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Cost of Living in UK for International Students in 2024

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In this blog, international students will learn about the cost of living while studying in the UK in 2024-2025. It includes all the primary and miscellaneous expenses, from housing to extra stuff like stationery, clothes, etc. Living in the UK will be expensive if a student does not know the estimated expenses and the art of money management.  

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The United Kingdom (UK) stands out as a top study destination as it homes some of the world’s oldest universities and colleges. Studying abroad is a crucial decision for an international student, as it’s not only about studying but experience. While studying, there are a lot of things that require one’s attention. The cost of living is one aspect of studying abroad, along with tuition fees and other miscellaneous expenses. The cost of living depends on the economic conditions of a country.

In this blog, we will discuss the cost of living for international students in 2024. It will help the students who are planning to study with all the expenses while studying in the UK in 2024.

UK as a Study Destination

UK is one of the most desirable study destinations for international students. Notably, it is home to two of world’s top universities out of three, with 26 educational institutions that rank among the top 200. The high quality and innovative teachings of the UK not only provide flexible courses but beneficial skills as well. While studying in the UK, students will experience an unbeatable international cultural scene, trustworthy police help, an inclusive way of life with ancient traditions, and reliable and affordable transportation means. Studying in the UK is a dream for many international students.

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Living Cost for International Students in UK

It’s not only about studying far away from home. It is more about managing financial blunders. One must know the proper way to manage their expenses while living in the UK. The cost of living in the UK for international students include several expenses. Apart from tuition fees, there are basic and miscellaneous expenses such as housing, transportation, food and grocery, health, mobile and internet, clothing, stationery, and household items. The estimated cost of living in the UK for international students will be between approximately £1,345 and £1,955/month in 2024.

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Cost of living (City-wise) in UK in 2024

It is quite interesting that living in a city makes a lot of difference in the living expenses of international students.  Some of the cities have the highest cost and some have the lowest cost of living. The below table gives details about the cost of living on the expense scale of 0-100 in the best cities in the UK for international students which shows rents, groceries, and restaurant prices.

CitiesRanges of Cost of Living (Pound)Ranges of Rents (Pound)Range of Groceries expenses (Pound)Ranges of Restaurant price (Pound)

Primary Expenses of international students

Studying in the UK requires financial stability to manage one’s primary expenses, which include tuition fees, living or housing charges, transportation costs, food and grocery expenses, health expenses, and mobile and internet charges. Putting these expenses in the category of primary expenses shows the importance of the basic needs of an international student while studying away from home.

Tuition Fee : The tuition fee of the course or program that the student has opted for will be the primary expense. Paying the fee on time resolves issues related to late fee charges. The tuition fee for a student depends on the course level and university.

Housing Expenses : Some of the universities in the UK provide on-campus living options for their students. On-campus living options save one’s travel expenses because university residences are built inside or near the campus. On the other hand, international students also prefer to live in a private room with a roommate. A good roommate is like a new family member. Roommates become like families, helping students deal with homesickness while studying abroad. Below are the details of accommodation in the UK for international students.

Average monthly cost of living in the UK (In ranges)London (pound)Other cities (Pound)
University residence727-730515-518
Private room848-850505-507
Utility bills45-4740-42

Transportation cost: In the UK, transportation costs for international students are notably affordable by using the Oyster card, which offers 30% off travel cards and bus passes. The average cost of transportation is between 40-56 pounds per month.

Food and grocery expenses: Food is the basic human need. The average cost of food and groceries is 100–200 pounds per month in the UK for international students.

ItemsQuantityPrices (pound)
Bread1 pack0.71-0.74

Health expenses:  Being an international student away from family, taking care of one's health is important. Buying health insurance in the UK is a wise decision for a healthy future.

Internet and entertainment expenses: For better connectivity, internet expenses are considered the primary expenses of an international student. Investing in a SIM card with a call and data plan, Wi-Fi, and TV payments keeps one connected and aware of events. Studying in the UK is not about becoming a bookworm. Discovering the charm of places to visit in the UK for refreshing study breaks will make students' journeys in the UK more memorable and joyous. 

Miscellaneous expenses of international students

In addition to essential expenses, there are additional expenses that depends on the lifestyle and creativity required to create a comfortable and well-maintained home. International students should closely monitor their monthly budget, as they may be surprised to see how much they have spent on non-essential items such as clothing, footwear, stationery, and household items. 

• Everyone has a dream of living a lavish lifestyle. However, keeping an eye on the monthly budget while shopping helps a student manage expenses in the UK.  Buying excessive clothing and footwear creates trouble for space and money too.

• Being a student, it is an obvious thing to buy lots of stationery items like pencils, notebooks, sticky notes, pens, colors, and other things. So, buy wisely.


In conclusion, studying abroad is a crucial decision for an international student. It requires a strong financial situation to study in the UK. In this blog, we have discussed the entire cost of living for an international student while studying in the UK. One should keep an eye on a monthly budget while buying anything—the cost of living for an international student is significantly dependent on one’s lifestyle. Connect to our experienced counsellors at Canam to know more about the cost of living in the UK and which city will be a suitable option to start one’s academic journey in the UK.


An international student needs to spend approximately 505 to 848 pounds for monthly rent in the UK, which varies according to the cities of the UK.
Smart spending saves money. One can also try a ‘’no spend week’’, compare before buying, try to cook at home, make weekly savings, and invest in good things.
Fields like management, medicine, psychology, law, education, architecture, modern languages, physiotherapy, and computer science are some of the best fields to study in the UK for an international student.

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