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MBA in Healthcare Management- University, Courses, Eligibility, and Admission Process

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MBA is a sought-after degree which transforms a student into a skilled professional, ready to take charge of various challenges that may come in the way of growth. Healthcare Management as a career has an exponential growth in the healthcare sector. MBA in Healthcare Management is a course for those who envision creating better healthcare systems for the betterment of common people. 

mba-in-healthcare-management.webpThe Healthcare Management covers courses related to the management/ administration of various functions in hospitals and allied areas. Students undergo an industry immersion for an extended duration. They are also involved in the community project during which they conduct a field study to understand various public health issues and the effectiveness of public health schemes run by the government. 

The program provides a holistic appreciation of healthcare and allied industry, which covers hospitals, pharmaceuticals, health insurance, medical device and equipment healthcare consulting and digital health. 

MBA in Healthcare Management University & Courses

There are ample benefits of doing an MBA from abroad, and an MBA in Healthcare Management combines both cognitive and affective instruction through case studies, simulations, individual and group exercises and fieldwork that helps to develop critical managerial effectiveness. Following are universities and courses provided in the field of MBA in Healthcare Management. 

Canada Universities/ CollegesProgram Name 
Fairleigh Dickinson University- Vancouver CampusMaster of Administrative Science specialization in Global Health and Human Services Administration
Trinity Western University- Richmond CampusMaster Of Arts in Leadership with Specialization in Health Care
Dalhousie UniversityMaster of Health Administration
University of OttawaMaster of Health Administration
University of Prince Edward Island Master of Applied Health Services Research

USA Universities/ CollegesProgram Name Course of study
California State University-East BayMaster of  Public Administration with a Concentration in Health Care
California State University- San BernardinoMaster of Science in Health Services Administration Health Management/ Health Administration
San Jose State University Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health CounsellingHealth Management/ Health Administration
Westcliffe University- Irvine Campus Master of Business Administration with a Concentration in Health Care AdministrationHealthcare Management
University of New Haven Master of Healthcare AdministrationHealth Management/ Health Administration
Atlantis UniversityMaster of Science in Healthcare Management Healthcare Management

UK Universities/ Colleges Program name Course of Study
City, University of London Master of Science in Health ManagementHealth Management/ Health Administration
Newcastle University 
Master of Science in Health Services Research Health and Human Services Management
Northumbria University-Newcastle City CampusMaster of Science in Healthcare ManagementHealth Management/ Health Administration
Coventry University Master of Science in Global Healthcare ManagementHealthcare Management
University of Bedfordshire- Luton CampusMaster of Business administration in Hospital and Health Services ManagementBusiness Studies
University of Birmingham Master of Science in Health Care Policy and ManagementHealthcare Management

New Zealand University/ CollegeProgram NameCourse of Study
University of Canterbury• Master of Health Sciences in Health Leadership and Management
• Master of Health Sciences Professional Practice in Health Information Management
Health Management/ Health Administration
Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology(NMIT)-Nelson CampusMaster of Applied Management in Healthcare ManagementHealthcare Management

Australia University/ CollegeProgram Name Course of Study
Australian Technical and Management College(ATMC)-Federation UniversityMaster of Business Administration in Health Service ManagementHealthcare Management
Central Queensland University- Sydney CampusMaster of Business Management in Emergency and Health Services ManagementHealthcare Management
University Of New South Wales(UNSW)- Kensington CampusMaster of Health Leadership and ManagementHealth Management/ Health Administration
Griffith University - South Bank CampusMaster of Advanced Health Services Management Health and Human Services Management
University of South Australia- City East Campus
Master of Health Services ManagementHealth and Human Services management
Deakin University- Melbourne Burwood CampusMaster of Health and Human Services ManagementHealth and Human Services management
La Trobe University- Melbourne CampusMaster of Health Information ManagementHealth Informatics

MBA in Healthcare Management Eligibility

As organizations become increasingly resourceful, the need for effective leaders has also intensified. Healthcare Management courses equip professionals with the skills to adapt to the healthcare sector’s growing complexity and changing priorities by offering a leadership model that emphasizes people and teamwork- a model with proven organizational effectiveness in the healthcare sector. Students are advised to consider all important reasons why should they do their research before studying abroad, and one significant reason is a hassle-free application process. Following are the eligibility requirements to pursue an MBA in Healthcare Management and equivalent courses.

MBA in healthcare management eligibility.webp 

MBA in Healthcare Management Admission process

• Connect with study abroad consultants of Canam or log on to the website
• Sign up on the platform and create a profile, filling in necessary details such as educational background, test scores (if any), program preferences, etc. 
• Search and shortlist desired university programs based on intakes, fee waivers, tuition fee, etc. 
• Start the application process by uploading the necessary documents, including academic transcripts, CV, SOP, LOR, and any standardized test scores (if required). 
• Keep track of pending and active applications. 
• Wait for the offer letter sent by the admission authority of the applied institute after thoroughly checking the candidate’s profile. 
• As a final step, pay the tuition fee and confirm the seat for the course. 
• Apply for a student visa with the guidance of a counsellor.
• Fly to the country and begin the session. 


The MBA in Healthcare Management is an accredited program that will prepare the students to take the lead in managing healthcare organizations. Students can cultivate a career in management and administration, playing a transformative role in improving community healthcare. This field has close links to other faculties, including the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine, to assure relevance to clinical practice for health service administration. 

For any further assistance in the field of Healthcare Management, contact Canam Consultants, the study abroad consultants. 

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An MBA in Healthcare Management can help students pursue leadership and management positions in the healthcare industry. MBA Healthcare Management students are ready to work in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, healthcare systems, etc. 
A healthcare manager’s salary can range approximately from 10 lakhs to 17 lakhs annually. 
MBA Healthcare Management Program is a two-year full-time degree focussing on the healthcare sector. 
Healthcare Management has a strong demand for managerial skills, one of the major and fastest-growing fields of work worldwide. 
The students of Healthcare Management will be able to make informed decisions, anticipate changes, and steer the organizations towards success. 

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