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Cost of Living in Germany for International Students

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To prepare for studying in Germany, there are several things that a student needs to know. This covers the entire cost of living, which includes transportation, rent, health insurance, etc. Read the blog for detailed information on the expenses.

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Whenever a student decides to study abroad, the first thought that crosses their mind is the complete cost. The total cost of living and studying abroad causes excessive worry and stress among students and their families. However, this is not the case in Germany, as the cost of living in Germany for Indian students is lower as compared to other countries.

Studying in Germany as an international student comes with multiple benefits. Students aspire to pursue their higher education in other countries. However, after finding out the complete cost, students almost cancel their plans or the expense becomes the root cause of their anxiety. But with proper planning, students can manage their expenses well.

So, let’s read this blog and discover the monthly living cost in Germany for international students.

Living expenses of Private and Public Universities

The primary cost that any student or parent is curious about is the tuition fee. The total tuition fees for studying in Germany vary on different factors. Some significant factors are the city, university, course, and the field the student has chosen. However, it’s nothing to worry about, as it’s pretty reasonable. The average cost of studying in Germany ranges between 10,000 EUR to 35,000 EUR.

Moreover, according to the German government's rules and regulations, government institutions and state higher institutes have a zero tuition policy for international students. This policy has a considerable impact on the living cost in Germany for Indian students. Now, students can study in Germany for free. Only private universities charge international students but at a reasonable price. The tuition fee ranges from 10,000 EUR to 40,000 EUR.

Types of Living Expenses for International Students in Germany

The living expenses in Germany for international students also depend on several factors. Mainly, the living cost varies according to the accommodation type the student has chosen. The types of living expenses with average monthly expenditure are mentioned below:

Types of ExpensesMonthly Expenses
Rent 400 - 1,000 EUR
Food & related charges50 - 150 EUR
Shopping50 - 200 EUR
Medical expenses70 - 220 EUR
Transportation30 - 90 EUR

Keep in mind that the costs are not definite; they differ from city to city, and after some time, the costs are bound to fluctuate.

Average Cost of Living in Germany for International Students (City-wise)

As mentioned earlier, the monthly living cost in Germany for international students changes depending on the city. So, this section will cover the living cost according to the city. The monthly rent for student accommodation of each town is as follows:

German CityMonthly Rent (In EUR)


 550 - 600
Augsburg620 - 700
Berlin 800 - 900
Bochum450 - 550
Bonn700 - 800
Cologne750- 850
Dresden550 - 650
Frankfurt900 - 950
Hamburg850 - 900
Leipzig550 - 600 
Mainz600 - 700
Munich1,100- 1,500
Stuttgart900 - 1,000

Transportation Expenses

Students must also know the transportation costs as they will have to travel a lot. The transportation expenses are as follows:

Mode of TransportationAverage Cost (In EUR)
Taxi4 – 5 (per day)
Bus70 - 80 (per month)
Train20 - 60 (per day)

Health Insurance Expenses

The cost of living in Germany for international students also includes health insurance. Students must have health insurance to obtain their study visa in Germany successfully.  There are two types of health insurance for students:

Public Health InsurancePrivate Health Insurance
70 - 80 EUR (per month)400 - 500 EUR (per month)

Financial Aid for International Students

Students who struggle with paying their tuition fees have numerous options available to them. Along with this, international students can avail of various discounts and offers quickly. Read more about this below:

financial aid for international students.webp

ScholarshipsStudents who face financial issues can apply for scholarships. There are many scholarships in Germany available for international students. To avail it, students need to meet the eligibility criteria. 
Part-time Jobs in GermanyInternational students also have the option to work part-time to manage their expenses well. Multiple on-campus and off-campus jobs are accessible to students. Teacher’s assistants, waiters, bartenders, and similar job profiles are available for international students in Germany. 
Student DiscountsApart from this, special discounts are available for students on clothes, devices, and other utilities. They can make the most of these opportunities accordingly and save appropriately. 
Transportation CardsStudents who travel on a daily basis via bus can apply for a transportation card. This is another excellent way to save money on daily transportation. 
Occasional SalesEurope is known for its seasonal sales in different stores. This will allow the students to shop freely and at a reasonable price without any worry.


This blog has covered everything a student needs to know about the cost of living in Germany for international students. Students can find information regarding expenses such as tuition fees, rent, transportation, and health insurance. Once they know the complete cost, they can prepare accordingly and arrange the funds so they do not face any issues later. Need help with your Germany admission process? The expert team of Canam is one tap away.


Yes, studying in Germany is cheaper than other countries for international students. Students can study in universities with free tuition fees. This is mainly for public institutions. If they want to study in private universities, the cost is almost the same as pursuing higher education in India.
There are many affordable leisure activities in Germany for international students. They can attend free cultural events, explore parks and natural beauties, join student clubs, go on hikes and bike rides, and do other similar things. There are various places to explore in a new country.
The cheapest cities in Germany for international students are Leipzig, Bochum, Jena, Berlin, and Dresden. In these cities, students will have the minimum expenses compared to other cities. However, if they find the costs too much, there are several financial aids available for them.
Students must have an offer or acceptance letter from a registered institute to apply for a German student visa. Along with this, they must have a passport, proof of sufficient financial funds, health insurance, and a complete visa application form. 
The average monthly cost of living in Germany differs on several factors. It highly depends on the student's chosen city and their accommodation type. On average, the monthly living cost in Germany ranges between 842 EUR and 900 EUR. 

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