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Study Smart, Study in Alberta - A Comprehensive Guide to Canadian Education

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This comprehensive guide on Alberta, Canada, explores how it has emerged as the most sought-after study abroad destination for international students. Further, it provides in-depth knowledge about the universities of Alberta, their education programs, the research opportunities and scholarship options for international students. 

Study Smart, Study in Alberta – A Comprehensive Guide to Canadian Education .webpAlberta, a province in the heart of Western Canada, is a land of sunshine, forests, and a multicultural population. It is the most populous of the three Prairie Provinces. It is one of the landlocked provinces, the other being Saskatchewan. The province of Alberta is home to premium educational universities that provide international students an opportunity to receive world-class education from esteemed faculty.  When students choose Alberta as their study abroad destination, they select a diverse environment where their academic journey will flourish. Alberta presents an environment that promotes higher standards of living with low taxes and higher incomes. 

Alberta in a Glance

PopulationPopulation of Alberta, as per Alberta Economic Dashboard is 4.7 million.
CapitalEdmonton City is the capital of Alberta
Largest CityCalgary is the largest city in Alberta, Canada. 

Academic Institutions of Alberta

When preparing a study plan for higher education, international students are especially drawn to pursue their studies in Canada. Colleges and universities of Alberta offer a wide range of academic programs tailored especially to meet the needs of international students. These institutions are recognized across the globe with respect to providing a plethora of options to explore. Given below is a list of the universities and colleges of Alberta, Canada that international students can choose to pursue their studies from.

• University of Alberta
• University of Lethbridge

Courses to Study in Alberta for International Students

International students wishing to study in Alberta often wonder about the popular courses at their disposal. Colleges and universities in Alberta cater to a myriad of interests and career goals of international students. While many international students choose Alberta as their study abroad destination due to its renowned engineering programs, others are drawn towards its business schools. 

With an overall supportive environment in its academic institutions, Alberta remains one of the most preferred choices of international students for studying in Canada. Given below are some of the subjects an international student can choose to pursue their higher studies in Alberta, Canada.

• Business
• Engineering
• Computer Science
• Medicine and Health Sciences
• Environmental Sciences
• Arts and Humanities
• Agriculture

Quality of Education in Alberta, Canada for International Students

When international students consider studying in Alberta, the compelling factor that sets it apart is the consistently high standards of education. In the renowned colleges and universities of Alberta, small class sizes (with a student-to-faculty ratio of 17:1) encourage an environment for students to actively engage with their professors and develop a deep understanding of their subjects. The teaching methodologies employed at the universities and colleges of Alberta encourage students to apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios. Students are better equipped with real-world skills to flourish in future careers. 

Alberta follows an integrated post-secondary education of career colleges, community colleges, and universities. International students have the opportunity to navigate through the post-secondary institutions by transferring their credits. Career colleges, such as Southern Alberta Institute of Technology are privately owned and operated colleges that offer certificate and diploma courses. These short-term courses are approved by the provincial education board to meet current employment demands. 

Community colleges such as Keyano College offer certificate courses, undergraduate degrees, and postgraduate diplomas. These courses equip students with information that keeps them updated with latest industry trends. Universities such as the University of Lethbridge offer degrees at Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate levels. These courses are research-intensive.

Research and Innovation Opportunities for International Students in Alberta

Alberta’s commitment to ground-breaking research and innovation is one of the most compelling reasons for international students to choose to study in Alberta. This province, primarily known for its academic excellence, is making continuous strides in research and development within various fields. 

Taking ahead this commitment, institutions of Alberta, such as the University of Alberta, have conducted path-breaking research in renewable energy. The university’s research into sustainable energy sources contributes to a greener future while providing valuable opportunities for international students who are interested in environmental studies.

Research opportunities in the universities and colleges of Alberta are not limited to a specific field, such as renewable energy. Students pursuing a degree in science, engineering, or humanities, among other fields, have the opportunity to participate in research projects that can enhance their academic journey.

Government Support

When international students choose to pursue their studies in Alberta, they gain access to a robust system of government support to enhance their educational journey in Canada. Colleges and universities in Alberta benefit from substantial funding for research and education, and scholarships for their students. The provincial government assists academic institutions to maintain a high standard of education along with offering a wide range of programs.
Government support goes beyond financial aspects for international students in Alberta. When studying in Alberta, students will find themselves amidst a dynamic learning system where fellow students and faculty members actively engage in research and educational advancements.

