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Insurance Every Student Needs While Studying in Canada

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Studying in Canada involves a lot of factors to be looked upon. Out of which, the most important for a student is to take insurance. The student should consider three kinds of insurances; travel insurance, provincial healthinsurance in Canada and private health insurance. Insurance plans act as a saviour when any mishap occurs with the student that could include damage to essential things in transit, any physical injury during travel, unexpected accidents or theft. It protects the student in case of any crisis, and as it said, prevention is better than cure; its essential to be safe rather than wait for a problem to occur.

Types of Insurance students need to have before leaving

1. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is necessary when planning long journeys and for the students going for higher education in a foreign country. Theres a lot of important stuff that a student carries, including laptops, mobile phones, expensive items, clothes, etc., that needs to be guarded, and any loss to these items can cause a hole in your pocket. It could be wearisome for the student to bear the loss alone. So, having travel insurance provides the student with certain monetary benefits.

It would be best to plan travel insurance with higher coverage to cover all the crises to enjoy maximum benefits. Such a policy will include:

Coverage for your things

Coverage for any accidental injury and unforeseen illnesses

 Twenty-four-hour emergency services and help

 Coverage for lost, damaged or stolen assets like expensive accessories, baggage, documents, cameras, etc.

 Coverage during cancellations of hotel bookings, flight, and other transportation bookings in any unavoidable events like a sudden illness, death in the family, or some other emergencies where you may need to cancel the trip

2. Provincial Health Care

The provincial health care system in Canada includes basic and preventive medical services for international students. Some services arent included in the plan, viz. dental care, vision care, prescription medications and some diagnostic testing services.

But services like hospitalization for several days are partially covered. Stay at the hospital for a very long time could be expensive and not covered under this policy, so its advisable to go for Private Health Insurance in Canada.

3. Private Health Insurance

To have private health insurance is all the more beneficial for an international student as it offers better health services. Provincial Health insurance depends upon the province you are staying in, and it does not work in another province. Every plan varies from region to region. And when you need medical assistance in other provinces, a private health insurance plan is the best option to go for. It covers the cost of staying at the hospital, prescription drugs, dental expenses, private hospital rooms, ambulance services, etc. International students should have private health insurance in Canada; it is a great help in any medical emergencies. A student is fully secured under this plan.

Choosing insurance plans could be confusing, so its better to take guidance from experts. Canam Consultants will help you choose among the different plans and suggest what is best for you.

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