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MBBS in Australia: Top Universities, Syllabus, Cost of Study, Eligibility, Scholarships & Jobs

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• This blog will highlight everything international students need to know about studying MBBS, known as Bachelor of Medicine in Australia.

• Students can learn about the universities offering the course, along with the related courses.

• Furthermore, they can also find out the cost of studying, eligibility criteria, necessary documents. scholarships, and jobs.

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Medical studies have taken the world by storm with its increasing popularity. The majority of international students prefer to study this course in Australia due to the heightened scope. While in India, this course is known as MBBS, it is called Bachelor of Medicine in Australia and is a great option for students who wish to come to Australia to advance their studies in medical science.

Australia offers a different education experience to international students, including practical learning and several other aspects, which is a popular reason why students choose to do this course in Australia. For this, they must know MBBS in Australia requirements, courses, eligibility, fee structure, and similar other things.

So, let’s go through the blog and discover all the essential information to pursue Bachelor of Medicine from Australia.

Why Study MBBS in Australia?

Students who wish to pursue a medical degree with affordable fees and high-quality education, Australia is perfect. The country offers standardised learning, various job opportunities, and professional training.

Some other common reasons for studying in Australia are as follows:

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Research-Focused OpportunitiesAustralian universities devote a lot of money to support and facilitate research projects. Their advanced equipment has made it easier for them to have profitable outcomes.
High EmployabilityThe employability rate in Australia is better than in most countries. On top of that, with its high-quality education, the chances of finding a job for international students after their degree are good.
Globally Accepted QualificationsAustralian universities prepare students for their professional lives as well by providing interactive as well as thorough degrees that are accepted by companies worldwide.
Practical ProgramsThe programs of Australian universities cover in-depth knowledge as well as industry trends to prepare students accordingly. Moreover, the program has a practical curriculum with work and vocational training.

Syllabus of MBBS in Australia 

The syllabus of MBBS programs in Australia covers topics like:

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MBBS in Australia for Indian Students

Every year, students from all across the globe come to Australia to pursue their Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). An MBBS degree entails a thorough program that combines theoretical instruction with hands-on laboratory sessions. It lasts 5-6 years and teaches students subjects like Medical Chemistry, Physiology, Microbiology, Patient Care, Surgery, Epidemiology, Medical Genetics, Oncology, Gynecology, etc.

Students with an MBBS degree can work as General Practitioners, Resident Doctors, Visiting Doctors, Medical Consultants, Teachers, Researchers, etc. Alternatively, many MBBS graduates prefer to continue their studies by enrolling in an MD program.

Universities for MBBS in Australia for International Students

Australia has some of the best universities in the world, especially for students who wish to pursue an MBBS in Australia, known as Bachelor of Medicine. To know more, read below:

UniversityMBBS CoursesDuration
James Cook UniversityBachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (Dual Degree) & Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours)5-6 Years
University of SydneyBachelor in Bioethics, Clinical Surgery, Bachelor in Clinical Neurophysiology, Bachelor in Brain and Mind Sciences4 Years
University of MelbourneClinical Training, Surgical Science, Primary Care Nursing4 Years
University of AdelaideBachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery4 Years
Australia National UniversityBachelor of Doctor of Medicine and Surgery4 Years
University of QueenslandBachelor of Doctor of Medicine4 Years
University of Western AustraliaBachelor of Doctor of Medicine4 Years
University of WollongongBachelor of Pre-Medicine, Medical and Health Sciences4 Years

Average Cost of Studying MBBS in Australia

The cost of studying for MBBS in Australia comprises several things. This includes the application fee, tuition fee, accommodation expenses, travel costs, clothing, meals, dining expenses and other miscellaneous. To know more about this, read below:

ExpensesAvg. Cost (INR)Remarks
IELTS16,000 - 17,000A language proficiency test is mandatory, and IELTS is accepted worldwide.
TOEFL16,000 - 17,000Students can also take TOEFL as Australian Universities also accept it.
GRE14,500 - 22,550GRE is required for students who wish to study in Australia for a Master’s, or a postgraduate program may take this as well.
Application Fee32,000 - 34,000Most universities don’t take application fees, but for some, it’s necessary, so students need to be prepared for it as well.
Flight Fare10,000 - 11,000The cost of studying in Australia also includes this.
Student Visa34,000 - 35,000Students need to apply for a student visa to study in Australia.
Books & Supplies2,000 - 3,000After receiving the acceptance letter, students need to buy the important study supplies and books.
Accommodation26,000 - 53,000The accommodation costs depend on the type as well as the city the student is residing in.
Transportation10,000 - 11,000Once the student has settled in Australia, they can travel through public transportation.
Health Insurance8,000 - 9,000It’s crucial for students to get health insurance to study in Australia.
Personal Expenses53,000 - 54,000This includes clothing, toiletries, and other accessories.

