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Chevening Scholarships in UK

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• The Chevening Scholarship is one of the fully-funded scholarships in the UK.

• Chevening scholarship supports international students who want to pursue master’s courses in the UK.

• The Chevening Scholarship is provided to students with 2 years of work experience. 

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Chevening Scholarships in the UK help international students study in a stress-free way and focus entirely on their studies. It’s a fully-funded scholarship that covers some of the major expenses of the students. Every student aims of getting this scholarship to ease their financial burden while pursuing master’s courses in the UK. International students who are thinking of pursuing 1-year master’s program in the UK can avail of this scholarship. 

International students can apply for a particular scholarship and fellowship under Chevening scholarships according to their needs. Read this blog to learn more about Chevening Scholarships in the UK for international students, such as eligibility criteria, eligible courses, application timelines, and common errors that most students make. 

Chevening Scholarships in UK

Chevening Scholarships are provided to international students who want to pursue 1-year master's programs in UK. It’s a fully funded scholarship that includes flights, accommodation, course fees, departure allowance, travel top-up allowance, stipend and more. Till now, more than 57000 students have got Chevening Scholarships in the UK.

Under this scholarship, Indian students can receive various fellowships such as Chevening Clore Leadership Fellowship, Chevening Financial Services Fellowship, Chevening India Cyber Security Fellowship and Chevening Gurukul Fellowship for Leadership and Excellence. It is funded by the UK government's Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). To apply for this scholarship, students must meet its eligibility criteria, which will be discussed later. 

Benefits of Chevening Scholarships in UK

Chevening Scholarships are a great help to any international student who wants to study master’s courses in the UK. As it is a fully-funded scholarship it covers so many expenses of a student. Following are the pointers to understand how the Chevening scholarships in the UK turn out to be beneficial for international students:

• Payment of tuition fees.
• Economy travel to and from the country of residence by an approved route for students only.
• An arrival allowance
• The cost of an entry clearance (visa) application for students only.
• A departure allowance
• A contribution of up to £75 for TB testing, if required.
• A travel top-up allowance
• A monthly personal living allowance (stipend), including accommodation costs. The monthly stipend will depend on whether students study inside or outside London.

Eligibility Criteria for Chevening Scholarships in UK

Ineligible applicants will be rejected, so they must ensure they meet the eligibility criteria for the Chevening Scholarships. The eligibility criteria may vary depending on the specific fellowship or scholarship the student chooses. The following are the general eligibility criteria to fulfil to apply for Chevening Scholarships:

• Students must be citizens of a Chevening-eligible country or territory.
• Students must return to their country of citizenship for a minimum of two years after their award has ended.
• Students must have completed all components of an undergraduate degree that will enable them to gain entry into a postgraduate program at a UK university by the time they submit their application. This is generally equivalent to an upper second-class 2:1 honours degree in the UK, although this may differ based on the course and university selection.
• Students must have at least two years (equivalent to 2,800 hours) of work experience.
• Students must apply to three eligible UK university courses and receive an unconditional offer from one of these choices by the deadline listed on the application timeline.

Eligible Types of Work Experience

To apply for Chevening scholarships, students must fulfil many requirements, one of which is work experience. Only after work experience, eligibility students can avail of the Chevening scholarship. Following are the different types of work experience eligible under the Chevening scholarship in the UK:

• Full-Time Employment
• Part-Time Employment
• Voluntary Work
• Paid or Unpaid Internships

Eligibility of Courses under the Chevening Scholarship

Chevening Scholarship mainly supports students pursuing postgraduate courses in the UK. However, barely pursuing a postgraduate course is insufficient to receive this scholarship. The course which students choose must meet the following eligibility while applying for Chevening scholarships in the UK:

• The course must be full-time.
• The course must be taught and not research-focused MRes programs.
• The course must be based in the United Kingdom.
• The course must start in the autumn term (usually September/October).
• The course should result in obtaining a master's degree qualification.

Students must remember that the courses cannot be part-time, distance learning, less than nine months or more than 12 months in duration. 

