.

Features and Eligibility

  • Students from India, Pakistan, Japan, China (including Hong Kong), Canada, and the US can apply for this scholarship.
  • It should be the first time for the students to apply to a Scottish University for a Masters program.
  • Recipients are awarded £8000 each.
  • Students must provide the reason for studying in Scotland and how it will benefit them.
  • Students must receive a conditional or non-conditional offer letter from a Scottish university.

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships (CWIT)

These scholarships provide a significant opportunity for Indian students to study in the UK. These scholarships aim to provide funding to Indian students in the middle stages of their careers, working/studying in arts, humanities or heritage conservation.


  • There are categories for these scholarships:
  • Grants for Doctoral Study in the UK
  • Grants for Short Research and Professional Visits
  • Long Term Grants
  • Visiting Fellowships


  • Students should study the programs covered by the CWIT.
  • Students should be Indian citizens domiciled in India.
  • Students must not have received the CWIT grant in the last five years.

Fulfilling goals builds a successful career path. Choosing to study in the UK surely opens doors to various global opportunities. Many students fail to achieve their goals of studying in their dream college in the UK due to financial burden. However, study in the UK for free with a scholarship has motivated many Indian students to pursue high education in the UK in their dream colleges and universities. Learn more about study in the UK with experienced study abroad consultants. Visit our study abroad website to get information.


A wide range of scholarships are offered to study in the UK for Indian students. These scholarships can be fully funded or provide various waivers for tuition fee, accommodation etc.
There are three different intakes, and the scholarships vary as per the courses offered in each intake.
Yes, the age limit is an essential eligibility criterion for many scholarships.
It is advised to check with the university/college website or the scholarship providers. The eligibility criteria for different scholarships differ, and many scholarships are awarded only to the students availing the scholarship for the first time.
No, the eligibility for all the scholarships is different.
A wide variety of scholarships are offered to students from India.

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