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How to Apply for University in Canada

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Canada has proved to be an ideal destination for international students providing world-class education. Several universities in Canada are ranked among some of the top global universities. The universities have a unique charm and benefits of their own. Read the blog to learn everything about applying to a Canadian university. 

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Canada is one of the top study abroad destinations in the world. Canadian Universities offer a wide range of programs and are known for their education quality. The country provides opportunity to learn about different cultures and perspectives. The relatively lower cost helps students get the best education from top pioneers in the industry. Universities and colleges, technical schools, as well as applied arts and science institutions provide a wide range of study options to consider.

With upcoming intakes, students aiming to study in Canada look forward to start their application process. The application process is the first and most important step towards the dream destination of the candidates. 

Reasons to Choose a Canadian University

Students often choose to pursue their higher studies in Canada due to its high quality of education, affordable tuition, friendly and welcoming environment, and diverse student body. The country further provides work opportunities to students who aim to settle in the country after completing the course. Canadians are known for their amicable nature. Post study job opportunity help students gain valuable international work experience and build their careers.

Choosing the Right University in Canada

Determining the course and location for study is important. One must research about the institutions they are considering. Students need to make sure to take time and properly research to choose the right university based on their preferences. 

Here are some additional tips for researching Canadian universities as an international student:

Start early: The application process for Canadian universities can be competitive, so it is important to start the research early.
Set a budget: It is essential to set a budget which could help students to make sure they can afford tuition fees and other costs.
Consider all the goals: What is the purpose to study? Where is the location of the institute? What kind of lifestyle does the student wish to have? Consider the goals and priorities when choosing a university.

Check the Eligibility Criteria

Each university has its own entrance requirement. However, good score in graduation and good academic standing are typically the minimum requirements for undergraduate study. Students should demonstrate academic and professional LORs, SOP, Resume, professional experience and related documents for specific courses.

Language Proficiency: International students must prove their proficiency to get admission in their choice of university in Canada. Most of the universities require candidates to attain a minimum score . The minimum score requirements might vary from one institution to another, but typically one must score at least 6.0 band or above in IELTS or equivalent to the score in any other language proficiency tests like PTE/ TOEFL etc. 

Required Documents to Apply to Universities

Students must provide their mark sheets and transcripts of secondary and higher secondary schooling. If the documents are not in English, it is necessary to get them translated before the submission. One might be asked to submit their degree certificates and transcripts as well. 

Some of the other application documents are: 

• Filled-in application form
• Resume or CV
• A letter of intent
• Two letters of reference (Academic or  from employers)

Application Process and Deadlines

The application process for universities in Canada might differ among provinces. In some regions, students have to directly send the application to the university of choice. It might be prudent to apply to multiple universities or programs in case the top choice doesn’t plan out. 

The most important thing to consider is the application period. Universities often provide a window of the application, which changes with institutions and intakes. That is the window when the application should be submitted. It is advisable to start preparing for the application at least eight months before the intake month. Typically, the most common intakes are Fall (September) and Winter (January). However, several universities have “rolling admissions” procedure to consider international students throughout the year.

Apply For Scholarship

Various scholarships are available for international students. It is advisable to submit scholarship applications concurrently with the chosen course application. Both university admissions and student visa applications in Canada often necessitate applicants to have already applied for scholarships. Here's a comprehensive guide to understand scholarships in Canada.

Letter Of Acceptance

Candidates will receive an acceptance letter from the university once they have been accepted. This letter is critical for students. The universities send out the official letter of acceptance one or two months after the applications have closed. 

The Final Steps

Once a candidate receives their letter of acceptance from the university, they must accept the offer on the University portal and proceed with the fee payment as suggested by the university. Student should then start their process for study permit. Students must demonstrate their financial capacity to cover the expenses to study in Canada. Additionally, one has to undergo a medical examination to confirm their good health.


Pursuing higher education in Canada is a great option for students from all over the world. Canadian universities offer a wide range of high-quality programs, a diverse student body, and a friendly and welcoming environment. The application process can be competitive, but it is important to start early and do the research. By carefully planning and preparing, students can successfully apply to Canadian universities and begin their journey to a world-class education. 

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Yes, IELTS or any acceptable English proficiency test like PTE, TEOFLE etc is essential for Canada. 
Yes, admissions are based on your academic standing. Each university will have their set requirement for every program
Yes, candidates can send application to more than one university to increase their chance of acceptance.
After receiving the letter of acceptance from the university, candidates must start their process for study permit.
The universities often provide a window of the application; applicants should ensure submitting a complete application before the set deadline.

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