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Information for International Students Preparing to Study in Canada

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Students preparing to study in Canada often struggle to find the right information essential to plan their travel. Here is everything that an international student needs to know before travelling to the country including eligibility and documents required.

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Canada has become the destination of choice among students around the world for its top-ranked education system, scenic landscapes, student-friendly environment and unique blend of diverse cultures. The country offers an enriching study experience to students seeking cutting-edge technology programs and comprehensive research opportunities. While embarking on an academic journey in Canada, international students should know that eventhough it is an exciting prospect but moving to a new country comes with its unique set of challenges.

Here’s a guide for international students with all the essential information required to travel to the country for higher education.

Eligibility to Travel to Canada

To enter Canada as an international student, the applicant must:

  • Have a valid study permit or a letter of introduction showcasing their approval for a study permit
  • Be attending a designated learning institution

Documents International Students Require to Travel to Canada

Here is the list of documents that every international student travelling to study in Canada must carry:

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid study permit or a letter of introduction & a valid visa
  • A copy of letter of acceptance from the school
  • Proof of funds to support the stay in Canada
  • A valid immigration medical report
  • Copy of CAQ (if going to Quebec region)

Travelling to Canada: Things to Keep in Mind

  • Travel Documents and Visa – International students must make sure that all the travel documents, including passport, visa, or study permit, are in order and should double-check the expiry dates.
  • Flight Booking and Travel Insurance – Students should research different airlines and travel insurance options as booking flight tickets well in advance can save costs.
  • Packing Essentials – Since Canada has changing weather depending on the region and time of year, students should pack appropriate clothing and essential items like power adapters, personal documents, and any prescribed medication.
  •  Accommodation Arrangements –Whether it's on-campus housing or private accommodation, students should confirm the details of their accommodation beforehand.
  • Arrange pickup from the Airport- Students should check if their university/ college is arranging airtpot pick up . Many institutes arrange free pick-ups on specific dates. 
  • Cultural Considerations – Students should also spend time in understanding Canadian culture and etiquette. This will help them learn about the local customs, language nuances (French or English), and societal norms.
  • Finances and Currency Exchange – Students should learn about currency exchange rates and local banking options before travelling to the country. They should also carry enough Canadian currency for immediate expenses upon arrival.
  • Health Considerations – Students should also read about the healthcare policies applicable to international students in the province. In case of any regular medications, they should carry a sufficient supply along with prescriptions.
  • Stay Connected – Another important thing to consider is to keep the essential local contacts handy, including the institution's international student office, emergency services, and accommodation contacts.
  • Embrace the Journey - Moving to a new country is a significant life experience, so it is important for students to mentally prepare and take time to reflect, set goals, and embrace the opportunity with an open mind.

What Happens at the Canadian Airport?

Students often have limited knowledge about what to do once they reach the Canadian airport. Here is everything they need to know:

  • First, students will be asked to show their visa along with the port of entry (POE) letter of introduction.
  • Immigration offer will check the POE, proof of funds, Letter of Acceptance (from a Designated Learning institute).
  • After verifying all the documents, the officer will stamp the passport and tell students how long they will be allowed to remain in Canada.
  • If documents are fine, the officer will issue a study permit, a key document for all international students in Canada studying for more than six months.
  • Students should read this document carefully while still at the kiosk- it will state whether the student is allowed to work and when the study permit expires.
  • Students should check that the personal information is correct.
  • Students are suggested to take the time to ensure everything is correct, as it is easier to fix any issues while still at the airport.
  • Do not hesitate to ask if there is unclarity about the study permit conditions and ask for an interpreter if any help is required.

What is Social Insurance Number?

SIN (Social Insurance Number) is a nine-digit number that every international student needs in order to work in Canada or have access to government programs & benefits. It is an essential part of living and working in Canada and serves as a vital piece of identification.

Travelling to Canada to pursue higher education is more than just booking a flight and packing a suitcase. By following the above-mentioned points students can ensure a smoother transition into a new environment and culture.

To get more information about study abroad-related procedures, visit the nearest office of Canam Consultants. Experts at Canam provide end-to-end application assistance to students including applying to top programs and institutes in Canada to pre-departure guidance.


To apply for a Canadian study permit, students must first make an application to a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada and receive a letter of acceptance. After receiving the letter, they need to complete payment to the institute and then apply for a Canadian study permit Online or Through a Visa Application Center (VAC).
Health insurance for international students varies by institution and province. Some provinces provide coverage under their provincial healthcare plans, while others require students to purchase private health insurance. Most educational institutions also offer health insurance plans specifically designed for international students. Students are suggested to check with their institute and province to determine the best option for their situation.
Yes, international students enrolled in a full-time program with a valid study permit are allowed to work off- campus for 20 hours a week on a part-time basis while studying in Canada. Students can also work full-time in summer or winter vacations.
Many Canadian institutes offer on-campus housing, which can be a convenient option for international students. Students preferring to live off-campus can also explore housing options available in the proximity of their campus. Websites like Kijiji, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace often have listings for apartments, rooms, and shared accommodations.
Canada's weather varies greatly across regions and seasons. Investing in good quality winter clothing, including a warm coat, boots, and gloves, may be necessary if a student travels to Canada during the winter months. Students should consider purchasing some clothing locally to better match the climate and fashion trends.

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