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Industries Hiring Indian Students for Overseas Jobs in 2023

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Due to good salaries and networking opportunities, many Indian students work abroad after completing their studies. Learn more about the top 10 industries which provide high-paying jobs to Indian students studying abroad.

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Overseas Jobs in countries like the USA, UK, Canada and Australia are always on the top of Indian students because they are high paying and give an edge to the students. Keep reading to know more about the top 10 industries that provide high-paying jobs to Indian students studying abroad.

Overseas Jobs: Overview

Many Indian students prefer to work in a foreign country, like the USA, Australia, Canada and UK, after completing their studies. The benefit of doing overseas jobs is that the students earn in foreign currency, which is higher than Indian currency. Further, the students get exposure to a different culture and get opportunities to network with professionals.

There are two ways in which Indian students can work overseas: one is either by studying abroad and the other is by going to another country with a work visa. Every country has its own rules regarding work visas, and students must consider them before moving to another country.

Following are the preferred industries which provide overseas jobs to Indian students:

  • Healthcare: Healthcare is a professional field which gives both a prosperous career and a satisfied life to individuals. One can take up various job roles in this field, including doctors, technical staff laboratory and pharmacists. The countries providing jobs in the same are the USA, Canada, Europe, UK, UAE etc.
  • Finance: Finance and accounting are an important aspect of every business, and hence companies need individuals to take care of their financials. Students with a commerce background can work as finance managers, accountants, financial analysts and forensic accountants in this field.
  • Education: Education is an industry which always booms and rarely sees a downfall and it’s here to remain for a long time. Top IT companies are always in search of well-qualified and educated individuals. Students interested in teaching can become teachers or professors in schools, colleges and universities.

  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing is another major employer of Indian students abroad. Some of the biggest companies in the industry are the ones which are in the field of automobiles, medicine, non-durables, electronics and communication. Students pursuing engineering degrees can take up various job roles in factories, warehouses and plants.

  • Retail: Retail industry is increasing on a year-on-year basis. Retail companies are the ones which sell goods and services. Companies have different kinds of stores where the students can take up the job of sales associates, sales representatives, cashiers, customer support, store managers and inventory checks.

  • Hospitality: Businesses under hospitality provide various services to customers like entertainment, food and beverages. The industry includes restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, theatres, theme parks and other businesses which provide food and accommodation. Indian students can work in the industry as travel agents, tour guides, event planners, front desk staff and sales managers.

  • Real Estate: Real Estate is one of the domains of construction. All the work in the industry revolves around selling the land and property. To make a successful career in real estate, one must know about economics, business administration, finance and insurance. Some popular job roles in the industry are finance associate, leasing agent, accountant, property manager and marketer. The UAE, Germany, US, Canada and UK are popular countries to work in real estate.

  • Mining: Mining involves the extraction of minerals and metals around the world. The countries where students can find good opportunities are Africa, Australia and Indonesia. Some top mining companies in the world are Glencore, Shaanxi Coal, SQM and Vale. Students can work as engineers, geologists, mine supervisors and surveyors in the industry.

  • Construction: The construction industry always generates significant revenues and provides lucrative job roles because the government and companies spend a lot on infrastructure like railways, roads, airports, offices, stores etc. Indian students can take up various job roles in the industry including senior project manager, architect, civil engineer, construction manager and construction inspector.
  • Information Technology: Information Technology or IT involves using computers, storage and networking devices for creating, securing, and exchanging electronic data. Businesses under information technology provide services like consulting, system integration and software development. Indian students can take up job roles in various countries like the US, UK, Germany, Canada, France, Australia and Singapore.

Work Visa Rules for International Students

Many international students study and work abroad for high-paying jobs and networking opportunities. A student must have a legal work visa to work in a foreign country. Below are some common work visa guidelines a student must follow:

  • To change employers, employees will have to notify immigration authorities.
  • After switching employers, employees have to work in the same industry for which they have a work visa.
  •  A work visa is only valid till the time a person remains employed.

Process of Applying for Jobs while Studying Abroad?

Below is the step-by-step process of how a student can apply for overseas jobs while studying in a foreign country.

Step 1: Firstly, the candidate must understand the job role and responsibilities carefully and start learning the skills required to do the job.

Step 2: Next step is to decide in which country the student wants to work. This can be done by going through the rules and regulations of each country.

Step 3: The third step is finding a job using resources like online job boards, job fairs, company career pages and social networking sites. Then the students can appear for an interview.

Step 4: The last step is to apply for a work visa or a work permit.


Overseas jobs are beneficial for Indian students as they provide high salaries and networking opportunities. One should also know about the prerequisites of working abroad, which are a work visa and the process to apply. Students can follow the process mentioned above to apply for a job and start working in their dream company. For more information, students can connect with Canam Consultants.


Manufacturing, healthcare, finance, retail and construction are some industries that offer overseas jobs to Indian students.
Students can find jobs with the help of job boards, job fairs, company career pages and social networking sites.
The countries that provide jobs to most Indian students are the UK, Canada, US, Australia etc.
The most high-demand jobs abroad are teaching, IT, financial, travel and project management.
UAE, Germany, Spain and Portugal are some countries which give work visas without job offers.

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