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Why Studying Abroad Remains Popular Among Students?

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The world has countless opportunities for those who wish to pursue their dreams. Most countries have agreed to give a broader platform to students who want to get out of their comfort zones and study in the best educational institutions of the world. The concept of globalization means that one's identity transcends all geographical boundaries, and each country invites human capital for everyone's development. Let us try to understand the need for the current generation to study abroad.

Each child is motivated due to various factors such as personal growth, age, gender, level of education of parents, household income, need for a stable environment, and prior international experience. Keeping this in mind, they generally wish to study abroad and eventually settle down in another country for want of a higher standard of living.

1. Quest for the best - Each country like India has innumerable options in terms of world-class educational institutions. However, competition is quite fierce, and most students don't end up in the institution of their choice. Now, the way forward has two options: to settle for the second-best in their home country or to study in the best institute of their choice abroad. Since this decision defines the rest of their life, most students choose not to settle. They take the courageous step of going into a foreign land to fulfill their dreams.

2. Need to increase employability  The current generation understands the importance of practical based learning and the redundancy of merely theoretical-based knowledge. The Indian education system emphasizes 'learning' a concept rather than 'understanding' the idea behind the concept because most graduates lack employability. Case studies and internships are given a lot of weightage in the curriculum of higher education abroad. Such exposure to the real world is essential for students to make informed decisions concerning their careers. This also enhances their practical skills due to which they are easily absorbed in the job market.

3. Study what you want  Most educational institutions offer standard courses on science, law, medicine, architecture, and so on. Every student is unique and deserves to master in his/her desired discipline since they will love their jobs and contribute to society in a better manner. Many prefer to study abroad because they can find a distinguished institution that offers the courses they wish to study. Due to the dynamic job environment, slightly offbeat courses are much in demand. In fact, according to the 2018 Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange, Indian and other international students in the US are showing greater interest in offbeat courses like marine engineering, geophysics, game design, and development. Countries like Canada, Ireland, the USA, UK offer unconventional courses like cosmetology, astronomy, animation, sports science, and so on.

4. Quality of Life  Students from humble backgrounds have seen their parents struggle due to their educational background and hence, a low household income. This motivates most of them to obtain a good quality of education from the best in the world so that they can lead a good life. Most of the countries allow international students to work during and after their course. Such countries' governments provide almost all necessary amenities at a reasonable or nil rate, including daily expenditure allowances, medical allowances, and so on. Respect for all types of labor is also a factor that drives people to study and work abroad.

5. Career  The experience of studying abroad not only enhances the resume of an international student but also helps them to learn vital life lessons like tolerance and adaptability. Whether such a student wishes to work abroad or in his/her home country, he will do better than his counterparts. The Emotional Quotient of an international student is much higher than those who haven't studied abroad.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate the point that the global economy is dynamic. Most educational institutions abroad keep this in mind and offer specialized courses in Artificial Technology, among others. Students always want to choose the best option for themselves, so most of them decide to study abroad regardless of the numerous fruitful challenges that they come across.

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