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Universities in Perth (Australia) for International Students

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Studying in Perth, Australia will prepare students for the competitive corporate world. The universities in this particular city have much to offer to the international students. With its in-depth programs and practical learning, students will be prepared to begin their professional careers by the end of their course.

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Australia is another esteemed country for international students to fulfil their study abroad dreams. However, Australia is significantly big and it can be difficult to narrow down a province. Perth is a renowned city, known as the education city in Western Australia, offering a huge range of opportunities for international students. This city is home to some of the best universities in Australia for International students.

Perth has one of the highest standards of living, that too at an affordable rate. This feature is another common reason why students highly prefer to study in this city. However, to study in Perth, students must know about the universities. The city is perfect for students who wish to pursue the fields of STEM, business, health, arts and practical training.

This blog will contain a list of universities in Perth for international students. 

Why Study in Perth, Australia?

As earlier stated, Perth is the education city of Australia. Apart from this, there are several other reasons why students should study in Perth. Some of them are mentioned below:

Globally Accepted ProgramsThe universities in Perth are recognized and meet international standards of excellence in employment and academics. The courses and programs offered by universities in Perth provide thorough knowledge and prepare and train students for professional prospects.
Career OpportunitiesThe thing that students are worried about the most while studying abroad is finding a suitable job. Which is why, Perth is ideal for international students, as they can find a part-time or full-time job without much trouble. This city has a high employment rate of 89.7%, and students can earn up to 100,000 AUD annually.
Lifestyle & CultureThe culture of Perth is immensely hospitable and vibrant. Students will see an abundance of contemporary art and ethnic activities. Mainly, Perth is famous for its fine wineries and incredible seafood. Furthermore, the local sites such as the Botanical gardens, Kings Park, Perth Zoo, beaches and others are something to fawn over.
Powerful EconomyWestern Australia has the fastest-growing economy in Australia. With 10% population, it produces 30% of export earnings. Due to this, the rate of employment and high-quality, highly-paid jobs is on the rise.

These are some other reasons why students should choose to study in Perth, Australia. Further, let’s explore the universities that this wondrous place houses.

Universities in Perth, Australia

Now, students must know why Perth is the perfect choice for them. Hereon, this section will provide a list of the 5 universities in Perth in Western Australia. These universities are known to provide standardized education to students. Some universities in Australia for International students are mentioned below:

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Alphacrucis University College

The Alphacrucis University College is a multi-disciplinary Christian institution that plans to shape young minds, inspiring them to positively influence distinct fields such as education, ministry, music, and others. The university offers wide-ranging programs for undergraduate, postgraduate, and other high-degree courses. 

University TypePrivate University
ProgramsBusiness, Education, Ministry, Counselling, Leadership, Music & Media, Social Science, Theology and more.
Approximate Fee30,000 - 60,000 AUD (Per year)
IntakesFebruary & July

Curtin University

Curtin University is among the foremost technological universities in Perth. This university is known worldwide for its research and development that involves active participation of students and faculty members. The university has partnerships and collaborations with renowned campuses all over the world. Moreover, it also supports extracurricular activities and offers various programs for it. 

University TypePublic Research University
ProgramsSocial Work, Engineering, Occupational Therapy, Information & Technology Nutrition & Health, Culture, Architecture, Education, and Society
Approximate Fee25,000 - 30,000 AUD (Per year)
IntakesFebruary, March, July & August

Edith Cowan University

Edith Cowan University located in the northern suburb offers more than 400 programs in a plethora of fields like law, communication, social sciences, arts, and humanities. Additionally, this university has several research centres to help students with their respective fields. The university is known to make considerable accomplishments in the child and family health, health and wellness, and health services fields.

University TypePublic University
ProgramsNursing, Performing Arts, Petroleum Engineering, Education
Approximate Fee32,000 - 40,000 AUD (Per year)
IntakesFebruary, June, & October

Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University is known for its focus on sustainability, environmental science, and practical skills. The university has numerous undergraduate as well as postgraduate programs for students in fields like business, science, IT, education, health, and more. This institution focuses on practical learning with the help of internships, placements, and industry partnerships.

University TypePublic University
ProgramsHealth, Environmental Science, Education, Tourism and Hospitality, Business
Approximate Fee34,880 - 40,400 AUD (Per Year)
IntakesFebruary, June, & October

Engineering Institute of Technology

Engineering Institute of Technology is an institute that specializes in engineering education and training. The university offers numerous professional certificates, diplomas, and degrees. Students can expect a world-class education and obtain skills that will be helpful in the professional realm.

University TypePrivate University
ProgramsEngineering, Engineering Technology, Engineering Management, Engineering Practice
Approximate Fee30,000 - 60,000 AUD (Per Year)
IntakesFebruary, May, & October


This blog has covered the universities in Perth in Western Australia for international students. The universities mentioned in the blog provide an extensive number of programs for international students. Choosing this city will prove to be extremely beneficial for the students. This city guarantees top-notch education and allows them to explore different career options. Need help applying to the top universities in Perth, Australia? Visit the website and book your consultation today.


Choosing a suitable university abroad can be difficult, especially while living in another country. To select an institution, students must keep their previous academic records as well as interests in mind. Furthermore, the complete cost of living in another country should also be considered.
To apply to a university in Perth, students initially need to figure out the requirements to apply. This includes the documents, language proficiency scores and other specific necessary requirement. Students can also consult Canam for help with their application procedure.
Yes, there are diverse scholarships available for students who wish to study in Perth, Australia. You can look for the scholarship eligibility criteria along with the application procedure to apply.
Multiple types of accommodations are available for international students. There are on-campus, shared rental options, student apartments, and homestays. The cost of accommodation differs from the type that the student chooses. 
The average cost of studying in Perth varies from the university and the city, the student is planning to study in. For undergraduate programs, the cost could range between 15,000 - 40,000 AUD whereas, for postgraduate programs, the range is 20,000 - 60,000 AUD.

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