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Scholarships That Can be Availed When Planning to Study in UK

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Even after working extremely hard to get into the best universities, many students are often left behind due to the lack of finances. The shortage of funds and unstable exchange rates makes it extremely difficult for students to attain their dream to study in UK.

However, there are many scholarships that can be availed by international students; however, many students arent aware of them, and hence they pass on the opportunity to study abroad.

Here are the best scholarships for the UK, which one can apply to and achieve their dream of pursuing their education abroad without having to worry about the financial burden.

UK university scholarships
Academic institutes apart from government bodies can offer more than enough amounts of awards to assist the students with their academic aspirations. Many top universities have allocated funds for international students. These institutes provide scholarships based on the scholarly record and potential of the student. The University of Cambridge gives the Gates Cambridge scholarship to international students, and it also provides international students scholarship. Other universities giving out awards and aids are:

  • University of Oxford
  • Durham University
  • Kings College London
  • University College London
  • Imperial College London

Third-party scholarships

Euraxess UK Scholarship

It is given by the British Council to help the professional improvement of and assist them while they move from one country to another.

Rhodes Scholarship

It is one of the earliest and most renowned global grant programs which were established in 1902. The program offers upwards of 100 entirely financed scholarships for postgraduate studies at the University of Oxford.

Global Study Awards

A bi-annual award of 10,000 GBP will be given to two future international students who are entirely focused on understanding other cultures and bettering society. Preferences to students who are excelling in their academics are given.

Given by organizations

If you are currently employed and are looking to study in UK, then many organizations and companies provide financial support and loans to the employees who are aspiring to study overseas. You can ask the organization to fund your study abroad in return for a promise that you will work with them for a certain number of years. This bond system is very popular and is prevalent worldwide.

Fiscal support by home universities

If you are residing in your home country, then you can have a look at the various scholarships which are provided by your University for various international programs. Your home university might offer you an excellent opportunity to study with an associate university in the United Kingdom or even a semester or a year abroad without incurring any significant expense. Thus it would help if you are looking for a summer school or a semester exchange program being hosted by your home University as it will assist you with your dream to study in UK . It will also increase the probability of you getting a fully-funded scholarship just in case you might feel like studying again.

Government Scholarships

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Program

This scholarship is for people who are looking for a master or a Ph.D., and at the same time, they want to grow productively. Candidates are selected based on their past academic history and their potential capability.

Scotland Saltire scholarship

It is a program for scholarships provided by the Scottish government in association with the Scottish universities in the field of technology, science, creative industries, healthcare, medical, etc. The candidates are selected based on leadership qualities, and apart from this, they look for well-rounded personality traits. This scholarship provides grants, awards of up to $8000 to up to 50 students. These grants can be availed by citizens of Canada, India, China, Pakistan, and the USA.

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