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Reasons Why International Students Should Study in British Columbia

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Studying abroad is an essential milestone in a person's life, and this decision can make or break your future. Over the past few years, innumerable international students have been travelling to Canada in search of better education, employment opportunities, and an excellent standard of living. Metropolitan Canadian cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, Quebec, Ottawa, Alberta, and many others have become top student cities globally.

Canada's westernmost province, British Columbia, is the third-largest province famous for its stunning natural beauty. It is located between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Filled with nature and resplendent with lush landscapes, natural lakes, various adventures, and amazing city life. The province is an amalgamation of nature and multicultural city life. BC is also proud of three UNESCO World Heritage sites, six national wildlife parks, and over 400 recreational and conservational areas.

British Columbia houses the top universities and colleges of Canada and the world. The University of British Columbia is a stellar academic institution that ranks 51st according to the 2020 QS World Rankings. UBC is a top choice among international students due to the university's excellent educational facilities, multiple student services, stunning campus locations, and abundant placement opportunities. Several other prestigious universities in BC are:

Simon Fraser University

University of Victoria

British Columbia Institute of Technology

Thompson Rivers University

University of Fraser Valley

Vancouver Island University

University of Northern British Columbia

Along with various institutions listed above, there are numerous other accredited universities in British Columbia for international students. Along with abundant education avenues, students get plenty of options for part-time jobs, which are extremely important when studying abroad. BC ranks first in Canada's Educational Quality Assurance (EQA) list, and the provincial government leaves no stone unturned to keep the quality of post-secondary education top-notch.

British Columbia is home to numerous culturally diverse, lively cities that rank among the world's top student cities. Vancouver is the busiest, bustling city globally, often mistaken as the provincial capital by many. The city is a hub of industries and corporations. Therefore, students have numerous employment and internship opportunities for college graduates. Multiple surveys and rankings have named Vancouver the most liveable student city in the world.

Apart from top-quality educational institutions, Vancouver has excellent weather conditions compared to the rest of the country and hence, is a popular tourist hotspot. Vancouver is also home to Canada's largest seaport, and the port helps around 115,000 people seek employment, and more jobs are generated for students.

This is one of the primary reasons students wish to study and settle in Vancouver. Along with Vancouver, Victoria is another bustling, beautiful city in the provincial capital. It is a harbor city with plenty for students to see and explore. The region of BC is planning to expand its infrastructure in and around these ports to increase employability in various fields such as engineering and marine technology, port and vessel operations, logistics, and management.

Along with exceptional colleges and unending work opportunities, the thing that makes Vancouver a top choice among students is the city life and multiculturalism. The city bustles with students from all across the world, and Vancouver has job opportunities from technology and IT to art, communications, and fashion. The Vancouver International Film Festival is organized in the city for two weeks in September. One of the largest film festivals in North America, this festival is a top tourist attraction and a great learning opportunity for students studying filmmaking, digital arts, UI UX, animation, design, etc. Every year, many festivals are organized in the city, making the city attractive to students from different parts of the world.

The Medical Services Plan is another reason why British Columbia is a top choice among students. MSP offers numerous advantages to international students studying in British Columbia. MSP provides a lot of perks to students studying in BC, from transit and transport services to healthcare services. It offers emergency services and encompasses laboratory tests like x-rays, MRI, and CT scans. To top it all, MSP also provides supplementary benefits such as chiropractic and acupuncture therapy and massage therapy.

British Columbia is a curation of cultures and is home to people from worldwide. Home to students from across the globe makes it easier for students to adjust in BC and its universities due to its globally powered crowd. These facts and figures prove that British Columbia is a top destination for international students. To seek admission to top Canadian institutions in British Columbia, Get in touch with our expert counsellors who will help you transform your dream into a reality.

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