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May Intake in Canada 2024

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A hub for international students, Canada is considered to be the most sought-after country for studying abroad. It offers high-quality education at an affordable tuition fee. The country is well-known for its excellent quality of life ad is the favourite study destination for many Indian students.

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What is May Intake in Canada 2024?

Canada May Intake 2024 is considered the third most popular study intake in Canada after the September and January intakes. It is also called as summer or spring intake and is known as the last intake of an academic year in Canadian institutions. This intake majorly offers certificate, diploma and short term courses to the international students at the limited number of institutions. Students whose admission applications are postponed due to personal reasons or delayed results prefer to apply for May intake in Canada.

Below are the three major intakes that are available for international students to study in Canada : 


Benefits of May intake Canada 2024

Below are the benefits that are associated with choosing May intake 2024 to study in Canada : 

Reasons Description
Suitable Weather ConditionsStudents applying for May intake in Canada can enjoy the pleasant weather while studying in Canada as it happens in Summer season.
High Acceptance RateWith less number of students applying for admission, the acceptance rate for May intake in Canada is high for international students.
Short-Term CoursesThis intake provides mostly short-term courses to the international students consisting certificates, summer vocational courses and diplomas.

How to Apply for May intake in Canada 2024

Below are the steps that a student can follow to apply to a Canadian University/College for May intake 2024 : 

Choose the InstitutionApplicants must conduct a detailed research to determine their preferred course and the institution. Other than that, they are required to check whether the institution falls under Designated Learning Institution(DLI) or not. If an institution is registered under DLI, it means it is a trustworthy place to pursue the desired course. 
Prepare & Submit the ApplicationAfter identifying the course and institution, students must gather all the documents required by the University and apply for the chosen program online uploading all the documents accurately and paying the fee. Once the admission application is completed & submitted, they must wait for the university's response.
Wait for a responseOnce University sends them the response on their admission application, they must accept it and respond back to show their continued interest in the program and institution.
A Study PermitAfter receiving acceptance from the University, students can apply for a study permit. A candidate can apply for it online or can submit a paper application to the Canadian Visa Office. 

English Tests Accepted by the Top Universities in Canada? 

Below are the four language proficiency tests that are accepted by the Canadian Universities offering May 2024 intake to study in Canada :

1. IELTS Academic 

2. PTE Academic 

3. C1 Advance 


Admission Timeline for May Intake in Canada

The last date for May intake in Canada is scheduled at the end of February or the beginning of March. It is important to check the final application deadline on the university’s website.

Here is a detailed timeline for reference:  

Which Courses Are Available for May Intake? 

When it comes to May intake in Canada, Canadian Universities offer a wide range of short term, certificate and diploma courses to the international students. Below is the list of Universities and courses that are available for international students in may intake:

InstitutionCourses Available for May 2024 Intake
Adler UniversityPsychology
Algonquin CollegeBusiness, Computer Programming, Interactive Media & Design
British Columbia Institute of TechnologyAviation, Automobile, Business, Accounting, IT
Cambrian CollegeIT, Business, chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering, Health Sciences
Camosun CollegeFinance, Electronics, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Kinesiology
Fleming CollegeProject Management
Fanshawe CollegeAviation, Event Planning
Lakehead UniversityEnglish, Psychology, Political Science, Arts
Lambton CollegeProject Management, Business Analytics, Event Planning, IT, Hospitality
Loyalist CollegeBusiness, Project Management, Radiation Safety, Computer System 

Canadian Universities & Colleges Open for May 2024 Intake

Here is the list of Canadian universities and colleges open for the May 2024 intake.

-University Canada West              

- University of Windsor

- Kings University

- Lakehead University

- Mohawk College

- Fairleigh Dickinson University

- Centennial College

- Fleming College

- Lambton College

- Georgian College

- Niagara College Canada

- Humber College

- Conestoga College

-Durham College

- Fanshawe College

- Cambrian College

- Seneca College

- Sheridan College

- Red River College

- Saskatchewan Polytechnic

- Lawrence College


Applying for a May intake to study in Canada might be one of the best options for international students as fewer people apply for admission during that intake. Students aspiring to apply for this intake can also take the help of Canam Consultants, which is known as the best study abroad consultants for study abroad. Besides that, Canam has highly experienced study abroad experts and counsellors who provide the best guidance to students and make their dream of studying abroad a reality that further helps them achieve their career and life goals.


Yes, there are scholarships available for the May intake in Canada. Researching and identifying the scholarship opportunities well in advance of the May intake is vital.

Yes, international students can work part-time during their studies in Canada in all three intakes.

The May intake is not very competitive. The acceptance rate of applications is relatively higher than the September or January intake.

The average tuition fees for international students in Canada can range from CAD 16,000 to CAD 35,000 per year for undergraduate programs and from CAD 16,000 to CAD 60,000 per year for graduate programs.

The September or Fall Intake is the most popular intake in Canada.

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