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Cost of Living in Australia for International Students

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Explore the cost of living in Australia for international students in 2024 through this insightful blog. Dive into the details and plan an Australian adventure with confidence. Read this blog to learn about different types of expenses while studying in Australia, such as accommodation, food, entertainment, transportation, etc. 

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Beginning journey of studying in Australia is an exciting venture, but understanding the cost of living is important for a smooth academic experience. In 2024, as international students navigate the vibrant cities and picturesque landscapes of Australia, financial planning becomes paramount. This blog delves into the details of the cost of living for international students, offering valuable insights into living expenses and daily necessities. 

Whether a prospective student or already immersed in Australian student life, this comprehensive guide aims to empower everyone with the knowledge needed to make informed financial decisions and fully embrace Australia's academic and cultural richness. Read this blog to learn about the cost of living in Australia for international students in 2024 and other expenses. 

Types of Living Expenses in Australia for Students

One must understand living expenses before studying in Australia. In Australia, a destination renowned for its world-class education, delving into the types of living expenses becomes essential. From accommodation costs to daily expenditures, this section aims to provide a detailed breakdown of all the costs students have to bear while studying in Australia after 12th. Let’s see the different types of costs students have to bear while studying in Australia in 2024. 

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The cost of accommodation in Australia is determined by the chosen location and type. For international students pursuing higher education, monthly rent constitutes a great part of overall living expenses, contingent on the preference for on-campus or off-campus housing. Various accommodation options, including halls of residence, shared housing, and local homestays, are accessible. Among these choices, the hall of residence stands out as the preferred option for international students.

Here is the table which shows average monthly rental expenses. The figures are just an estimate and may change over time. To get accurate updates one must connect with a study abroad consultant like Canam

Type of AccommodationAverage Monthly RentAverage Monthly Rent (INR)
HomestaysAUD 450 - AUD 1,200INR 24,368 - INR 64, 983
Halls of residenceAUD 440 - AUD 1,100INR 23,827 - INR 59, 568
ApartmentsAUD 750 - AUD 1,700INR 40, 614 - INR 92,060
Shared ApartmentsAUD 650 - AUD 950INR 35,199 - INR 51,445

Food & Groceries

Monthly living expenses in Australia typically encompass food, with the potential for increased affordability through self-prepared meals instead of frequenting costly restaurants. Regular dining out can notably elevate costs.

An effective strategy involves locating local grocery stores in Australia that provide ingredients for preparing native meals. For many international students, adopting the habit of cooking one's own food is a common and convenient practice facilitating better management of living expenses.

Following is the table which shows prices of different food and groceries. The figures are just an estimate and may change over time.

Grocery ProductsAverage CostAverage Cost in INR
1 Kg White RiceAUD 2.64INR 142.96
A Dozen EggsAUD 5.36INR 290.26
1 Litre White Fat MilkAUD 1.24INR 67.15
Fast food Combo MealAUD 12INR 649.84
Apples (1kg)AUD 4.32INR 233.94
Bananas (1Kg)AUD 3.18INR 172.21
Oranges (1Kg)AUD 4INR 216.61
500 gm Local CheeseAUD 9INR 487.38
1 Kg TomatoesAUD 5.08INR 275.10
LettuceAUD 3.56INR 192.78
1.5 Litres of WaterAUD 2.20INR 119.14
1 Kg PotatoesAUD 3.35INR 181.41


Understanding the cost of transportation in Australia is crucial for students. Opting for public transport, can be beneficial for international students. Utilizing buses, trains, or even bicycles for transportation is more affordable than taxis.

Below is the table which shows the cost of travelling expenses in Australia for international students for 2024. The figures are just an estimate and may change over time.

TransportationAverage CostAverage Cost in  INR
One-way local transport TicketAUD 3-6INR 162.46 - 324.92
Taxi TariffAUD 3.60-7INR 194.95 - 379.07
Gasoline (1 Litre)AUD 1.19-1.60INR 64.44 - 86.64
Taxi 1 KmAUD 1.62-3.20INR 87.73 - 173.29
Monthly PassAUD 90-220.70INR 4873.77 - 11951.56


Utility expenses in Australia may change based on the location and usage levels. Timely payment of electricity, water, internet, etc., bills is essential.

Check the below table for average monthly cost of utilities. The figures are just an estimate and may change over time.

UtilitiesAverage CostAverage Cost in INR
Internet AUD 87INR 4711.31
Basic Utilities such as Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage, etc.AUD 332INR 17978.79
Prepaid Mobile Tariff LocalAUD 0.10 - 1INR 5.42 - 54.15
Mobile Phone Monthly Plan with Calls and 10GB+ DataAUD 44.69INR 2420.10


As an international student in Australia, one may observe that entertainment and recreational activities often entail relatively higher costs. This dynamic environment presents a diverse range of options, spanning from fashionable clothing and delightful dining to branded items and beyond. Even with efforts to restrain shopping impulses, an approximate monthly expenditure of 80 AUD can be anticipated for shopping and entertainment activities in Australia.

Readers can check the following table to get an estimate of expenses like sports, clothing and leisure activities. The figures are just an estimate and may change over time.

Sports, leisure activities & ShoppingAverage CostAverage Cost in INR
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 AdultAUD 80.07INR 4336.03
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend)AUD 26.11INR 1413.93
Cinema, International Release, 1 SeatAUD 21.00INR 1137.21
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar)AUD 125.34INR 6787.53
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M,.)AUD 84.22INR 4560.76
1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes (Mid-Range)AUD 177.82INR 9629.48
1 Pair of Men Leather Business ShoesAUD 201.73INR 10924.28


Finally, miscellaneous costs include various items such as stationery and additional living expenses. These costs may vary between individuals and are largely dependent on the chosen lifestyle. Therefore, it is very important to plan accordingly and budget based on average expenses in Australia, steering clear of luxury items. Below are examples of miscellaneous expenses to take into account.

Some example of miscellaneous expenses is given as below. The figures are just an estimate and may change over time.

Miscellaneous expensesAverage CostAverage Cost in INR
Household ItemsAUD 80INR 4332
Books & StationeryAUD 10INR 541
ToiletriesAUD 11INR 595
OtherAUD 50INR 2707


In conclusion, navigating the cost of living in Australia as an international student in 2024 demands strategic financial planning and resourcefulness. While Australia offers a world-class education experience, the expenses associated with accommodation, food, transportation, and other essentials require careful consideration. Factors like location, lifestyle choices, and personal spending habits significantly impact the overall budget. However, with a good budgeting, taking advantage of student discounts, and exploring part-time work opportunities, students can successfully manage their finances. The ever-evolving economic landscape and potential policy changes underline the importance of staying informed about the latest updates. Students can connect with Canam consultants to study in Australia after 12th in India.


For an international student in Australia a basic meal would cost approximately 42 AUD (three times a day).
Even though costs in Australia are high, still studying in Australia is cheaper option as compared to UK, USA and Canada. 
The different types of expenses students have to bear while living in Australia are accommodation, entertainment, food, groceries and transportation.
The cost of living in the country for an Indian family of 4 members is approximately AUD 2800 to AUD 3000 per month. 
For a single person monthly cost of living in Australia will be approximately $1,100.

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