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Scholarships in Germany for International Students

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  • Germany welcomes more than 4 lakh international students to pursue their higher education in the country
  • Germany offers many scholarships for Indian students to encourage them to realize their study abroad dreams
  • While Germany is an affordable destination for international students, scholarships can help cover tuition, living expenses, and travel.

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For international students looking to pursue their higher education abroad, Germany is known as one of the most affordable study destinations. Its credible and affordable education system and excellent infrastructure have made it the first choice for many students. However, the cost of studying in Germany can be a significant hurdle. Therefore, a wide range of scholarships in Germany are available to support students in their financial decisions. 

This comprehensive guide discusses the various scholarship opportunities available for Indian students in Germany. Students can utilize these to cover the cost of studying and living in Germany.

Reasons to Study in Germany with Scholarship

Studying in Germany is a fantastic opportunity for international students. They can choose from a wide range of courses offered by premium universities. The education system of Germany  is popular amongst international students for the following reasons: 

Established UniversitiesColleges and universities in Germany are globally known for their high-quality education. Employers across the globe acknowledge students who earn a degree from German institutes.
StabilityGermany’s belief in inclusive education aids the economy and well-being of the nation. This ensures stability for international students who hope to establish careers in Germany.
Focus on ResearchInternational students have the opportunity to participate in original research under the supervision of experienced faculty. This leads to many job opportunities and publications in research journals.
Part-Time Work OpportunitiesInternational students can work part-time to cover the cost of living in Germany. Students must have a valid study permit.
Cost of LivingThe low cost of living in Germany makes it a desirable study-abroad destination for international students. While a majority of their expenses would be on renting, international students can prepare a budget for expenses such as travel, food, phone, internet, leisure activities, and their study materials.

Types of Scholarships to Study in Germany

When contemplating how to fund their studies in Germany, international students can explore several scholarship sources. Given below is the breakdown of the main categories of scholarships in Germany for Indian students while studying there:


Government Scholarships in Germany

These scholarships are funded directly by the German Government and target specific study programs or nationalities. A prominent example is DAAD, which offers various funding opportunities for international students across all disciplines. These scholarships cover tuition fees, living expenses, and health insurance.

DAAD Scholarship

Offered by the German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD Scholarship Germany supports international students who wish to study in Germany. The organization offers more than 200 scholarships and funding options to international students. The DAAD scholarship is fully funded in Germany and awarded to international students enrolled in a full-time course of study with mandatory attendance. Fully funded DAAD scholarships in Germany are available to international students planning to pursue their bachelor’s and master’s degrees.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Indian Citizenship
  • Excellent academic record
  • Relevant work experience
  • Proficiency in the English language through test scores of IELTS or TOEFL

Scholarship Amount (Approximate, in EURO) 
  • 800 - 1200 per month

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees

Erasmus Scholarships are awarded to Indian students under the Erasmus+ program. This European Union initiative supports education, training, youth, and sport across the European continent. The program focuses on vocational education and training to enhance cultural understanding, international cooperation, and personal development. With Erasmus+ funding, Indian students can pursue Master’s degrees in Europe. 

Eligibility Criteria
  • Indian candidate with a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent
  • An excellent academic record
  • Proficiency in English language through test scores of TOEFL
  • The applicant must also meet programme-specific criteria
  • Relevant Work Experience

  • Total Tuition Fee
  • Travel Allowance
  • Health Insurance

Connect with Canam to learn more about Government-funded scholarships for Indian students in Germany.

Private Scholarships in Germany

These scholarships play a significant role in supporting international students. They have specific eligibility criteria and focus areas, often related to a foundation’s mission. Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarship is one such privately funded financial support for Indian students. It supports students who demonstrate exceptional political and social commitment. These scholarships often provide financial support beyond tuition fees. They include mentorship programs, networking opportunities, and international placements.

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Scholarships

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) is a Master’s scholarship in Germany for international students. This scholarship reflects the KAS foundation’s core values of democracy, freedom, and social responsibility. Indian students who demonstrate strong leadership potential, with a commitment to social justice and a desire to contribute positively on a global scale, can apply for the scholarship.  

Eligibility Criteria
  • Indian candidate with a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent
  • A good academic record
  • Proof of German language skills (B 2)
  • The applicant should be actively involved in voluntary work
  • They must possess a distinct interest in political issues
  • Stipend divided in monthly instalments
  • Part of the network and seminar
  • Family allowance

Connect with Canam to know more about the Private Scholarships for Indian students in Germany. 