Eligibility to Pursue MBBS in Australia

To apply to universities in Australia, students must know the eligibility criteria beforehand. If the students don’t meet the eligibility criteria, they won’t be accepted into the institution. The eligibility criteria for Bachelor of Medicine are mentioned below:

• Student must have transcripts of the higher secondary education
• Candidate should be 17 years old at least
• Mandatory participation in UMAT (Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test) or the Universal Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT).
• NEET score is also necessary

These are the eligibility criteria to study MBBS in Australia for international students. Students must meet all the criteria to enrol successfully.

Documents Required to Apply for MBBS in Australia

To apply for MBBS in Australia, students must have some necessary documents mentioned below:

• Official documents of higher secondary and undergraduate degree
• Entrance exam scores of MCAT, UMAT, NEET, & UCAT
• Passport-size photographs
• English language proficiency tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo
• Letter of Motivation
• Copy of Birth Certificate

These are the crucial documents that students must gather beforehand to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Scholarships for MBBS Students in Australia

There are multiple scholarships available for international students. Some of them are mentioned below:

UniversitiesScholarshipsAward Amount
University of SydneySydney Achievers International Award10,000 AUD
University of MelbourneMarie SkÅ‚odowska-Curie Actions20,000 AUD to 100,000 AUD Annually for all study areas 
University of AdelaideLindsay MCWha International Accommodation Funding50% Waiver on the Accommodation Cost of the Candidate
James Cook UniversityJCU International Excellence ScholarshipTuition Fee Waiver of up to 25%
Australia National UniversityANU- Study Canberra India Scholarship10,000 AUD Annually
University of Queensland  India Global Leaders Scholarship5,000 AUD to 20,000 AUD

Job Opportunites After MBBS in Australia

MBBS is a reputed course in Australia which ensures a high employability rate. There are various job roles available for students. Some of them are mentioned below:

Job opportunities after MBBS in Australia.webp


This blog has covered all the necessary information students need to know to study MBBS in Australia. They can find universities with courses in this blog. Afterwards, they can find out the complete cost of studying abroad in Australia. From this blog, applicants can learn about the eligibility criteria and the documents required. For further assistance with the application to Australian universities, Canam Consultants is here to help.


Students can apply for undergraduate and postgraduate programs for MBBS. To apply for such programs, students must meet the eligibility criteria. The requirements for both programs are different. Students must check them out before applying.
There are several job opportunities for international students after pursuing an MBBS from Australia. It is a very promising field with great packages. Some job roles are Researcher, Writer, Scientist, Physician, Neurologist, Cardiologist, and many more.
Yes, international students can work 20 hours during their semester period. They can also work full-time during semester breaks. There are numerous jobs available for students who wish to work part-time in Australia.
NEET has become a necessity for international students who wish to study MBBS in Australia. There might be some universities that might not require students to take NEET. But, most universities require students to take a NEET exam to study MBBS.
Yes, there are multiple scholarships available for students who wish to study MBBS in Australia. To find a suitable scholarship, Canam is here. The counsellors at Canam will state scholarships that will meet the student’s eligibility.
The cost of studying medicine in Australia varies on the basis of the university and the chosen program. Generally, the tuition fee for international students ranges between AUD 250,000 to AUD 375,000 for the entire course. However, it is important to check the specific tuition fee along with other additional costs, such as living expenses and health insurance.
Indian students are required to complete 10 and +2 or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as primary subjects. Along with the academic requirements, students need to showcase their proficiency in the English language through tests like IELTS or TOEFL. Some universities also require scores from an aptitude test like UCAT, GAMSAT, or MCAT.

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