Professional Letter of Recommendation (LOR): length, Sample, guidelines and How to write?

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The quality of Letter of recommendation could add an immense benefit to the process of selection, whether on a position professionally, in university, program or country you are applying to. Professional seekers are required to leverage every advantage possible to stand out. Professional LOR, its length, sample, guidelines and method of writing will be discussed in detail in this blog.

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A well-crafted professional LOR from someone who knows one well and the articulation of one’s persona, morality and professional performance renders great value to the job application. Recommendation letters can have a significant impact on hiring process as often they are the determining factor during the final phase of it. It provides an insight into one’s profile, recent behaviors and etiquette before deciding on selection. 

Professional Letter of Recommendation

The recommendation letters play an important part in communicating and revealing crucial information about a person. It also provides additional evidence of the skills as well as the character of a person. These specific observations and recommendations present analysis of behaviour, to give recruiters and hiring managers a better view of the person. While enlisting someone to write a recommendation letter for admittance into whether an educational program, or for job search, one can pen down personalized letters with positive aspects listed about themselves, so as to include all important or worth mentioning traits.

A professional letter of Recommendation is usually written by employer or any previous known person who is aware of one’s dedication, hard work and have been witness for few years to the input in the professional area by the person. Getting a reference done by such person could authenticate one’s strengths and skills to a justified level. Professional reference letter evaluates candidate’s ability to be able to work in diverse scenarios and domains. It highlights the most significant characteristics of an applicant from the standpoint of their supervisor, mentor or any person who can validate their work ethics. 

Academic recommendation differs slightly from a professional one primarily concerning professional accomplishments other than academic qualifications. The official criteria for professional reference letter is that they must be issued only on the organization’s letterhead, duly signed and stamped. 

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Significance of Professional Letter of recommendation

LOR is considered to be the most influential document, whether for academic purposes or professional advancement. They provide a clearer image of leadership qualities, team collaboration skills, and many more relevant professional skills utilized to excel in the related fields. It’s certainly more appropriate to get it composed by the immediate manager or senior, as they can justify the information and will include only accurate details. Apart from the resume and interview, the recommendation letter is the next step for recruiters to get assured about qualifications and other facts from the outside person. These letters can be elaborative in describing candidate’s past experience in handling the day-to day work and how beneficial they will be for the future organization. 

Features of Recommendation Letter

• The letter should be customized according to the job position and it should come from an authentic reputable source. 
• A known source who has complete knowledge about the candidate’s work experience and personal details. 
•  Its recommended to use positive remarks and supportive language for the applicant. 

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Length and Format of recommendation Letter: (Sample)

The recommendation letter comprises of three sections: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. These letters are completely professional in nature and direct in approach. The more familiar the writer is to the candidate and his professional aspects, the better he can authenticate the letter. 

Chester Westfield
Vice President, Creative Custom Shirt Design
700 Park Street
Clear Lake City, UT, 78203

July 07, 2023

Archie Albright
Starbuck Communications
768 Second Avenue
Vernon, UT, 88411

Dear MS. Albright, 

I am writing this letter to support Stephen Dunham’s application for the position of Web Manager and Graphic Designer at Starbuck Communications. For more than a year, Stephen has worked for me making custom T-shirt designs for various businesses and individuals, He is a talented designer and a hard worker. 

Most of the work that Stephen did for me was making designs and communicating with clients. However, he also redesigned the company website, making it much more visually appealing and user- friendly. He is extremely web-fluent. Other than that, Stephen improved company logo and designed company stationary and business cards. 

The volume of work that we can get can be extremely demanding, but Stephen always delivered his work according to schedule and is capable of planning his workflow to suit company needs. I highly recommend Stephen for the relevant position in your company and I can assure that he can completely handle severe pressure to consistently deliver quality results.
If a candidate has any other queries, feel free to contact at [email protected].


Professional LOR guidelines

A letter of Recommendation should be comprised of approximately 700 words and following key components are essential:

• Company name
• Date of Employment
• Position Held
• Job responsibilities
• Qualifications
• Strengths and abilities
• Contact information

How to write

A professional letter of recommendation generally follows the standard business letter format and should be contained in one page. This necessitates having a letterhead, which includes the author’s name, title, and contact information, the date, and the addressee’s name, title, and contact information. If the letter is intended for general use, then the author should forego the addressee information and mention “To Whom It May Concern” as the salutation. The general format starts with an introduction, followed by one or more body paragraphs, and ends with a conclusion and an invitation for further contact. 

Conclusion:  Letter of Recommendation is an important part of the application process. It provides a better understanding of the candidate’s skills and abilities. When writing a LOR, it is important to be specific and to provide concrete examples of the candidates’ work. The letter should be well-written and free of errors.

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A former senior in profession or mentor who is aware of one’s character, personality, work ethics and can justify the professional letter of recommendation. 
Generic adjectives could be avoided such as honest and intelligent. Strengths and faults should be supported by relevant examples. Writer should be well versed with one’s knowledge and professional progress. 
The professional reference letter should show the applicants character details, personal details, progress and job responsibilities in the relevant area. 

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