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How Much Does it Cost to Study in Germany?

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Studying abroad for Indian students is considered an expensive means of acquiring world-class qualifications which is why most of the parents have this question in their mind that how much will it cost if they send their children to study abroad. If you are planning to study in European countries, then Germany is the country that is quite affordable. There are changes that are taking place in the educational policies of Germany but currently, the tuition fee is quite low and it is considered an attractive option for prospective students. Germany has also been ranked as the fourth most popular destination for international students. Your study in Germany as an international student will not cost you much as in 2014, the 16 states of Germany stopped charging tuition fees for undergraduate students. This rule was applicable to all public German universities. However, there are other costs involved but as far as it is about the tuition fee, you will be studying for free in Germany. In the last year, the Baden-Wrttemberg state started charging tuition fee and it is possible that other states will follow the same procedure. So if you are planning to study in Baden-Wurttemberg you will have to pay tuition fees of 3,000 per year. Other than the tuition fee, students are required to pay for enrolment, confirmation, and administration. Depending on each university, all of this costs around 300 per semester. Most of the universities in Germany are public but if you are considering a private institute then the tuition fee for an undergraduate degree may vary from 18,000 - 20,000 per year. Master degree for international students at public universities may be around 20,000 per year and at private institutes, it may be up to 30,000. Along with the university education cost, your monthly expenses will include rent, food, transportation, medical costs, and recreation costs. The monthly expenses can range from 800-850 depending upon the university, location, and lifestyle. Hence, if you are considering Germany as your next study abroad destination than we recommend you to contact Canam Consultants Ltd to know more about how much it can exactly cost to Study in Germany.

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