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Germanys Most Popular Jobs

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When it comes to well-educated scientists, philosophers, psychologists, and economists, Germany has been at the top for centuries. It is worth mentioning that Marxism was born in Germany and conceived by Karl Marx. If we talk about Sociology, then Max Webber, another famous sociologist is known as the father of Sociology.

Who can forget about Sigmund Freud, a famous psychologist who changed the dynamics of the subject and its relativity in various other subjects like in English literary criticism? What about Albert Einstein, a world-renowned theoretical physicist who developed the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics? He also gave the worlds most famous equation, E = mc2. German has also given innumerable philosophers and thinkers such as Carl Jung, Immanuel Kant, Ludwig Feuerbach, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jrgen Habermas, and many more. In addition to all of this rich history, Germany is also home to some of the biggest car companies in the world including, Volkswagen, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, AUDI to name a few.

Now when you see that Germany has produced some of the most credible work that is being valued all around the world and has established itself as a nucleus of all the major ideas, then obviously you would also inspire you to study in Germany. We have seen how Germany has rightfully earned the name of Land of Ideas. If you are planning to study in Germany then it is vital to know the job aspects. Let us see the top job sectors in Germany and what professions qualify for them.

Health Sector

There is no doubt that getting into medical programs in Germany is really tough, but finding a job in the health sector is relatively very easy. There has been an extensive demand in this sector because of the wide gap created by the shortage of medical doctors in the field. So, if you are planning to study medicine in Germany, and then trust us, finding a job once you graduate will be an easy task. Make sure you get enrolled in a top university or college in Germany. Also, get a great hold of The German language.

Mechanical and Automotive Sector

Germany is famous for its automobile industry and is a leading exporter of automobiles in the world. Mercedes, AUDI, BMW, Porsche, are some of Germanys finest, marked by innovation, and excellent German Engineering. In addition to these, the country also boasts an excellent number of small and medium run manufacturing units. These units are in a constant need of fresh talent, hence creating jobs for young professionals in the sector. If you want to find suitable, high-paying jobs in this sector, then you need to have a masters degree in Mechanical or Automotive Engineering. It is worth noting that the Mechanical and Plant Engineering sector in Germany is worth billion dollars and are known as the leader in their world.

Electrical and Electronics Industry

Electrical and Electronics Industry is the second largest contributor to Germanys GDP. The main point to note here is that this sector continues to be a robust exporter and exports to industrial nations across the world. If you want a job in this industry, then you have to do a masters in electric engineering or a PhD from a top University or College in Germany. After it, you will have good prospects of finding a suitable job in this industry.

Information Technology and Telecommunications

Germany holds a key share in the IT and telecommunications sector and digitization in this sector promises a further expansion. Also, a major chunk of Germanys GDP comes from this sector. Therefore, if you also want to be a part of IT and telecommunications, then studying masters in IT holds big prospects for you in Germany.

In the nutshell, professionals with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) continue to be in high demand in Germany. Some of the top universities and colleges in Germany are:

  • University of Applied Sciences Europe
  • SRH Hochschule Berlin
  • Lancaster University Leipzig
  • IUBH University of Applied Science
  • Berlin School of Business and Innovation

Therefore, studying Engineering in Germany is the right decision that can open immense opportunities for professionals. If you also want to study in Germany, then visit the Canam website and our expert counselors will guide you throughout the process.

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