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Studying in a country like Canada can expose students to a new culture where they can learn real-world skills. After completing their degree, they can pursue various high-paying job roles in different industries. Read this article to know the benefits of studying in Canada, the disciplines available, the application process and documents required, etc. 

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Canada is one of the most popular study-abroad destinations because of its affordable education and cooperative education programs which teach real-world skills. After completing their education in Canada, students can pursue high-paying jobs such as Business Intelligence Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Mining Engineer and Machine Learning Engineer.

Read this article to know important details about studying in Canada, such as the benefits of studying in Canada, the disciplines available, the application process, and the documents required to study in Canada. 

Benefits of Studying in Canada

Following are some of the reasons to study in Canada

Affordable EducationOne doesn’t need to break the bank to study in Canada because the cost of living in Canada is much lower than in other countries such as the USA, UK and Australia.
Cooperative Education (Co-op) OpportunitiesCanadian universities provide cooperative education opportunities to their students. Under this program, students learn real-world skills while simultaneously studying the program. 
Innumerable Educational InstitutionsCanada is home to over 16000 universities and 8000 colleges, meaning students can choose any university to pursue their higher education program.
Post-Graduation Work PermitAfter completing their studies in Canada, students can apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit that allows them to work there for three years.

Disciplines Available in Canada

Canada has more than 16000 universities and 8000 colleges, so that students can choose from many disciplines. Thousands of courses in Canada for international students are available under the following domains:

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Application Process to Study in Canada

Below is a step-by-step application process to study in Canada with the help of India’s leading study-abroad consultant – Canam.
Admission RequirementsEvery university has admission requirements; which students must fulfil to study in any program there. These admission requirements depend on the university and program chosen by students. The standard requirements are previous education and English language proficiency. At the same time, for other programs, one may also be required to have work experience. Hence, students must check the requirements before applying to the program. 
Choose your University and CourseThe next step is to choose a university and program. The factors one can consider when choosing a university are recognition, location, fee, campus placement, etc. After selecting the university, they must choose a program that matches their interests and career goals. 
Take the Language Proficiency TestDepending on the program, students may be required to take English language proficiency tests such as IELTSPTETOEFL or Duolingo. Non-native speakers would be required to take these tests to prove their English proficiency by getting minimum scores as defined by the university. 
Apply to UniversitiesRemember the second step, where we shortlisted some universities? Now it’s time to contact them. But our readers can take the assistance of expert counsellors at Canam. They will guide the students at every step of the application process and ensure the application is submitted successfully.
Apply for a Study PermitStudents would be required to apply for a study permit if they are going to pursue a program over six months. One can apply online or visit their local visa application centre. With the application, the student must attach their passport and documentary proof. 
Travel TimeIn this step, the immigration authority will verify the student’s application and documents. Once they accept the study permit application, students can start planning to travel to Canada.

Documents Required to Study in Canada

Here is a list of documents students must keep ready to study in Canada:

Proof of AcceptanceAs proof of acceptance, students can show LOR (Letter of Recommendation). LOR is a document in which an employer or a teacher endorses students. It’s a kind of guarantee which a person takes for the skills, achievements and character of students.   
Proof of IdentityFor proof of identity, students can show their passport or travel document.
Proof of Financial SupportStudents must also prove they can cover their funds. They can show bank statements for the last four months, tuition fees, housing fee receipts for proof of funding.
Additional DocumentsBesides the documents above, students may also be required to show a letter of explanation, a medical exam, and a custodian declaration if required.

Studying in Canada could be a life-changing experience for international students. Pursuing a higher education program over there will introduce students to a new culture and environment. After completing their courses, they could explore various high-paying job roles in different industries. To get any assistance, students can connect with Canam. 


Canada is one of the top study-abroad destinations after the USA. This is because it is home to 16,000 institutions that provide cooperative education programs and teach in-demand skills to students. After completing their program, students can work in various industries, some high-paying positions. For more information, students can connect with experts at Canam. That’s a wrap, and at the end, here are some frequently asked questions about Studying in Canada.


Although it depends on the program, studying in Canada costs an average of approximately $34000-38000 per year.
Yes, 12th-pass students can go to Canada, but they must have scored 70% in their 12th standard. 
Whether you can or cannot study in Canada without IELTS will depend on the chosen university. 
You can get a scholarship if you have good marks, have taken the English language proficiency test, and have participated in extracurricular activities. 
Students can choose Canada to study because of its benefits such as high quality of life, diverse environment and affordable education.

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