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Grasp the Concept of Graduate Employment Rate

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Graduate employment rate – a topic every student must know about before deciding on a country to study abroad. It helps them understand the probability of getting employment after completion of their studies. Read to know more about the concept of graduate employment rate and how it varies depending on the country one chooses to study from.

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The main goal of probably every student out there is to land a high-paying job, support their family and make their dreams come true. It’s good to be practical and have realistic goals as they allow the student to plan for the future and not burn themselves out in the process. One way to determine whether the career of the student’s choice is beneficial from a job’s perspective or not is by looking at the Graduate employment rate. This blog thoroughly entails what the Graduate employment rate is, its importance, and why a student must consider it before choosing their career.

What is the Graduate Employment Rate?

The Graduate employment rate is defined as the percentage of graduates who landed a paid (non-voluntary) job within 15 or 9 or 6 months of completing their degree. It includes every mode of employment except for voluntary or unpaid work and unavailability to work due to military service, disability or caring needs. So, considering all the conditions mentioned above, given below is the formula used to determine the Graduate employment rate:

Headcount of employed students / (Headcount of employed students + Headcount of unemployed students) x 100

*Employed students include the graduates with full-time or part-time jobs*

Importance of Graduate Employment Rate

Graduate employment is vital for both the student and the economy of a country. Students can use this rate to improve their skills for better career opportunity and is often used by authorities to assess the quality of a university and helps to determine these two main factors:

Individual Growth

It is essential to be aware of the Graduate employment rate of a university to align one’s own goal with it to have a secure future. This rate also indirectly unveils the program’s credibility and whether it helps the student to develop the skills to match the skills required by the employer.

Economic Development

Economic development and the rate of employment go hand in hand, as only an economically developed country can create career opportunities. Correspondingly, a high employment rate boosts a country’s economic growth. That is how the graduation employment rate can help determine a country's overall development.

As a result, it helps the students to choose the right country to study abroad and secure their career as much as they can. However, many factors can affect the graduate employment rate, and students must be aware of it.

Factors Affecting Graduate Employment Rate

There is no fixed Graduate employment rate, as there are many factors that act as a variable in the formula. Here are some of the factors that affect the Graduate employment rate:

Economic Conditions

Economic condition plays a huge role in the employment rate, as graduating during a recession can make it difficult for students to find jobs. Some of the difficulties that students can face during their job hunt are:

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  • Employers with small sized company
  • Under-employment
  • Job mismatching
  • Slower hiring rates

Industry Demands

Industry demands determine a big part of the Graduate employment rate. The higher the demand, the more students get hired, which increases the rate. Similarly, if there is a decrease in demand in a particular field, it is obvious that the students graduating from that specific field will find it challenging to find a job in their field. Hence it is important to check the number of industries hiring Indian students before deciding a particular country to study abroad.

Quality of Education

Quality of education plays a vital role in one’s hiring as good quality of education means that the student is well-versed in the particular field of study. Also, the fact that a good education system offers a great skill set to its students comes in handy in the real world. Having the required skill set helps to increase the chances of employment.


The Graduate employment rate is a great indicator to determine which country meets the student’s needs and goals and which country to avoid. It is a crucial barometer of the equilibrium between employment and education. It allows the students to see the compatibility of an academic output and market demands related to the particular field. Still, if all these rates and information are too confusing or too much to handle, students are always get their career counselling at Canam Consultants. The best overseas consultants are overqualified and can guide the students with their study abroad dream.


The Graduate employment rate is typically calculated using the following formula:
Headcount of employed students
(Headcount of employed students + Headcount of unemployed students) x 100

The Graduate employment rate is crucial because it signifies graduates' successful transition from graduation to employment. This rate allows us to determine both individual growth and economic development.
Students can develop their skills and eventually it improves the total Graduate employment rate. They can upscale their skills, especially the ones required for their field of study. They can also try to incorporate practical learning and make strong connections.
There are many factors that can affect the Graduate employment rate, but here are some main factors that can cause a decrease in the Graduate employment rate:
•    Economic Conditions
•    Industry Demands
•    Quality of Education
Skill development helps graduates improve their profile holistically making their candidature stand out and eventually improves Graduate employment rates as companies hire employees who already have some skills and knowledge about the process and require less training and investment.

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