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Australia Study Intakes for International Students

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If you wish to study abroad, one of the things that you should be concerned about is intakes and deadlines. In the last decade, there has been a sudden increase of traction amongst students to study in Australia. Being one of the most sought after study abroad destinations, Australia study intakes are twice a year, i.e. February and July.

Apart from these two major intakes, few colleges offer September as well as November intake in Australia. This blog will focus on the November Intake- its deadlines, top universities, and programs offered during this summer intake!

Intakes in Australia

There are two main intakes in Australia which are in February and July. These intakes are highly competitive as all universities offer their major courses and scholarships and related benefits like internships and on-campus jobs like assistantships.

On the other hand, Australia study intakes of September and November are relatively less popular as only a few universities offer selected programs to international students.

The purpose of applying to universities during the November Intake in Australia is less competition. As most candidates opt for February and July intake, the number of applicants applying for courses during the November intake is less. The chances of getting your desired program are high!

Admissions for the November intake in Australia begin around six months before the application deadline. Most universities for November intake offer online courses, short-term courses, vocational courses and other full-time popular courses.

There are three intakes for Australia

Autumn, also known as primary intake - Begins in February, and the deadline is October-December

Spring, also known as secondary intake - Begins in July, and the deadline is April-May

Summer, also known as minor intake - Begins in November, and the deadline varies from July to September

Application deadline for November intake in Australia

During one intake, almost all universities have multiple deadlines for applications such as course application, scholarships, accommodation, fee waiver, interview, acceptance of offer letter, and application for a student visa. All applicants have to abide by these deadlines to get admission to the top universities in Australia.

This time is also devoted to filling out the application form. It is very important to finish the full application process, including interviews and visa application procedures, by August or September to apply to the universities offering November intake in Australia.

How to choose the Best Intake?

Which Australian study intake is the best for you? How do you make the ideal decision? This is a common question among students considering studying abroad and multiple intakes. Some students prefer February and July intake; however, some prefer November intake in Australia. Some influencing variables, mentioned below, can help you in make a better decision:

  1. Your academic transcripts
  2. Your results in the proficiency tests
  3. The course you want to take
  4. The acceptance rate of the university
  5. Approval of education loan

Though the Australian November intake is not as popular, it is less competitive and easier to get through. The courses offered for November intake in Australia are:

Bachelors program Masters program
Bachelor of Medical Science Master Nursing practice
Bachelor of Computer Science Master of Health Management
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws Master of Engineering
Bachelor of Physiotherapy Master of Science(M.sc) Psychology
Bachelor of Accident forensics Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The availability of courses varies from university to university for November intake. Several other courses are available for November intake in Australia as well. So, if you want to study in Australia, then November intake is the right time for you as there is less competition and many scholarships available, too.

If you wish to pursue your higher education and want to make it to Australia, get in touch with team Canam, and our experts will give you the best assistance to pursue your higher education in Australia.

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