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The Highest Paying Jobs for International Students in Australia

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Over the years, Australia has become a top choice among international students looking to study abroad. It is the third most popular country for education among foreign students after USA and UK. The highest number of students who come to Australia for education are from China and India, followed by students from other Asian countries.

Students who study in foreign countries often take up part time jobs to manage their expenses, and keep themselves financially secure. International students living in Australia are allowed to work upto 40 hours during college semesters and full time when they are on a holiday from school. A number of different type of part time jobs are available for students, and they can choose among them based on their interests.

This write up deals with the highest paying jobs for international students in Australia:

  • TUTOR:

Minimum Salary : $20 to $30

Teaching is a highly respected and noble job. Many students studying abroad take up teaching whether off campus or peer tutorage to earn money during the span of their degree. This job is convenient and in turn provides you knowledge and experience as well. This job is hourly, or weekly, and classes can be taken online as well. You can apply as an individual tutor, or even sign up at an agency which can help you get jobs as per your skills and salary expectations.


Minimum Salary : $15-$20/hour

Rideshare driver jobs are available all across the country and we see more and more students opting for this work as a source of part time income. From becoming an uber driver to a school bus or private vehicle driver you can apply for numerous such jobs. This job requires less than 20 hours of work and are highly lucrative in comparison. This job also gives you a chance to get to know a new city, different landmarks, and interact with the people as well.


Minimum Salary : $20/hour

All you need for this job is good communication skills in English language, and people's skills. This can be called the most readily available job out of all, as the number of cafes and baristas is only increasing. In order to work as a Barista, you do need a an approved certificate as people who handle alcohol in Australia must be certified. This job is really popular among students as it has flexible timings, and a high profitability rate.


Minimum Salary : $18-$25/hour

With a valid Driver's license, you can work as a delivery person for various companies, retails brands, food delivery services, and so on. You can work on both four wheelers and motorcycles, and have basic communication skills. It is a great job which helps you earn well in a short span of time. With consumers and demands increasing all over the world, the jobs for delivery men are also increasing manifold.


Minimum Salary : $20-$25/hour

In today's world a number of people are opting for freelance work in various fields. As a freelancer in Australia, you can take up numerous projects and get paid for them according to the work you put in. You do not have to be associated with a particular organisation, but can explore your options, work in a variety of fields, and discover your own interests.


Minimum Salary : $20-$25/hour

This is an ideal profession especially for students seeking degrees in the field of sales and marketing. This job provides one valueable experience and is extremely lucrative as well. It also enhances a number of skills such as communication, team play, negotiation, customer relationship building, and so on. This job also has a number of commissions and perks to it apart from the basic salary structure.

These are the top part time jobs for international students in Australia. Along with the jobs mentioned above, students also have the option of applying for a number of other jobs on an off their university campus such as teacher's assistant, library assistant, server, cleaner, call centres, petrol stations, and so on. The abundance of jobs and opportunities in Australia is what makes it the top study abroad destination among international students.

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