Scholarships for International Students in Alberta

S.noName of the Scholarship Offerred by
1.University Entrance ScholarshipConcordia University of Edmonton 
2.Entrance ScholarshipMacEwan University
3.New Questers International Entrance ScholarshipNorquest College
4.Regional Excellence ScholarshipUniversity of Alberta 

Alberta’s commitment to support its colleges and universities ensures that a student’s study abroad experience is enriching not only academically but also financially. 

Cost of Education for International Students in Alberta

Students planning for their undergraduate degrees in Alberta should keep a budget of approximately CAD 17,000 to CAD 18,000 for their tuition fees. Along with that, students must consider essential costs such as accommodation, food, and transport. When preparing to study in Alberta, students must carefully plan their finances with their overseas consultant to avoid any financial setbacks in Canada. Similarly, for graduate level courses, students should set aside a budget of approximately CAD 20,000 to  CAD 21,000 for their tuition fees in universities of Alberta.

Studying in Alberta can be a financially viable option so students interested to boost their career must not let tuition costs prevent them from pursuing their dreams. 

Career Opportunities

For every international student planning to pursue their studies in Canada, the career opportunities a particular diploma program or degree provides, is of prime importance. Pursuing higher education in Alberta opens up a plethora of job opportunities for international students. 

jobs in Alberta.webp

Cultural & Recreational Aspects

The Canadian province of Alberta is known for its high standard of living, diverse and welcoming communities along with stunning landscapes. International students pursuing their higher education in Alberta will be able to explore beautiful prairies to rolling hills to Rocky Mountains. Students can catch a glimpse of Alberta’s rich history thanks to its museums, national parks, and heritage sites. Alberta has a lot to offer for students interested in recreational activities. Its national and provincial parks promote recreational activities such as downhill and cross-country skiing, mountaineering, camping, hiking, bird-watching among others. 

Economic Impact

The provincial government of Alberta does not only offer world-class education opportunities but also job opportunities that help them build a prosperous future. The knowledge and skills imbibed by students in universities and colleges of Alberta helps them excel in the job market. Students can explore job opportunities in sectors such as energy, technology, healthcare, and finance. International students residing in Alberta benefit from a low single rate tax system which includes many benefits such as lowest gasoline tax rates, and low property taxes. 

Healthcare Plans in Alberta

International students planning to pursue their studies in Alberta must invest in relevant insurance plans. They can benefit from Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP). Students are advised to apply for AHCIP within 90 days of their arrival in Alberta. AHCIP is beneficial for students studying in Alberta, for a range of medically necessary physician services, dental and oral surgical services. 


Alberta is rich in culture, cuisine, music and art that attract international students to pursue their education from the province. International students, especially from India, can enjoy this fusion and feel at home. Its emphasis on providing students premium quality of education makes it the most sought-after study abroad destination for international students. To seek admission to universities and colleges in Alberta, Canada, students can get in touch with their local branch of India’s trusted study abroad consultants in Canada.


Alberta, Canada is gaining popularity as the study abroad destination in Canada for international students. Its educational institutions offer a high quality of education along with a wide range of career opportunities and competitive tuition rates. Alberta provides affordable cost of living to its international students. 
When it comes to living costs for international students, Alberta is considered to be an affordable province in Canada. To cover essential costs, such as rent, utilities, transportation, groceries, travel; students must keep aside a budget of approximately CAD 1200 to CAD 2000 per month.
Academic institutions of Alberta, Canada prepare their students to work in a wide range of job roles across industries. After pursuing their education in Alberta, international students can offer their professional services by working as doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, engineers, nurse practitioners, speech-language pathologists, among other job roles in relevant industries.
International students planning to pursue their higher education in Alberta, Canada, must score a minimum of 6.0 on the IELTS exam. None of their individual band score should be lower than 5.5
The first step to apply for study in Alberta is to connect with expert study abroad consultants who are well aware of the admission requirements in Canada. This not only helps students in making an error free application but also improves their chances of getting admission quicky. 

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