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Canada January 2024 Intake Timeline: Check Application Deadlines, Universities & Courses

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Know why Canada's January 2024 intake is the best for you and learn about the schedule, Steps to Apply in Canada January 2024 Admission Intake and Check Application Deadlines, Universities, and Courses best for you—a study in Canada for your preferred Intake, get guidance from Canam.

Canada is one of the top study-abroad destinations, with Students from all across the world studying there to experience the world-class education that Canadian Universities promise. The Country is comparatively more affordable than the other leading study-abroad destinations and helps students gain the education credentials that are respected globally. It is why students dream to study in Canada and apply for the three significant intakes: Fall, Winter, and Summer.
In this blog, we will talk about Canada's January 2024 intake, also known as the winter intake. This Intake offers you more time and opportunity to study in Canada and is the most popular Intake after the Fall intake.

Winter/January 2024 intake in Canada

The winter intake in Canada 2024 is an excellent opportunity for students who haven't applied for the fall intake or think they need more time to prepare their applications to study in Canada. Students can submit applications starting from June till September 2023. Students may find fewer programs during this intake, but the career opportunities, scholarships, and internship offers are almost the same as the September intake!

January 2024 Intake in Canada - Schedule

Starting your application process early is always best if you plan to study abroad. Students must fulfill several academic and professional requirements to begin admission at Canadian universities.

April - June 2023
Identify universities that you want to get into and learn about the deadline for the January 2024 intake in Canada, as well as the eligibility criteria and scholarship awards
July-September 2023
Take the English language proficiency test and do the paperwork for a student visa
September-December 2023
Complete the university application form and prepare all the necessary
November- January 2024
Wait for the admission decision and if you get any university emails, reply to it regarding selection, complete the process for confirming your admission, and pay the enrollment fee
January -February 2024
Arrange your finances and apply for scholarships you qualify for
January -February 2024
Pack your luggage and fly to your study abroad destination

Canada January 2024 Intake: Universities

Here is a list of the universities to study in Canada for the January 2024 Intake

Bow Valley College Calgary
Bow Valley College Centre for Entertainment Arts Calgary
Concordia University of Edmonton
NorQuest College - Wetaskiwin Campus
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) Edmonton
Olds College of Agriculture and Technology
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)
The Kings University
University of Calgary (Continuing Education) - Downtown Campus
University of Lethbridge - Calgary Campus
University of Lethbridge - Lethbridge Campus
Adler University - Vancouver Campus
Alexander College - Burnaby Campus
Alexander College - Vancouver Campus
British Columbia Institute of Technology - Burnaby Campus
Capilano University
Coast Mountain College - Prince Rupert Campus
Coast Mountain College - Terrace Campus
College of New Caledonia - Prince George
College of The Rockies - Cranbrook Campus
EduCo - Acsenda School of Management Vancouver
Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC)

Pros and Cons of Applying for the January 2024 Intake in Canada

Here are some pros and cons of applying to Canadian universities and colleges that you must know if you plan to study in Canada for the January 2024 Intake.

Pros to Applying for the January 2024 Intake in Canada

One of the best things about applying for the January intake is that the competition is less. It helps students get admission to their preferred University comparatively easier. January intake gives students more time to prepare their applications.

Cons of Applying for the January 2024 Intake in Canada

One of the main disadvantages of applying for the January intake in Canada is that it offers students fewer campus opportunities. Moreover, fewer seats and choices for programs and universities are available that accept applications. As fewer students apply during this Intake, you may find fewer international students in the course you apply to.

Steps to Apply in Canada January (Winter) 2024 Admission Intake

Here is a study in Canada timetable for students who are planning to enroll in January Canada intake 2024
Shortlist the Universities
The first step you need to take if you plan to study in Canada for the January 2024 intake is to research and shortlist the universities by listing the institutes you wish to apply to. Go through the University's website and check the eligibility requirements, list of programs available, scholarships, and fees to reach a decision.
Take Preparations for the English Language Exam and Sit for it
If you want to study in Canada or any other English speaking country, you must prove your English proficiency by taking IELTS, SAT, TOEFL, GRE, and GMAT exams. The higher you score in these tests, the greater your chance of being admitted to the institution.  
Submit the Application Form
After you have taken the English language proficiency test, it is time for you to apply to the shortlisted universities. You can visit the official website of the shortlisted University and fill out the application form. You must also attach documents while submitting your application, including LOR and SOP.
Have an Active Email to get the Offer Letter
After applying, you will get a confirmation letter from the University if you meet the eligibility requirements. Ensure you have an active email address, as you will receive your acceptance or confirmation letter through it, and there is a deadline for you to reply to this email. There is also an interview process, and you must make time for the same.
Arrange your Finances
The next and most crucial part of the process is arranging the finances. After you are chosen for the course and selected in the interview, you must pay a non-refundable payment as a confirmation of the offer letter within the deadline.
We hope that this blog helped you know everything about Canada's January 2024 Intake Timeline, the Steps to Apply for the same, and why this Intake is best for you. Canam keeps bringing you such pieces of information through Blogs. If you are considering studying abroad and want to know anything related, subscribe to our blogs and keep yourself enlightened with everything new.

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Yes! January intake is available in Canada. When it comes to most of the universities in Canada, the application deadlines are between December and January.

During the January intake, the competition is comparatively low, with higher chances of selection. If you plan to study management, medical, and dentistry courses, January intake is best for you.

No, January intake students don't get summer break in Canada. Canadian study rules say that you must study until you finish your program. Students can only take those breaks or gaps that the institution schedules.

The IELTS exam checks your proficiency in the English language and is requested by most institutions. It is valid for two years, and if you plan to take the IELTS exam for the Jan intake, you should try giving it around September of the previous year.

Some of Canada's most popular undergraduate courses for Indian students include information technology, engineering, medicine and health care, media and journalism, psychology, hospitality management, business development, and actuarial science.

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