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Post-Graduation in Finance from Canada

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Are you curious to know how mutual funds work or how much profit you or your company will make with certain assets, liabilities, and investments and has a deep desire to live and study in Canada? If this is your interest area, you should study Finance in Canada. Many international students interested in interpreting economic trends, financial trends, and many more, chose to study Finance from Canada. You can pursue finance at graduation, post-graduation, and doctoral level. In this blog, we will talk about post-graduation in Finance from Canada. The course duration in Canada usually ranges between 12-18 months.

Many top universities and colleges in Canada offer post-graduation in finance and are as follows:

Career Opportunities

Once you complete your post-graduation in finance, Canada has immense career opportunities.

Budget Analyst
Financial Analyst
Market Research Analyst
Risk Manager

Course Curriculum
The curriculum of post-graduation in Finance in Canada differs from institute to institute. Each course teaches basic finance concepts such as tax law, investment or financial reporting, and many more. There are many finance programs, and they are defined as follows:

  • Investment Analysis:-
    In this field, students learn how to analyze the portfolio's securities, its functions, study markets, and consumer behavior to set up a new business or to acquire the existing one.
  • Business Communication:-
    Students work on verbal and written communication skills needed to conduct lead meetings, presentations, reports, memos, and many more.
  • Financial Analysis & Reporting:-
    This field is for those who want to get into core accounting and learn about liabilities, shareholders, assets, equities, and many more.
  • Business Taxation:-
    This field gives a complete federal income tax system. It is essential to know how to perform debits and credits for business expenses.
  • Corporate Finance:-
    This field gives insights into financial statements and teaches valuation in terms of debt, equity securities, and time.

Admission Process

The admission process varies from an academic institute to another institute. The admission process for international students is categorized into two sections, i.e., eligibility criteria and admission requirements.

a. Eligibility Criteria
There are some common prerequisites related to the admission process of top Canadian colleges and universities.

Academic Qualification: The applicants must have an undergraduate degree in financial theory, finance, business, etc., from an accredited university/institution.
Minimum GPA: Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.
Standardized Test Scores: International students applying for a post-graduate degree in Finance from Canada should take GMAT or GRE.
English Proficiency Requirements: Non-English Native speakers need to prove their English language proficiency by taking IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE.

b. Admission Requirements

The admission requirements to pursue masters in finance are as follow:

Transcripts: Students applying for the program are required to submit official transcripts and certified copies of all previous qualifications. If your transcripts are in the regional language, you must provide English/ French translations.
Resume/ CV: Students need to submit their updated resume/ CV explaining their academic or work history.
 Work Experience: Many finance programs require a minimum of 2 years of experience. It qualifies them for paid fellowships.
 Personal Statement: Students need to submit their personal statements. It is a document where they need to talk about their academic and professional achievements.
 Letters of Recommendations: Students have to provide a minimum of 2-3 recommendation letters. One should come from your school/college and another from a professional setting.

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