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Navitas Group - Lancaster University Overview

About Navitas
Navitas is a leading global education provider that has helped generations of learners transform their lives through education. We create life-changing opportunities to learn by delivering an extensive range of educational services to over 60,000 aspirational students across our global network each year.

About Lancaster University
Studying with Lancaster is about more than just a qualification. We want you to leave university with the skills and confidence you need for the future you want. Lancaster University Leipzig is a branch campus of Lancaster University in the UK, and the courses we provide are identical to their counterparts in the UK. 

Accessibility on campus
Our Lancaster University Leipzig campus is designed with accessibility in mind, ensuring that all individuals have equal opportunities to navigate and engage with the university environment. Wheelchair users will find our campus fully accessible, with  elevators, and wide doorways available in all key areas, including lecture halls, library, student learning zone and student lounge. We have accessible restrooms to accommodate diverse needs. We have also implemented inclusive technology solutions, such as captioning and assistive listening systems, to ensure that students with hearing impairments can actively participate in lectures and discussions. Additionally, our campus fosters a culture of inclusivity, offering resources and support services provide assistance when needed. By continuously striving to improve accessibility, we aim to create an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and pursue their academic aspirations without barriers.

Global rankings
Although you’ll study in Leipzig, you’ll earn the same degree as students studying at the Lancaster University campus. This means you can apply to any postgraduate programme in Germany, the UK or any other country in the world.  

Lancaster University degrees are globally recognised for their excellence, and some of the University’s accolades include:  

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EUR 17250-17250


EUR 23500-23500


University Facts

Established in 2020

Programmes 29 Available

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