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For everyone who is harbouring Study Abroad dreams, Canada is a warm and welcoming destination. It has some of the most promising career opportunities along with many advantages that would make you want to consider it seriously. When it comes to securing a well paying career in Canada, telecommunications, video gaming and digital media are leading the way. Apart from these industries one can even find employment in the field of biotech and aeronautical engineering.

Close to 90% of Canadian households have internet access and a study by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) ranks this country 2nd globally for average number of hours spent per user on the internet. Montreal set an example for the world to see when it decided to provide free Wi-Fi across the city. Excellent quality of life is something that Canada is known for. Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver have made it to the list of the top student cities making them 3 of the most wanted education hubs across the world. The criteria include affordability, student population diversity, and employers’ perception of college pass-outs or graduates.

Canada has a desirable quality of life, and the cost of living here that is housing, transportation, and tuition is lower than what one would have to pay in other countries. Apart from that Canada is a vast country and is an ideal location for skiers and ice skaters. International students find it very interesting and fun to live in this country and its universities are among the most reputed in the world. When it comes to safety, respect and stability and security of the rights of diverse individuals and communities, Canada is one of the friendliest countries to be in right now!

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