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Study in Canada - The Best Time is NOW

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Canada offers exceptional educational infrastructure, renowned universities, and diverse programs, making it a popular destination for higher education. Choosing Canada as a study abroad destination can prove to be a remarkable decision. Read the blog to understand the benefits of studying in Canada, application process, and more.

Study in Canada The Best time is NOW.webpChoosing a study abroad destination plays a vital role for international students. Canada is one of the most popular study abroad destination offering bright future to many aspirants. Students aspiring to study in Canada can expect a blend of exceptional education, rich multiculturalism, and promising prospects.
Students can immerse themselves in a welcoming society and stunning natural landscapes. Plus, post-graduation pathways like work permits and immigration options make Canada a great option for a fulfilling future. Therefore, it's clear why a multitude of individuals choose Canada as their foundation to shape their academic and personal paths through studying in Canada!

Understanding the Education System to Study in Canada

Canada prides itself as a premier education system. It offers excellent opportunities such as assistantships, on-campus job, and several financial incentives to students seeking advanced education prospects in Canada. Furthermore, students can engage in part-time while studying in Canada, and with a valid study permit, post-coursework employment opportunities become readily accessible.

Reasons to Study in Canada

Pursuing higher education in Canada helps individuals excel in today’s competitive market. Here are some reasons why studying in the Canada can be a great choice for international students:

Renowned UniversitiesCanada homes various top universities that hold worldwide recognition and esteem due to their education standards. A number of Canadian universities rank among the finest globally. Obtaining a degree from a Canadian university carriers universal recognition and is highly esteemed by employers. 
Cutting-edge teaching methodsCanadian universities employ inventive and interactive teaching techniques to enhance learning engagement and effectiveness. Universities adopt progressive and attractive teaching methodologies that empower students to acquire the essential skills and knowledge crucial for both academic success and professional advancement.
Research-focused programsEducation institutions offer a wide range of research-based programs. International students studying in Canada can get the opportunity to conduct original research under the supervision of experienced faculty members leading to publications in top academic journals. Students pursuing programs from top universities can also help in getting valuable job opportunities in the maple country.
Lively Canadian CultureInternational students can experience a vibrant lifestyle and some of the biggest festivals of Canada. Numerous entertaining events, student communities and other cultural activities ensure an engaging experience for those pursuing higher education in Canada. 
Support for international studentsCanadian universities provide a variety of support services for international students, such as English language training, academic advising, and financial assistance. The students support offered in Canada can help international students adjust to the Canadian lifestyle and succeed in their academic field.
Career opportunitiesAfter graduation, international students who have studied in Canada can apply for a work permit that allows them to stay in the country and work for up to three years. The post study job opportunity can help students gain Canadian work experience.

Application Process to Study in Canada 

Here's a structured process for applying to study in Canada with the assistance of Canam- India's prominent study-abroad consultant:

Admission RequirementsEach university sets its own admission prerequisites; which students must meet for their chosen Program in Canada. These criteria vary based on the institution and program selected, typically encompassing previous education and English language proficiency such as IELTS, PTE or TOEFL. Some programs may also necessitate work experience, making it crucial for students to review these requisites before applying.
University and Course SelectionThe subsequent step to study in Canada involves selecting a suitable university by considering aspects like accreditation, location, fees, campus placement, among others. Following this, students should opt for a program aligning with their interests.
Language Proficiency TestDepending on the program, students might need to undertake English language proficiency exams such as IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL. Non-native speakers must attain minimum scores specified by the university to demonstrate English proficiency.
Applying to UniversitiesUpon shortlisting preferred universities, it's time to reach out to them. Canam's expert counselors can assist throughout the application process to a Canadian university, ensuring its successful submission.

Requirements for International Students to Study in Canada

Canadian education unlocks a world full of academic and personal growth. Before selecting a university, there are specific requirements that need to be met to study in a Canadian University.

• Academic Transcripts
• Language Proficiency Scores
• Statement of Purpose
• Letters of Recommendation
• Gap certificate/ Experience Certificate (if any)
• Passport
• Proof of financial support

Intakes to study in Canada

IntakesAdmission Months
FallA popular intake among international students, the fall intake begins in the month of September
Winter The winter intake, starting in January, offers the best opportunity to enjoy breezy weather
SummerThe Summer intake typically commences between April and May, accessible for select programs and colleges

Choosing a Direct Authorized Agent to Study in Canada 

Pursuing higher education abroad is an exciting yet complex journey filled with choices and decisions that will shape a candidate’s future. It is an important decision for students aiming to study in Canada to select the right agent to guide them through the complicated admission process of university and colleges. While the trend often leans towards sub-agents, there is a compelling case to be made for the effectiveness of utilizing direct authorized agents for Canada. Below are some points to showcase the pivotal role of direct authorized agents:

1. Proximity to Institutions
2. Accurate and Up-to-Date Information
3. Personalized Guidance
4. Efficient Application Processes
5. Advocates for Success
6. Transparent Accountability

Tips to Study Efficiently in Canada

For international students in Canada, handling both studies and social life is important. Everyone learns at their own pace, and being all by themselves in a new place can be tough for managing studies and other activities. Here are some tips for international students to studying in Canada:

Planning AheadIt's wise to plan study sessions for lectures, experiments, and exams in advance. Starting early and understanding coursework thoroughly can build confidence for tests.
Staying OrganizedSimilar to chefs preparing ingredients, having notes and materials ready beforehand streamlines studying and avoids last-minute rushes for information.
Setting a SchedulePrioritizing study time by scheduling it in and segmenting subjects helps maintain focus while balancing other activities.
Seeking AssistanceEncouraging students to seek guidance from professors or peers when uncertain about course content fosters understanding. Joining study groups aids in discussion and campus socialization.
Managing StressPlanning time effectively minimizes exam-related stress. Breaks, music, and strategic revision techniques can alleviate anxiety.
Utilizing College ResourcesInstitutions often offer support services like international student centers and counseling, aiding students in managing stress and academic challenges.

Planning ahead smartly ensures things align with one’s intentions, saving both effort and time and can prove to be beneficial while studying in Canada.


Having explored every critical aspect of studying in Canada, one might feel a mix of excitement and nerves. International students can access post-study work permits for career growth. Choosing a direct authorized agent to study in Canada is the best way to ensure that a candidate gets the best possible service and support. Make the smart choice and unlock a promising future with India’s most trusted study abroad consultant – Canam.


Yes, Universities and colleges in Canada offer various scholarships to international students.
Majority of students apply during the September Intake. However, students can also apply during the January and May Intake.
Candidates must prove their English language skills to pursue higher studies in Canada.
If a student is planning to study at undergraduate or postgraduate level in Canada, it is likely that they will be required to present their IELTS result as part of the application.
Do research on the agent’s past records and reputation. Look for reviews from people who have worked with them.

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