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Part-Time Jobs in Germany for International Students

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As an international student, studying abroad can be extremely expensive. So, that’s why students are allowed to work part-time. This gives the students some help to handle their day-to-day costs effectively. There are numerous job roles available for international students in Germany. They just need to know the appropriate places to find a suitable job.

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Studying abroad is an experience of a lifetime, incorporating distinct incidents and events. Students are advised to work part-time to make this adventure even more worthwhile. Part-time jobs in Germany for international students are highly common. This helps student cover their living as well as other everyday expenses. However, finding an appropriate job can be difficult when students have no prior experience or knowledge whatsoever.

When relocating to another country, it’s never clear how much expenditure there will be. There are several substantial costs, such as rent, groceries, projects, etc. To survive easily in another land can be challenging, so some extra cash is always helpful.  However, before finding a job, there are some things every student must know.

Read the blog to learn in brief detail what students need to know about working part-time.

Can International Students Work Part-Time?

Let’s start with the most important question; whether international students can work part-time. Almost all EU/EEA countries offer great job opportunities to students. Students from the EU can work up to 20 hours per week during the semester. Additionally, students from outside of the EU can work 120 full days or 240 half days. Every country allows international students to work part-time in Germany.

Rules & Restrictions for Part-Time Job in Germany for International Students

All international students not from the EU/EEA need to follow some rules. Along with that, there are some restrictions that students need to uphold strictly. These are as follows:

• International students can only work 120 full days or 240 half days a year.
• Moreover, students aren’t allowed to be self-employed or freelance.
• If any student wishes to work longer, they must get permission from the local employment agency.
• International students who are in a language course or a preparatory course need to get permission to work from the Immigration Office and Federal Employment Agency.

These are some rules and restrictions that students need to keep in mind. Let’s discuss how to find part-time jobs in Germany for Indian students.

How to Find Part-Time Jobs in Germany for International Students?

A job opportunity can show up anywhere and anytime. The key here is to keep an eye on all types of job portals. Some other places where students can find part-time jobs in Germany are mentioned below:

The UniversityStudents can find numerous jobs at their university only. The research assistant position is pretty much for international students that can be found at the university. You can check either the bulletin board or the university’s website for any recent jobs.
Career Centres of the UniversityThe career centres are highly inclined towards helping students. So, students can also refer them for any job opportunities. Such centres have links with industries and employers and help students find suitable jobs.
ConnectionsAnother way to find a good job is through friends and acquaintances. Most of the time, students get a job through a referral or a recommendation. When others know the student’s job search, they might also keep an eye on it.
Job PortalsJob portals are also another convenient way of finding a job. There are many job applications posted online. Such platforms make it very easy for students to apply and find a job. This also informs the applicant whether they are suitable for the job or not.

These are some ways through which students can acquire a job quickly. Now, let’s go through the types of job roles available for international students.

Job Opportunities Available for International Students in Germany

An abundant of part-time jobs in Germany for English speakers and international students. Some on-campus and off-campus jobs are mentioned below:

JobsJob Roles
On-Campus• Tutorial Assistant
• Research Assistant
• Library Supervisor
Off-Campus• Waiter/Waitress
• Bartender
• Babysitters
• Courier
• Tutors
• Trade Fairs
• Cashier

How much Students Get Paid for Part-Time Jobs?

The student jobs in Germany for Indian students pay just enough to cover some expenses. It’s not enough to cover all the living expenses of the students. The minimum wage for students is 9.60 Euros per hour. This is generally modified once after every two years. Usually, students earn up to 10 to 15 Euros per hour in Germany.

Many factors affect the pay of a student, such as the skills and qualifications of the student. Some industries offer more than the minimum wage, and some only offer the minimum. The city of the student also has a significant impact on the earnings of the students.

Benefits of Working Part-Time in Germany

Working part-time helps students manage their expenses and their tuition fees while studying in Germany , but it also comes with other benefits. Some other conveniences of part-time jobs are as follows:

Benefits of working part time in Germany.webp

These are some expected benefits of part-time jobs in Germany for Indian students. It’s recommended to every international student to opt for a part-time job.


This blog has covered all the primary information for part-time jobs in Germany for International students. While looking for a job, students must keep the rules and restrictions in their mind. Students can also find out the minimum wage and the benefits of a part-time job from this blog. To get more information on this, connect with the expert counsellors at Canam or visit the website to explore education options.


Working students earn up to 450 EUR per month. However, if students make more than that on a regular basis, they need to apply for a tax number. Some chunk of your pay will be deducted. But, students can apply for a tax return at the end of the year.
Yes, students can work full-time during spring, winter, summer, and other breaks. During this time, students don’t have any restrictions to work limited hours. 
Yes, students must have a valid student or a resident visa to work part-time. This includes acceptance in an identified institute, health insurance, tax ID number, and job offer letter. These are some necessary documents to work part-time.
No, students aren’t required to have a work permit for a part-time job in Germany. Their registered course grants them some liberty to work part-time. However, students must keep in mind that they can only work within a particular set of limitations.
Yes, students are entitled to paid holidays and vacations, just like any other employee. In case the students are sick, they can take a leave. Students who work five days a week will get 20 days a year. Furthermore, workers under 18 get more off-days than others.

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