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What is Academic Transcript? : Know How to Get it

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Academic Transcript is a document one needs to show to apply for higher studies in a foreign university. Read the blog to know everything about academic transcript certificates, types of academic transcripts and how you can get it.

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An individual has to show many documents while applying for a course or program in a foreign university. A transcript certificate is one of them. But do we know what is a transcript certificate? Read the blog to know more about what is a transcript certificate, where it is used and how you can get it.|

What is an Academic Transcript?

An academic transcript is an official document issued by the school/college/university which includes a list of all the subjects a student has studied and the marks he got in each subject. It is required to be submitted in future by individuals to apply for higher studies.

Elements of an Academic Transcript

A transcript contains the following information:

  • Name of the student
  • Name of institution
  • Name of the board
  • Name of subjects
  • Marks in each subject
  • Roll No. of student
  • Year of passing
  • Date of birth of student
  • Duration of the course
  • Total marks of all subject

Uses of Academic Transcript

An Academic Transcript or a transcript certificate can fulfill a lot of purposes as follows:

  • Further Education: If an individual wants to apply for a post-graduate program in a foreign university then he needs a transcript certificate.
  • Applying for a job: Every private company asks for academic certificates before hiring a candidate. It shows that the individual is well qualified for the job.
  • Professional Career: If someone wants to pursue a profession then he needs to show his academic performance of high school, college or university.
  • Certification Programs: There are many certification programs where one can only apply after submitting academic transcript certificates.

How to get a Transcript Certificate?

A Transcript Certificate is issued by the institution from which the student has passed out. The student can get it from the school, college, or university he has passed from.

Different names for academic Transcript

People often refer to academic Transcripts with different names as follows:

  • Academic Record
  • Student Record
  • School Record
  • School Transcript
  • Report Card
  • College Transcript
  • Grade Card
  • Marksheet
  • University Transcript

Difference between Official and Unofficial Transcripts?

Official transcripts are the ones which have the seal of the college and university while an unofficial transcript is the one which doesn’t have the official seal and signature of higher authorities. Only official transcript certificates are considered as valid educational proof of academic performance, not unofficial transcripts.

Difference between an Academic Transcript and a Degree Certificate

People often use Academic Transcripts and Degree Certificates interchangeably but they both are different. Let’s understand the difference between them.

Basis of DifferenceAcademic TranscriptDegree Certificate
MeaningIt’s a consolidated statement which includes the total subjects and marks earned in each subject throughout the degree.This is the certificate that a student gets after completing his degree.
AchievementIt includes every type of achievement.It doesn’t include any type of achievement.
GradesAn academic Transcript contains the grades earned in all subjects.A degree certificate doesn’t include any grades.
Compulsion to showAn academic Transcript is a compulsory document to provide to study further or get a job.A degree certificate is not mandatory to provide if an academic transcript is already given in the first place.
Interim CertificateAn individual can get an interim certificate before completing his or her degree or course.A degree certificate is only issued once the student has completed the course.

Types of Transcript Certificates

Following are the types of transcript certificates according to their respective type of programs:

  • High School Transcript Certificate: A high school transcript certificate shows the subjects the student has studied during the high school year and the marks he got in each.
  • Graduate Transcript Certificate: A graduate transcript certificate is the record of academic performance in a master’s or a doctorate program. It includes information like the course studied, grades, credits and awards earned.
  • Continuing Education Transcript Certificate: This certificate includes the academic record of those individuals who are pursuing continuing education programs for enhancing their career growth.
  • Undergraduate Transcript Certificate: An undergraduate certificate includes the academic record of the student in a college or university.
  • Professional School Transcript Certificate: A professional certificate is given to those who have attended professional institutions like medical schools, law schools and business schools.
  • Online Learning Transcript Certificate: An online certificate as the name suggests is given to those who have completed any online course or program.
  • Vocational or Technical School Transcript Certificate: A vocational school certificate is for those who have completed any technical training program.

Documents need other than the Academic Transcript

There are many documents one needs to submit other than an academic transcript while applying for a degree/program/course in a foreign university. Following is the list of them

  • CV
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Copy of Passport
  • Filled application form and fee
  • GMAT/GRE score if any
  • Financial Documents
  • IELTSor TOEFL Score
  • Personal Essay
  • Backlog Certificate
  • Marksheet

A transcript certificate is an important document every student needs to show to get admission to foreign university courses. It shows that the student is educated enough to fulfill the eligibility criteria of that particular program. If still you have any doubts, talk with Canam consultants now to get more clarity on the transcript certificate.


Marksheet is the document which the student gets after each semester but a transcript certificate is one single document which the student gets after completing high school, college or university.
A transcript certificate certifies that the particular student has attended all classes and given exams but a degree certificate just proves that the student has completed a graduate degree.
A student needs high school transcripts for postgraduate programs.
It takes a month to get a transcript certificate if a person is taking it after a long time.
The individual can request for a duplicate copy of the transcript certificates.

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