Eligible Countries for Chevening Scholarships

Chevening scholarships are available to students of some particular countries only; therefore, before applying for the Chevening Scholarships, students must check if their country is eligible for the scholarship or not. The following is the list of countries eligible under the Chevening scholarships: 

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Selection Process for Chevening Scholarships in UK

The selection process for this UK scholarship for Indian students may take up to 8 months from the application deadline. Therefore, students must start the application process as soon as possible. The application timeline for Chevening Scholarships is as follows:

Stage NameDetailsTimeline
Applications OpenThe applications are open, and interested applicants can fill out the form.Applications are made in the first week of September.
Applications ClosedThe applications get closed on this date.Applications get closed by the first week of November.
Applications are sifted against eligibility criteria.Applicants are assessed against the eligibility criteria to ensure only eligible applicants go forward. Applicants are assessed against the eligibility criteria by the first week of November.
Reading Committee AssessmentsIndependent reading committees assess all eligible applications. This committee gives scores and rankings to each candidate, which are then passed to local British embassies/high commissions.The reading committee assesses the eligible applications from mid-November to December.
Applicants Shortlisted For InterviewsAfter the embassy reviews the applications, they shortlist some candidates invited to interview. The selected candidates for the interview will get the notification.Applicants get shortlisted for interview from early to mid-February 2024
References And Education Documents DeadlineThe short-listed candidates must submit two references and academic documents before their interview. The candidate has to upload the reference letter online. The referees can be known to the candidates either academically or professionally.Shortlisted candidates submit reference letters and academic documents by 2nd week of February.
Interviews Take PlaceBritish embassies and high commissions interview the shortlisted candidates at this stage.Shortlisted candidates attend the interview from February to April.
ResultsTowards the end of June, the results of the interview are announced.The results will be announced in June. 
Offer DeadlineAfter the results are announced, the successful candidates must submit one unconditional UK university offer. The successful candidates are required to submit one unconditional offer in July.
Studies commencement in UKNow, international students who receive Chevening scholarships are all set to start their studies in the UK.Students can start studying by September/October.

Note: Above is an estimated timeline for the scholarship. Students are requested to connect with expert overseas consultants at Canam to get real-time updates. 

Common Errors in Chevening Scholarships in UK

Chevening Scholarships are important financial aid for many international students who want to study master's programs in the UK. Therefore, they must ensure they are not making mistakes while applying for Chevening scholarships. Here is a list of common errors Chevening applicants make:

Pre-screenThe first stage of applying for Chevening scholarships is the pre-screen round.  During this round, applicants must answer all questions correctly. An incorrect can lead to the applicant's failure at the pre-screening stage of the application.
Application FormApplicants must complete all parts of the application form to be eligible for the scholarships, as only eligible applications will be considered. Following are the sections where most applicants make errors. 
Personal DetailsApplicants who file for dual citizenship from the UK will not be considered for the award. 
Work ExperienceApplicants must have worked at least 2800 hours. Those who cannot prove the minimum number of hours will not be considered for the Chevening scholarship in the UK. It is one of applicants' most common errors during the application process. In this, applicants make mistakes such as not meeting the minimum number of hours before applying, not entering the correct number of weeks worked for each year of employment, and entering the same work experience more than once.
UK UniversityApplicants will not be considered for a scholarship if they apply for duplicate courses at the same university.


Studying abroad is expensive, so students search online for how to study in the UK for free with a scholarship. With Chevening scholarships in the UK, they can reduce their financial burden and study stress–free. Before applying, students must check if they meet all eligibility criteria, as the blog mentions. The application process for the same takes more than 8 months; hence, it is advised that students must apply for it as soon as the applications are open. To know more about these scholarships, students can connect with study abroad Consultants at Canam.


Yes, Chevening scholarships in the UK for international students are fully funded and include tuition fees, monthly stipends, and travel costs to and from the UK.
To get the Chevening scholarship, students must be from an eligible country and fulfil all eligibility criteria. 
More than 3300 Indian students have received the Chevening Scholarship in the UK since 1983. 
The documents required to apply for Chevening Scholarships in the UK are degree certificates or transcripts. 
As it’s a highly competitive financial aid, the acceptance rate for Chevening scholarships in the UK for international students is 2-3%.
Some of the benefits of the Chevening Scholarship are that it pays for the tuition fee, departure allowance, arrival allowance, and travel top-up allowance for students. 
Although the Chevening Scholarship covers the total cost of tuition fees, living allowance, travel, etc, for the MBA program, the fee cap is £22,000. 

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