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May Intake in Canada 2024

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A hub for international students, Canada is considered to be the most sought-after country for studying abroad. It offers high-quality education at an affordable tuition fee. The country is well-known for its excellent quality of life ad is the favourite study destination for many Indian students.

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May Intake in Canada 2023

A hub for international students, Canada is considered to be the most sought-after country for studying abroad. It offers high-quality education at an affordable tuition fee. The country is well-known for its excellent quality of life ad is the favourite study destination for many Indian students. 

Here are 4 Reasons to Choose Canada for Higher Studies: 

1. Academic Excellence: The country gives exceptional importance to its education. The degrees conferred by Canadian universities are not only recognized globally but are also valued by international employers. 

A report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) shows that the education system in Canada is constantly climbing the ladder of success and rising up in the rankings.

2. Post-Study Work Permit: Canada extends plenty of job opportunities to international students. Students with a master's degree can apply for a work permit with a tenure of three years. 

3. Multi-Cultural Environment: The country promotes a welcoming and friendly environment. People from different regions and cultures provide a diverse and comfortable life to students. With 100 universities, 200 colleges, various language schools and specialized institutions, students are provided with a golden chance to get acquainted with various cultures, food, languages and people from different communities. 

4. A Safe Environment: Are you aware, Canada is listed as the sixth most peaceful country across the globe by the Globe Peace Index of 2018? 

 Canada carries some of the lowest crime rates in the world and welcomes racial diversity. Social as well as economical security plays a critical factor for most Indian students to apply for Canadian universities. 

Steps to follow for applying to Canadian universities 

1. Choose the Institution:  Determining the course and the institution where the candidate wants to study is the first step. Detailed research should be conducted to get the desired details. Always check whether the institution falls under Designated Learning Institution(DLI) or not. If an institution is registered under DLI, it means it is a trustworthy place to pursue the desired course. 

2. Prepare and submit the application:  After identifying the preferred universities or institutions, the next crucial step is to find out the requirements to get admission. 

The following points should be considered while filling in the application form:  

3. A Study Permit:  If a candidate receives acceptance from a Canadian University, applying for a study permit is the next step. A candidate can apply online or can submit a paper application to the Canadian Visa Office. 

Which are the Most Popular Degree in Canada? 

There are plenty of subjects you can study in Canada. Here are just a few of the most popular options:

- Master in Environmental Sciences

- Master in Psychology 

- Master in Computer Science 

- MBA Degrees 

Which English Tests are accepted by the top universities in Canada? 

The main English language tests accepted by top universities in Canada:

- IELTS Academic 

- PTE Academic 

- C1 Advance 


 The Intake Months for the Admissions in Canada: 

Canada attracts over 650,000 international students every year, with a majority coming from India. In recent years, there has been a huge surge in the number of applicants willing to study in Canada. Thus, with the increase in competition, it is important to note the intake months and apply on time. 

The Canada summer intake or the May intake in Canada 2023 is available only at select institutions and for limited programs, of which the majority are short-term courses, diplomas or certificates.

 Canada May intake is famous for different diploma courses. Mostly, diploma certifications and summer vocational programs are open for admissions in this particular semester.

Admission Timeline for May Intake in Canada

The last date for May intake in Canada is scheduled at the end of February or the beginning of March. It is important to check the final application deadline on the university’s website.

Here is a detailed timeline for reference:  

What are the Benefits of May Intake in Canada?

- First and foremost is the pleasant climatic condition of this season after harsh winter weather.

- Secondly, it offers interesting short-term courses and provides ample time to apply for full-time classes in the upcoming intakes. This further paves the path for a prosperous career. 

Which Courses Are Available for May Intake? 

Students can apply for: 

Arts, Languages, History, Management, Business, Environmental Sciences, Engineering and Technology and Medicine.  

Canadian Universities & Colleges Open for May 2023 Intake

Here is the list of Canadian universities and colleges open for the May 2023 intake.

-University Canada West              

- University of Windsor

- Kings University

- Lakehead University

- Mohawk College

- Fairleigh Dickinson University

- Centennial College,

- Fleming College

- Lambton College

- Georgian College

- Niagara College Canada

- Humber College

- Conestoga College

-Durham College

- Fanshawe College

- Cambrian College

- Seneca College

- Sheridan College

- Red River College

- Saskatchewan Polytechnic

- Lawrence College

An effective choice:

May intakes can be useful in choosing a better career option while pursuing one in Canada. Canam Consultancy has effectively worked and researched on the various courses that can be pursued in this intake. A potential career is the only way to a better career, and Canam can provide a one-stop solution to all the queries regarding the May Intake Programs and guide you through various career opportunities during the May Intake.


The September or Fall Intake is the most popular intake in Canada.

The average tuition fees for international students in Canada can range from CAD 16,000 to CAD 35,000 per year for undergraduate programs and from CAD 16,000 to CAD 60,000 per year for graduate programs.

Yes, there are scholarships available for the May intake in Canada. Researching and identifying the scholarship opportunities well in advance of the May intake is vital.

Yes, international students can work part-time during their studies in Canada in all three intakes.

The May intake is not very competitive. The acceptance rate of applications is relatively higher than the September or January intake.

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