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1 Year Master's Programs in Canada

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1-year master’s program in Canada is great for students who wish to pursue their higher studies and advance their career as quickly as possible. Canada has many universities that offer various 1-year master's programs that students can choose from, including fields like engineering, computer science, healthcare, etc. This blog contains all the information a student might require to make their study abroad dream come true. Students can also consider the universities and programs mentioned in the blog to decide.

1-Year-Masters-Programs-in-Canada.webpCanada is a destination for many international students, especially for their 1-year master's program. 1-year master's programs offer a quick way for students to get their master's degree and upscale their skills. Having a degree in 1-year master's program from Canada provides students with faster entry into the job market. International students from all across the globe are attracted to Canada due to its ethnically diverse and multicultural community, good quality of life and excellent education system.

Why choose 1-year master's program in Canada?

Canada has become a popular destination for international students due to their high quality of education and ease of living. Also, Canada is known for their diversity in culture and warm, welcoming nature towards foreigners. There are many universities and colleges that offer great 1-year master's programs in Canada.

Here are some reasons why Canada is a priority destination for many international students:

Easy to adapt: Canada is teaching more than 85,000 international students in 2023, which is only increasing. The significant number of international students makes it easier for new students to settle there and adapt. 
High-quality education: Canadian universities emphasise essential parts of learning such as research, training, and innovation. Such high quality education is the reason why canadian education system is considered the best in the world. 
Affordability: Canada offers affordable study options to students compared to the UK and the USA. 
World-renowned universities: Many Canadian universities are on the list of top 100 universities in the world according to world rankings.
Work permit: International students can easily avail of a work permit in Canada, which helps them to continue their studies and sustain a quality lifestyle without any worries. It also allows students to gain work experience and increase their chances of employment and permanent residency. 

1 Year Masters Programs in Canada- Universities and Programs

1-year master's programs in Canada are the go-to courses for international students who want to pursue their higher education in a foreign country. That is because the 1-year master's programs in Canada offer in-depth knowledge on different subjects and prepare their students to work efficiently in the real world. Canadian universities are well-recognised all around the globe, and consequently, their degrees are also accepted by many countries. Students can use these 1-year master's programs to easily upscale their skills, gain exceptional knowledge, earn experience, boost their careers and increase their probability of getting hired against their competition.

Here is a list of some Universities and the 1 Year Masters Programs in Canada. Students can consider these universities while applying for University in Canada:

Trinity Western University - Langley CampusExecutive Master of Business Administration
University of Manitoba - Fort Garry CampusMaster of Finance
Crandall UniversityMaster of Organizational Management
University of New Brunswick - Fredericton CampusMaster in Quantitative Investment
Memorial University of Newfoundland - St. JohnsMaster of Applied Science in Energy Systems Engineering 
Dalhousie UniversityMaster of Arts in Economics
Lakehead University - Thunder Bay CampusMaster of Science in Computer Science
Nipissing UniversityMaster of Arts in History

1 Year Masters Programs in Canada- Eligibility Criteria

Students must qualify for the university's criteria list to be eligible for admission to their program. Here are some general criteria that every student has to follow:

Bachelor's Degree: Applicants must have a bachelor's degree.
English Language Proficiency Test Scores: Applicants must meet the minimum requirement for test scores in English language proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE etc.
Work Experience: Some universities ask for relevant work experience of a minimum of 1-2 years.
Student Visa: Once students get their acceptance letter from the university of their dreams, they can apply for their Canada study visa.

1 Year Masters Programs in Canada- Documents Required

Given below is the list of documents that an applicant must submit to get admission to one of the 1-year courses in Canada for international students:

• Complete application form
• Resume
• Academic Transcripts
• GRE Scores, if mentioned by the university
• Proof of Identity
• Bank Statements

1 Year Masters Programs in Canada- Career opportunities

Canada has abundant job opportunities, and the jobs are well paid even at the beginner's level. Here are some career options that students can consider after completing their 1 Year Masters Programs in Canada:

JobSalary range in CAD (Approx.)
Business Analyst$50,000 - $90,000 (Approx.)
Software Developer$55,000- $112,000
Healthcare Manager$45,000 -$120,000
Environmental Consultant$56,000 -$90,000
Civil Engineer$56,000 -$90,000
Data Analyst$60,000 -$120,000
Policy Analyst$50,000 -$96,000
Public Relations Specialist$45,000 -$120,000

1 Year Masters Programs in Canada- Work Permit

After completing the 1-year master's Program in Canada, candidates can stay in Canada and take up full-time work to earn experience and apply their knowledge to real-world situations. Students get a 1-year work permit in Canada after completing the 1-year master's program. The duration can change for students pursuing a 2-year full-time program as they can apply for a work permit for 3 years.


Canada is an ideal place for students to pursue their higher studies and gain exceptional experience along the way. Students explore new places & cultures, meet new people and learn from some of the best professors. Canadian universities, their education system, and their diversity are all the reasons why so many international students are attracted towards Canada. Pursuing 1-year master's program in Canada is a wise decision if a student wants to stand out from the rest and boost their career in the shortest duration of time. If you want to know more about it, you can contact Canam consultants immediately.

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The average cost of pursuing 1-year master’s program in Canada ranges from CAD 28,000 to CAD 40,000, but the values can change based on the conditions and the program chosen by the student.
Students can extend their stay in Canada for 1 year after completing 1-year master's program.
Here is a list of universities that students can consider to pursue 1-year master's program in Canada.

• Trinity Western University- Langley Campus
• University of Manitoba - Fort Garry Campus
• Crandall University
• University of New Brunswick - Fredericton Campus
• Memorial University of Newfoundland - St Johns Campus
• Dalhousie University
• Lakehead University - Thunder Bay Campus
• Nipissing University

Yes, Canada is a famous destination among students. It is a great place to pursue a master's degree, as many countries accept the degrees provided by most of the universities in Canada and offer significant leverage to students to boost their careers.
Yes, a student can apply for PR after completing 1-year Master's program in Canada. Canadian government offers many routes for PR after completion of studies.

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