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Job interview tips for international students

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Job interviews tips for international students are always nerve-wracking no matter what, but there are some things that students can do to ease themselves and prepare in advance for their interview. This blog contains some easy-to-follow tips that students/ candidates can use to navigate their interview to a positive path and increase their chances of getting hired. Learn how the candidate can leave a good impression on the recruiter.

Job interview tips for international students.webpJob interview tips for international students can be beneficial as, for most students, the main goal behind pursuing a field of study and getting their graduation degree is to land a high-paying job. It is crucial, as a good job will ultimately help them sustain a good quality of life or repay their student loans. 

Looking and applying for a job is easy, though cracking their interview sessions and getting hired is where all the years of hard work come into play. It is normal to get anxious and mess up, but how to recover from the setback and woo the hiring manager is a play of the clever. In this blog, read some fantastic job interview tips for international students to get hired by the company of their choice.

Why candidate must prepare for the interview?

Some students may be under the delusion that during an interview, only their knowledge and skills will be taken into consideration, which is not entirely true. Although it's true that the candidate's knowledge and skills are what matters the most, there are many other factors that add to the candidate's chances of getting hired. 

For example- Let's assume two students with the exact same experience, knowledge and skills applied for a single post. One showed up in a proper formal outfit, and the other came in trousers and a loose T-shirt. Who will get hired? Chances are the first candidate will get hired. Sometimes, the candidate's personality and how they carry themselves also play an essential role.

Similarly, there are many other things that should be kept in mind while applying for a job and attending an interview. That’s why it’s important to know abroad job interview tips to clear an interview and that's what this blog will talk about; now, on to the main topic:

How to prepare for a job interview

Given below are proper steps on how to prepare for an interview:

Research about the company

Learn and thoroughly understand what a company does, as most of the time, the hiring manager asks whether the candidate knows about the company. Not having a proper answer to that question can leave a poor impression on the hiring manager.

Understand the services the company offers

As mentioned above, knowing what the company offers to its clients can help during the hiring process. It is one of the most important job seeking tips for international students as not knowing the basics of the company can give off a wrong impression to the recruiter.

Research about the job position and responsibilities

The candidate must know the job position they are applying for and the responsibilities that come with it.

Learn how to respond to basic questions

Learn how to charmingly answer even the basic questions like your introduction and background.

Prepare questions for the interviewer

Prepare a short list of questions the candidate can ask during and after the interview to make the session more conversational.

Job interview tips for international students

Job interview.webp 

Talk at a calm and steady pace.

During an abroad job interview, it is normal to get nervous and talk at a fast pace, which often makes it difficult for the interviewer to follow along. It also gives off a non-professional vibe and a lack of confidence. This further makes it look like the candidate is not skilled or knowledgeable enough to counter the interviewer calmly. 

Showcase transferable skills

Transferable skills or soft skills can become the candidate's most significant asset as these skills can help them get the job even if they don't have any direct experience in the job position. Candidate can highlight how they can use their soft skill within the role to benefit the company. 

Dress appropriately

The saying that goes like "The first impression is the last impression" is true especially in case of an interview. Within 5 seconds of the candidate's appearance, the interviewer may make an impression on whether they want to hire the candidate. Dressing for the occasion in proper formal attire with a clean hairstyle can leave an excellent first impression on the recruiter. 

Make the interview engaging

An example of a bland and forgettable interview is the one that only goes one way. If the interview is not engaging for the recruiter, it's possible that they will quickly forget it, and there goes all the hard work. That's why it's crucial that students prepare questions in advance to ask the interviewer and make the session more engaging and unforgettable.

Here are samples of some of the questions that you can ask in an interview:

• What are your expectations and day-to-day responsibilities of this job?
• Can you describe the culture of the company?
• How much training is involved in this position?
• What are the future goals of this organisation?
• What is the best thing about the company, according to you?

Break that language barrier

Frequently, the main issue that the interviewer has with international students is their concern with the language barrier. It’s normal to have this fear of discrimination even as the student study abroad. It is normal to feel anxious about the language barrier, but it is essential to understand that the candidate is hired mainly on the basis of their education and skills. So, being confident and answering their questions as calmly and correctly as possible is enough to do the trick. 


Abroad job interviews can be pretty nerve-wracking and challenging, but confidence is the key. Universities thoroughly prepare their students to land a high-paying job, so trust in the process and avoid committing silly mistakes to crack an interview effortlessly. Moreover, don't get disheartened if not selected and take it as an experience to do even better in the next interview. The tips mentioned in this blog can be of great help, so keep them in mind and try to be as confident as possible. To study abroad in the university of choice, students can consider reaching out to Overseas education consultants.

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Here are some of the tips that the student can consider when preparing for an interview:

• Talk at a calm and steady pace
• Showcase transferable skills
• Dress for the occasion
• Make the interview engaging
Making an interview more engaging is essential for getting hired. Candidates can do that by asking interesting questions and turning the interview into more of a conversation.
Asking questions during an interview can help to increase the quality of the session by a far stretch. Here are some of the questions that students can consider:

• What are your expectations and day-to-day responsibilities of this job?
• Can you describe the culture of the company?
• How much training is involved in this position?
• What are the future goals of this organisation?
• What is the best thing about the company, according to you?
Applicants can consider meditation, breathing exercises and other mind-calming activities to calm their nerves before the interview.
Once the candidate gets their rejection email, it is essential to thank the recruiter and staff for their time and consideration and then ask for the recruiter's feedback on their profile. The recruiter can give valuable insights on what the candidate needs to improve and why they got rejected.

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