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Paramedical courses in UK: Universities, Eligibility & Scope

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Want to become a paramedic and join the first responders to help people in emergencies and save lives, then pursuing paramedical courses in the UK is the wisest choice. Paramedics are people who are trained to handle critical conditions on incident scenes, give first aid in golden hours, and save lives. In this blog, learn all the details about paramedic courses in UK to study abroad.

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Paramedics are and will always be a vital part of the healthcare industry as they are the primary emergency medical professionals who provide care to patients in critical or life-threatening situations. Paramedics often work with local firefighters and police and respond to emergencies, most commonly through ambulances. Since their contribution to the healthcare industry is of utmost importance, it is crucial that the students who wish to pursue Paramedics must get a proper education through excellent paramedical courses in UK.

In this blog, we will discuss all the information a student may require to pursue Paramedical Courses in the UK, such as a list of universities, eligibility, scope, etc.

Why pursue paramedical courses in the UK?

Paramedics staff is crucial aspect of emergency lines, as already mentioned above. Paramedics come into play in accidents and medical emergencies, such as car crashes, heart attacks, etc. and provide medical care to patients on the emergency scene and all the way to the hospital or nearby medical facility. Since they are the ones who play an essential role during the golden hour, they are perceived with utmost respect and honour.

Paramedics allow students to save lives and have a fulfilling job, which is why students often wish to pursue paramedical courses in UK.

5 skills a student must have to become a paramedic

Truth be told, a paramedic is an important role and not everyone can handle its heat, so only those with some special skills are eligible to apply for paramedical courses in UK and study in the UK.

Here are some of the skills that a potential paramedic should have:

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Paramedical courses in UK Eligibility Criteria

To pursue Paramedical courses in the UK, the student must qualify for a certain set of eligibility criteria.

Eligibility criteria to study in UK after 12th for UG

  • A minimum of 85% aggregate at senior secondary level (12th class)
  • BMAT (Biomedical Aptitude Test) or UKCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test)
  • Language proficiency test

    1)   IELTS
    2)  TOEFL
    3)   PTE
  • Science background in 10th and 12th certificates

Eligibility criteria to pursue paramedical courses in the UK for PG

  • An average of 70%- 75% is required in a bachelor's degree
  • Bachelor's degree in a relevant field
  • Language proficiency test scores:

    1)    IELTS
    2)    TOEFL
    3)    PTE

Universities Offering Paramedical Courses in UK

There are many esteemed universities available in the UK that offer great paramedical courses with excellent teaching methods and certificates that are recognized by countries around the globe. Here are some of the Universities Offering Paramedical Courses in UK:

Nottingham Trent UniversityMaster Of Science In Paramedic Science
Canterbury Christ Church University
Bachelor Of Science (Hons) In Paramedic Science
University of GloucestershireBachelor Of Science (Hons) In Paramedic Science
University of the West of England
Bachelor Of Science (Hons) In Paramedic Science
University of WolverhamptonBachelor Of Science (Hons) In Paramedic Science

Paramedical courses in UK scope

After completing the Paramedical courses in UK, students can work as a paramedic for the healthcare organization of their choice. They can also research under the different sub-domains or follow their dream of teaching at reputed institutes. Here are some of the main specializations that student can go for after completing their paramedical course in UK:


Paramedic is a great field of study as it not only fills the mind with knowledge but also fills the heart with gratitude and passion. There are so many things that a paramedic goes through on a daily basis, but they always find a way to make it all work and save as many lives as possible. Paramedical courses in UK are the perfect programs for those who want to help others or dream of saving lives with their whole heart cause this course is not for people with weak hearts. To get more details on when to apply for courses in UK or get professional advice on the topics, students are advised to reach out to Canam Consultants.


Students can go for both bachelor's degrees or master's degrees based on their interests or qualifications.
Yes, the UK is like a powerhouse regarding universities, as some universities rank among the list of top universities in the world. The UK has an excellent education system, and a student is sure to get exposure to expert teaching sessions, in-depth information and practical experience on the subject.
Yes, it is possible to pursue a master's degree in the UK after completing their bachelor's, but students do have to meet some criteria for that, which are:
•    An average of 70%- 75% is required in a bachelor's degree
•    5-year bachelor's degree in a relevant field
•    Language proficiency test scores approximately:
1)    IELTS- 7.0
2)    TOEFL- 109
3)    PTE- 75
Here's a list of skills that a paramedic must have to do their work properly:
•    Problem-solving skills
•    Team Player
•    Ability to learn from other's mistakes
•    Being mentally strong
•    Ability to adapt to 24/7 working hours
Universities Offering Paramedical Courses in UK are:
•    Nottingham Trent University
•    Canterbury Christ Church University
•    University of Gloucestershire
•    University of the West of England
•    University of Wolverhampton

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