University-Specific Scholarships in Germany

Many universities in Germany offer scholarships directly to their student population. These scholarships can be related to specific academic programs or research areas. They can range from full tuition waivers to partial funding for living expenses. Indian students must research the scholarships offered by the universities they are applying to. Doing so will help them budget their studies in Germany systematically.

Merit Scholarship – Lancaster University Leipzig

Applicants enrolled in the first year at Lancaster University Leipzig are eligible for a merit-based scholarship. Students are automatically considered for the scholarship. 

Eligibility CriteriaStrong academic performance in high school or equivalent qualification
Benefits€ 2,000 in the first year of study at the university

Cultural Diversity Scholarship – University of Europe for Applied Sciences

Indian students looking for scholarships to study in Germany can also consider the University of Europe for Applied Sciences. One of the scholarships offered by the university is the Cultural Diversity Scholarship. This scholarship is aligned to provide education for the most diverse group of students at the University. The scholarship is open to all applicants for all programs offered at the university. Below is the Eligibility Criteria for cultural diversity scholarships:

Eligibility Criteria
  • Indian nationals enrolled in the university for a Bachelor’s or Master’s program
  • Demonstrate academic excellence through previous transcripts and standardised test scores
  • Strong commitment to cultural diversity and international understanding
  • 50% on the tuition fee

Connect with Canam to know more about university offered scholarships to study in Germany.

Subject-Specific Scholarships

These scholarships cater to students enrolled in German universities to pursue a particular academic program. They are often funded by organisations, foundations, or universities. These scholarships encourage talented students to pursue a particular subject or research in a specific discipline. The Helmut Schmidt Master’s Scholarship for Public Policy and Good Governance is one such subject-specific scholarship offered to study in Germany.

Students interested in availing of fully funded scholarships in Germany can connect with the expert consultants at Canam. 

How to Get Scholarship to Study in Germany

With many scholarship opportunities available for international students to study in Germany, students must adhere to the following:

  • Students must apply to more than one scholarship
  • They must collect all required documents and apply well before the deadline
  • Their scholarship essay must be well-written without grammatical errors
  • The scholarship application form must showcase their academic and co-curricular achievements
  • Students must seek guidance from expert counsellors, such as study abroad consultants to stay updated with deadlines and scholarship opportunities they are eligible for.


Scholarships in Germany open doors for Indian students to pursue their study abroad dreams at premium universities without facing an overwhelming financial burden. With a multitude of scholarships available, students are sure to find an award that aligns with their academic backgrounds. These scholarships encourage Indian students in Germany to focus on their personal growth and studies. Scholarships are a type of financial aid that extends beyond tuition fees to study in colleges and universities of Germany.  Many scholarships cover the cost of living in Germany along with the cost of accommodation and stationery for the students. These scholarships are instrumental in making Germany an accessible country for international students. Students looking for fully funded scholarships to study in Germany can get their profile assessed by the experts at Canam Consultants today.


Though education is majorly free of cost at public universities in Germany, international students can avail scholarships to cover their cost of living in Germany Education in the country. Scholarship can also cover stationary, health insurance, and the cost of travelling for educational purposes.
Students can find scholarships to study in Germany by searching online databases and checking the websites of their desired universities. Students can also get in touch with the expert study abroad consultants at Canam. With their assistance, students can streamline their scholarship research.
The application process for scholarships to study in Germany depends on each scholarship. Generally, international students must follow the following process:

  • Submit an application form
  • Include academic transcripts and standardised test scores
  • Write a personal statement or essay
  • Submit at least 3 letters of recommendation
  • Submit all required documents within the deadline.
Indian students considering a scholarship to study in Germany must take care of the following:

  • Ensure that the funding will cover all expenses of the student while pursuing their studies in Germany.
  • Assess the requirements carefully to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria
  • Students must shortlist scholarships that align with their chosen program and research interests.
  • Students must be mindful of the application procedure for their chosen scholarship along with the deadlines for each step.
Most of the scholarships for Indian students to study in Germany cover their tuition fees, along with stationary costs and the cost of living in Germany. Each scholarship offers unique coverage. Students must thoroughly research the details before applying for a scholarship.
In order to qualify for a scholarship in Germany, students must be enrolled full time in an eligible bachelor’s or master’s programs at colleges and universities of Germany. Depending on their academic profile and financial requirements, students can be eligible for government, university-specific, private, and subject-specific scholarships.

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